Free Lunch

Free Lunch

Free Lunch cover art
Free Lunch cover art

An album by Frank Knight

Produced By The Gonz Beats

Review presented by Warren Peace

Listen to Free Lunch by Frank Knight.

The Intro

Frank Knight, a member of the online group known as The Fraternity, is an artist I am not too familiar with, although I have heard him featured on two tracks by other artists. The Gonz is a guy I have known for quite some time though, and when I found out he was producing an album, I was intrigued immediately. After viewing the videos for two tracks on this album, my interest level only continued to rise. All of that has led to this, the review of Free Lunch by Frank Knight.


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The Album

1- Intro

Frank Knight brings us into the album with a conversation, seemingly a radio talk show of sorts. The topic is Frank Knight. While this is nothing more than a hype intro for Frank Knight, it is not an annoying or overly done intro. The comment about Frank’s shows sticks out to me, makes me want to attend one. Nice addition to the conversation.

2- Angels

Immediately I’m feeling the retro vibe of the beat. Frank approaches this track with two ‘freely’ lyrical verses instead of a typical song format. He showcases a witty lyrical side with wordplay and punchlines. Now that I know Frank has the ability to deliver well scripted lyrics with a flow that intertwines within itself at time, I’m ready to hear the rest of this album.

3- Knockin’ feat. Sitcomlife Brown

Here we go! I really enjoy this track. Sitcomlife’s vocals are beautiful on the chorus, which is catchy and helps get your head nodding. The beat continues the throwback approach, using chimes and other instruments to give that boom bap, doo wop type of feel. Frank Knight’s energy from the previous track transitions to this song as well, creating a great vibe throughout.

4- Brooklyn Nostalgia

This beat is great. Simple as that. Still using the same formula, Gonz has a wonderful transition here into a early 90’s approach mixed with the doo wop vibe. The chorus here is more like a part of the beat than an actual chorus and helps bring the entire vibe full circle for me. Frank Knight drops knowledge about the things and people that surrounded him growing up, as well as giving us some personal insight on Frank himself in his two verses. The content Frank shares is flooded with multi-syllable rhymes. This track is definitely going on the Featured list.

5- Hustle Hard Baby

Beginning with a Fraternity shout out, the beat kicks in and instantly I feel the need to bounce with it. Frank’s voice comes through more clearly on this track than the previous ones. Not that it’s a big deal, because it isn’t, but after hearing this album a few times, I noticed it. Pounding the beat with mammoth verse, Frank returns to the witty delivery we heard on “Angels”. His flow is so continuously in some areas, you question if he has an extra lung. So far, this and Brooklyn Nostalgia are battling for my favorite track of the album, making this another addition to the Featured list.

6- Kortah Watuh

I’m telling you right now, Frank Knight is consistently comes correct on these beats that make you want to bounce. It’s like he cranks it up another notch when dropping his lyrics, which are also consistently clever and are heavily laced with metaphors throughout the track. When I say metaphors, I am talking about metaphors stacked with metaphors. The Gonz delivers yet again, and the transitions are as smooth as can be. Now I have three tracks battling for the top spot and I’m not halfway through the album. Now there will be at least three songs on the Featured list. Here’s the video for this outstanding track!

7- Rain feat. Jus Ra

Rarely do you find a collaboration, especially in hip hop, where two artists are on the same exact level, and they both came to deliver with this one. With a catchy hook that lays foundation to the track, Frank Knight and Jus Ra speak about different struggles and obstacles in their verses. Both emcees sound very similar to one another and have an equal amount of energy and emotion as they deliver their lyrics. Metaphors are abundant here, but the matter-of-fact, in your face style is what really connects with me.

8- Vain

I’m really vibing with the beat and the chorus on this one. The chorus, which has more of a rough tone, is addictive and most people can relate to it, to a degree. Frank delivers on this song a lot like he did on the last song, with lots of emotion and in your face lyrics combined with a stellar flow and some metaphors mixed in. Everything so far has transitioned very well, from beats to the topics on the tracks.

