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The Intro

I’ve said it once, I’ll said it again; I am fortunate to be connected through social media with some very talented and gifted artists. Loose Logic is an artist I have known of for at least six years now. I have heard many songs he has been featured on and many songs from his various albums over the years. As a member of the online super group, The Fraternity, Loose Logic has cemented his place as a leader and as an artist who isn’t afraid to branch out and try something a little different. For my second album review, Loose Logic asked me to review his album Perception, released in November of last year. I gladly accepted.


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The Album

1- Cali Dreamin’ feat. Cali Buss

The intro to the track was attention grabbing, and I definitely did not expect it to fade into a beat with that style. A different sound to your everyday hip hop track helps certain songs to stick out, and it is noticeable here. Loose Logic delivers with a stellar flow, wordplay mixed into a solid vocabulary, and even does an impressive job vocally for the chorus of the song. Cali Buss has a good change of rhythm in his flow in comparison to Logic’s, switching it up for the track. He does not match Logic lyrically but does deliver a verse the listener can feel and vibe with. Be sure to check out the video below!

2- Dumb It Down feat. Jadakiss

I like how there are so many different instruments blended into the beats already. The transition with the sounds so far is really enjoyable. With Jadakiss on the catchy chorus and Loose Logic delivering verses mixed with a good message while tying in wordplay and thought-provoking lyrics, you will nod your head to this almost instantly. Easily fighting for my favorite track of the album, and the first to be put on the Featured list.

3- Beautiful Nightmare

Once again, we hear a completely different sound that seems to keep pace with the previous track in a way that makes the transition smooth. The chorus is the basis for the mood created here, while Loose Logic builds a story with his verses focusing on the troubled life of a woman. Without asking Logic, I am assuming this story has some truth to it, if it isn’t completely true. Loose Logic and I have spoken about personal matters before, and in this song he admits to his fight against his drug addition within a verse, leading me to believe this track has some real emotion and heart written between the lines. It’s a touching track that many people will be able to relate to, one way or another.

4- Enemy feat. Cryptic Wisdom & Hurricane

This beat is laced with a fast pace that could raise your blood pressure. Each emcee comes correct with lyrical verses and well-delivered flows. While Cryptic and Hurricane sync up their flows with multi-syllable rhyming and pronounced execution, Loose Logic speeds things up and hits the double-time in the last verse.

5- Shake That feat. Black Dyamond

Continuing to give the listener something fresh with each track, Loose Logic brings in a dance-themed rave-style beat with several different sounds blended to specifically grab your attention. Loose Logic and Dyamond use wordplay, gritty language with a slightly raunchy attitude, and a laced cadence in their verses to make this a stand out track.

6- Cold November

The second track on the album where Loose Logic appears solo has a lot of the same feeling coming through in his words. Instead of a story spanning several years, as was the case in “Beautiful Nightmare”, this seems to be a bit more situational in the verses and is slightly more engrained with a lyrical aspect. Many listeners will connect to this.

7- Blood Money

Loose Logic comes with another solo track, but this time has a completely different vibe and approach to the song. While he still pushes his emotion through his words, a more lyrical and attack-the-track type of mentality are profoundly present. Pay attention, you might miss something with this track, as Logic’s verses can lose you between provoking your thoughts. Another track that I will be putting on the Featured list.

8- It Goes Up feat. Hurricane

The only person featured on Logic’s album twice, Hurricane comes in with a faster flow than previously and brings the feeling of the song into play. The chorus is catchy. Loose Logic matches Hurricane’s double-time flow with a punch line approach that owns the beat.

9-  Happier Dream

I enjoyed the rhythm of the beat, the passion in the words, and the deliver of his lyrics, but what takes the cake on this track is how Logic is able to use three variations of his voice to come together on this track. With his standard, stand alone flow, Logic doesn’t let anyone down. When he begins letting his feelings come through during his singing on the chorus, Logic moves to connect with the audience. Then, Loose Logic brings this Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, double time, sing-rap flow out of nowhere to take this one to another level. Well played. This one definitely gets put on the Featured list.

