Curfew 2

Curfew 2


An album from Joel Venom

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The Intro

I am fortunate to be connected with many artists through social media, some of whom I have known for several years. For more than five years, I have known Joel Venom. We have discussed every day situations, ideas, and even some personal life issues. I have seen him grow as an artist and as a person. When I asked the online community if anyone needed an album review, I couldn’t have been happier to see Joel Venom wanted to be the first review on The Write Reviews. That being said, let’s get down to business.


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The Album

1- Bandzzz

This track might be my favorite. The beat is fantastic. I began nodding my head right away. Lyrically this track is on point with solid rhymes and a sick flow pushing the words. Catchy phrases accompany some nice punchlines and wordplay. Definitely a great approach to the track and start to the album. Listeners will continuing listening because of this song. This track will definitely be a Featured Track and recommended by anyone I come across.

2- Emoji

The lyrics here set a different tone with the emotion and message, shifting the album in a different direction a bit. This track is short, yet packed with a slippery flow and intriguing lyrics. Venom keeps it going by adding another track to my Featured list.

3- Sheesh (Prod. Roca Beats)

The intro brings the mood, the first verse sets the tone. The overall feel of this song compliments “Bandzzz” in many ways. I’m feeling the beat, this is another one that gets in your head. Solid addition to the album.

4- Real Ngga feat. JoshLikeOww

Following the path of “Bandzzz” and “Sheesh”, this song has the gritty feel I love to hear, lyrically and with the beat. The transition between tracks so far has been really smooth, though seems to have a little of the same sound with the exception of “Emoji”. This is not a bad thing, unless the rest of the album does the same. Joel has the harder verse, but JoshLikeOww doesn’t disappoint. The words could be been clearer on the last verse as they seem to fade into the beat a little too much in a couple spots.

5- 1neday (Prod. Roca Beats)

Now we get a emotional flow to a slightly slower feeling beat and it comes at the right time. Every time he puts this kind of track down, Joel draws the listener in. This song is no exception. There’s a good message here and the emotion with his flow makes the entire song something special. I feel this track on so many levels that I have no choice but to add it to the Featured list.

6- AWOL (Prod. Roca Beats)

Starting off I can tell Im going to love this beat, and the bass kicks in perfectly. Lyrics are delivered with a slower flow that could be considered an R&B type of approach. The listeners as a whole will feel this one.

7- I’m So Cold feat. Acidtrip

Bringing it back to a harder feel with the beat, Joel flows in a way that compliments Acidtrip’s voice and style. The faster paced section of Venom’s verse is on point. The chorus is catchy and is a solid foundation that brings the song full circle.

8- Jupiter (Prod. Trey Aces)

This track stands out quite a bit, switching up from everything on the album so far. Definitely a noticeable swift in the transition, but a solid song nonetheless. Venom switches from a spitter flow to a sing song flow well here, complimenting the hook with the blend between both styles. Not packed with punchlines or wordplay, this song’s lyrics come through with more of an emotional delivery and a more down to Earth feel.

9- Danny Glover

Back to the hard lyrics with booming bass. Venom showcases his more lyrical style with a quicker, bullet-firing flow. I enjoyed this one a lot. So much, in fact, that it becomes the fourth track on the Featured list.

10- Home (Prod. Roca Beats)

The vibe of this beat has a great feel to it. The chorus brings the audience right into the emotion of the song, and the lyrics expand on that. The message and emotion really hits home (pun intended) for me. Knowing some of the situations Joel has been through only makes this connect that much more for me. Only complaint I could give here is that I wish the song was longer.

11- Last Knight (Prod. Joel Venom)

The concept of this track is interesting for me. When I read the title of the track did not expect Venom to come onto the track the way he did, but I was pleased with his staggered structure and how he made it work. It’s a nice change of pace for the album and comes at a good time during the play through.

12- Made Me

This is another song competing for my favorite of the album. It’s always a great thing when you can’t decide which song you like the most on an album. The beat crawls into you and makes you want to move with it. Venom’s words flow extremely well and have the same effect on the listener as the beat itself. This is another track I would have liked to be longer.

13- Lit

I have always enjoyed beats that sound like they could be in a horror movie. This beat fits in that category for me. Venom’s growl and anger in his flow gives even more of that feel to the beat. More like a ripped verse than a track, this was another nice change of pace on the album.

14 – Sleeping Giant (Prod. AZ Beats)

The third song fighting for my favorite of the album would be this one. The beat might not be as prominent as some on the album, but Venom’s flow and lyrics carry this track by themselves. This one is without a true chorus, but isn’t really needed to do the feel that Venom wishes to execute, and does so confidently. From raw lyrical material to words packed with emotion, this track has it.

15- Eat

Keeping it moving, Venom delivers again with “Eat”. A beat to vibe with, lyrics that prove his pen game, and a flow that rolls with the beat like it’s been part of the music since the beginning. Unfortunately, this is another short track I feel should be longer.

16- Sixforks feat. The Real McCory
The Real McCory has a great voice and was definitely an unexpected but welcomed addition to the track. Anyone looking for a chill, relaxed song on the album will find it right here and will not be let down.

17- Vague (Prod. Roca Beats)
I was wondering if Venom was going to include a song that would speak on relationships or something similar, and at this point in the album, I had assumed it wouldn’t happen. That made this song even better for me, as it was the type of song I did not expect to conclude the album. The message is delivered straight up, in your face, and with good intentions. The beat is a great pick for this kind of track, and Venom delivers some of his realest lyrics with a matter-of-fact approach. Another great addition to the album.


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Featured Tracks

BandzZz, Emoji, 1neday, and Danny Glover.

*BandzZz and 1neday are featured on The Renaissance Vol. 1

The Write Up
Joel Venom delivers a solid album with neck-breaking beats and lyrically sound verses. The features included in Curfew 2 were good additions, though I feel one or two features could have came harder to keep up with Venom. Overall, though, they didn’t weigh down the album. The number of shorter songs would not matter to me if I didn’t feel the desire for two or three of them to be longer because of how much I enjoyed them. When everything is said and done, Joel Venom and the Curfew 2 deliver in more ways than one, and no one should have any trouble finding more than a couple songs they will enjoy. My recommendation is that you get yourself a copy of this album and listen for yourself. I have no doubt you will be glad that you did.

Star Status


(3.5 out of 5 stars)

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