Hip Hop Album Reviews (09/2017)

Dog Days of August

Featured Tracks include Addicted, Dreams feat. Nick Sheriff, Last Forever feat. Taylor James, Remember Me feat. Swoop of The Criminal Network, Cut The Lights Off feat. Erin Porter, Slippin' feat. Lowkey, Home Team, Lazy Crazy Scripted Life, Don't Know Me, F*ck Up, Low (Ayo) feat. Taylor Graves, and Dog Days

Hip Hop Album Reviews (06/2017)

The Fuel To My Flow

Featured Tracks include Live on the Scene, Flex feat. Doc, My Purpose feat. Y.O., Man in the Mirror, I'm Losing It/In My Head feat. AshesIIsehsA/Al-B Tha Jester, Top Spot, and Only Way Out feat. Joey Tre, Nate Gramz, and Y.O.

Hip Hop Album Reviews (06/2017)

Music On Mars

Featured Tracks include 80's Baby feat. Sydal and Mr. Sheist, Bang Bang feat. Spice 1, Big Al (Change), Dead Man Walking, Haters on Mute feat. D. Boone, Leave Them All Behind feat. Aaron Green and Hopsin, Living It Up feat. Ten Dolla, Sean T, and Mississippi, Midnight Mistress feat. Aaron Green, and Ride or Die feat. Nova D

Hip Hop Album Reviews (05/2017)

The Hiatus Is Over

Featured Tracks include Do It For The Love, Drama Setter feat. Status and Alphamale, If You Ever Leave (Remix) feat. Myndframe, Worst Comes To Worst, I Want You Back feat. Paul Junior, Feel It In The Air, and My Arms feat. Sean Haywood

Hip Hop Album Reviews (05/2017)

Self Made Self Paid

Self Made Self Paid, Blast On Sight feat. Stevie Stone, Doom, Get The Money, Gangsta Rap Revival, Came 2 Kill, Follow Me feat. The Jokerr, Emce Damage, and Liquid Assassin, Get Beat The Fuck Up feat. Seed of 6ix, Murder'd Out Sleep Lyrical and Danny Drive By, Cujo feat. Dubbs, Bleed feat. Donnie Menace, Big Looney, and Illest Uminati, and Ghost Whispers feat. Jada Lynn

Hip Hop Album Reviews (05/2017)


Featured Tracks include Killa feat. Hemi and Preach, I Know feat. Gorilla Zoe, OG feat. Hemi, JL of B.Hood, and SwizZz, Give Em Hell feat. Ruka Puff, ClaAs, Aequitas, Knothead, and Dbuzzin, Shadows feat. Arakari, Omen, V-Zilla, and Chief Kamachi, and S.I.D. Remix feat. Dbuzzin, Frozolid, Kutt Calhoun, SwizZz, and Stevie Stone

Hip Hop Album Reviews (05/2017)

The NoShoes and JimSquints Variety Show

G Planet, DeDeDe, Evergreen, I Rule, Mostly Sunny '14, Flash, Man, 4Luv, Bring The Storm, Crocs, L!K3, KidKicks, Full Metal, and Wolves

Hip Hop Album Reviews (05/2017)

Pay Dirt

Featured Tracks include Get It In feat. Bubba Mathis and Rico Wade, Seen It fear. Jabba Jaw, Turn Up Right Here, Rollin feat. Fishscales, Wassup feat. Bubba Mathias, Pay Dirt fest. Attitude and Big V, Partypartyparty feat. Bizarre and Jarren Benton, Gone Try Me feat. Bonecrusher, Rap S*** feat. Sketch McGuiney, Priceless feat. Grip Plyaz, Sky, and Wassup (DJ KO Remix)

Hip Hop Album Reviews (04/2017)

Welcome To My Mind LP

Featured Tracks include Ready For War, Story of Mine, The Sound of Music, Get Schooled, Set Me Free, Love With A Stranger, Confidence, On My Grind, Doubt Me, Pinebox, and State of Mind