10- Good Drugs feat. Tony V

The steady rhythm of the drums and the chorus set the tone and pace for this one. Loose Logic runs with that pace. Down-to-Earth lyrics about a subject many can relate to, Logic paints a picture of struggle and indecisiveness as he battles the addictiveness of drugs. While this track may not be loaded with punchlines and wordplay, neither are needed because Logic’s flow and emotional words remain to true the song.

11- Cross The Line feat. Ali Gilmore

This is not a love song. This is a song about love. The chorus is soft spoken and sticks with you, while Loose Logic delivers verses filled with situations involving exes, his daughter’s mom, and even his daughter. I feel like this one will reach to the ladies more, but any guy who takes the time to listen to this will find themselves remembering old feelings.

12- Red Wine feat. Ben Melius

This song also involves a relationship situation, but with a different approach than we have seen from Loose Logic so far. The chorus and strum of the guitar are enough to get this song stuck in your head, but when you add Loose Logic’s lyrics filled with his passion for music and his ex’s hatred for what he loves, the combination is amazing. Maybe it’s because I can relate completely, but this song is also getting put on the Featured list.

13- Heavy Dose feat. Speciez

The third song in a row with Loose Logic on the verses and a featured artist, Species, on the chorus. At first glance I assumed Speciez would be singing, but would also drop a verse because of his talents as a hip hop artist. So when I realized Speciez would only be singing, I admit to being a little disappointed. Probably some bias there on my behalf. Anyhow, I do like the beat and everything else Logic and Speciez bring to the table here. If I had one completely unbiased complaint, though, it would be having three songs in a row with the same kind of ‘line-up’. When an artist has an album with one or two appearances that is different. Maybe a song between the three would’ve made a nig difference for me, maybe not. Either way, listeners will like this song because the majority should be able to relate to it on some level. I have no choice but to put this on the Featured list.

14- Don’t Talk About Me feat. Cocaine Chris, Sleep, DeMarco Menace, Kue the Vandal, Xavier Medina, and S.H.A.D.O.W.

Now we get into another all out lyrical shredding machine, this time with members from The Fraternity and a couple of others Loose Logic has worked with before. Logic kicks this lyrical slug fest off and sets a great tone for the rest to follow. In order after Loose Logic come Cocaine Chris, Sleep, DeMarco Menace, Kue the Vandal, Xavier Medina, and S.H.A.D.O.W. While I can admit there are two or three verses that stand out to me, there aren’t any low verses to point out. It is rare to see this many emcees on a single track who keep up with each other and don’t simply raise the bar, but they pass that bar back and forth like it’s an exercise. Great cypher-style song with an awesome line-up that proves to be a hell of an addition to the album. This would be another song going on the Featured list.

15- Ava’s Song

The last song of the album is cut from a different cloth and almost feels like a bonus track to the album. Bonus track or not, we all win because Loose Logic included it on his album. Practically an entire song of Logic singing to his daughter, this track has a positive vibe that lets the audience feel the love he has for his little girl. Any parent will be able to get on Logic’s level with this one, and will appreciate everything about the song and included in it. Ending the album like this was unexpected, but was definitely a pleasant surprise. Loose Logic ended the album hitting fans in the heart with this one.


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Featured Tracks

Dumb It Down, Blood Money, Happier Dream, Red Wine, Heavy Dose, and Don’t Talk About Me.

*Heavy Dose and Don’t Talk About Me are featured on The Renaissance Vol. I

The Write Up

Loose Logic included some tracks that I expected to be on the album and several tracks I did not expect to be on the album. Regardless, Perception is a great piece of work with a wide range of sounds and instruments as the foundation for the music. Throw in several great featured and Loose Logic’s capabilities with a microphone, and you have yourself one hell of a cd. To look at the down side, though there isn’t much of one, I would say I felt the middle of the album did not seem to have the energy as the other tracks did. As previously mentioned, the three songs in a row with the same structure to them was noticeable right away. Everything else I did not prefer has already been mentioned. Otherwise, this is an album I would recommend to any music fan, not just hip hop fans. Make sure you get a copy and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Star Status


(4 out of 5 stars)

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