9- Only Sixteen feat. Smoove and Shenna

Another solid beat, there are several ways the Frank Knight and the featured artists (even Sheena with the outro at the end) attack this track. The one thing that stays very consistent throughout the song is the issues of gangs and violence, and how it is destroying communities from within. I feel this is a song many teenage kids in large cities should hear, as many of them would be able to relate. Great track with a great message.

10- Wife Ya

A little bit slower with the beat’s pace causes Frank to slow down his lyrical deliver, which is not a bad thing but also does not seem to fit his style as well as his quicker pace. Regardless, Frank Knight keeps his lyrics true to his beliefs as he explains to the audience that he’s not about to make just any chick his wifey. With sections of extended vocabulary, quite a few hilarious lines, and a chorus that doesn’t hide how he feels, Frank delivers one of his more entertaining tracks that everyone, even the females he wont wifey, should enjoy.

11- Cold As Snow

Once again, the transition between tracks is smooth. In “Cold As Snow”,
Frank delivers a raw, emotional first verse that doesn’t really focus on his lyrical side, but is more intent on getting the message across and saying exactly how he feels. It is refreshing in a way, and also easier to feel where he is coming from emotionally. If you think Frank can resist ripping the track lyrically, though, you do not have to wait long. It’s the second verse Frank annihilates, spinning a quicker paced flow with multi-syllable rhymes showcasing a larger vocabulary and a little dab of wordplay. After a few listens, this song is in competition for my favorite of the album, and joins the growing number of songs on the Featured list. Be sure to check out the video for this track!

12- Mad Sax

With the beat picking up the pace from the last two tracks, Gonz uses the sounds of the sax to help with the transition. Frank continues with his string of songs directed at women, taking a completely different angle on this just like he did with the previous two. It is rare to hear three songs back to back addressing women that sound different while hitting on completely separate topics, yet Frank does so with ease over this and the two songs prior to this one. The title fits the beat, the beat gives an intended mood, and Frank Knight captures that mood through his lyrics. Enough said.

13- So High

The melody is relaxed and infused with a lady singing “So high” from time to time. Frank’s flow is on the money here, right at the speed and with the deliver he feels comfortable with. Metaphors, a dash of wordplay, and the message of wanted to reach that next level are combined in the lyrics within the lines, and once again, Frank Knight rocks the beat well.

14- Winter Break feat. Scott Morris and Isha’Rae

Another relaxed feeling is under way with this beat. I enjoyed how both emcees kept an equal pace with each other, that pace being much faster than the speed of the beat. The vocals by Isha’Rae on the chorus gave it more life and was a nice addition to the track. While there was not much wordplay or in the punch line department on this song, the metaphors and inner rhyme schemes maxed with mutli-syllable speed rhymes kept everything interesting on “Winter Break”.

15- Sav Kills Outro

The outro for this album brings the intro full circle, mirroring some of the comments made in the intro and using the man on the microphone as a voice of reason and guidance. I feel the outro is fitting for the album and wasn’t too long, unclear, or boring.


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Featured Tracks

Brooklyn Nostalgia, Hustle Hard Baby, Kortah Watuh, and Cold As Snow.

*Kortah Watuh and Cold As Snow are featured on The Renaissance Vol. I

The Write Up

For my first time hearing a Frank Knight song (although I have heard him as a feature on a song before), or album, I must say I was impressed in more than one area. With a Common/Prodigy/Joe Budden blended flow, Frank Knight is able to reach out with his emotions through his lyrics, deliver with wordplay, throw out some punchlines, dive deep with metaphors, create his own rhythm with his words, and stand out against some fantastic beats brought to us by the Gonz. I admit, I would’ve liked to have seen another track like “Angels” toward the end, but I was definitely intrigued by the back to back songs directed toward females that were completely different subjects on the matter, yet came together intricately. Frank Knight, you have won over my respect with this album and I will be looking for the next one coming from you. Gonz, you were able to create a blend of beats connected with each other on such a level that the transitions between songs was some of the smoothest work I have heard. The two of you seem to work well together and appeared to do so in unison throughout “Free Lunch”. Job well done!

Star Status


(3.5 out of 5 stars)

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