Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice

Jus Ra's Blood Sacrifice cover
Jus Ra’s Blood Sacrifice cover

An album by Jus Ra

Production by J Duces, Monstarr, A.P., Dope Antelope, Nemesis, and Gonz Beats

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Listen to Blood Sacrifice by Jus Ra.

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The Intro

Jus Ra, a member of The Fraternity, was introduced to me as a featured artist on a track around the beginning of last year. I was impressed with his lyrical style and his presence on a microphone. Now I get to break down a full album by the Detriot resident. Let’s see what Blood Sacrifice is all about.


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The Album

1- Blood Sacrifice (prod. by J Duces)

Jus Ra begins his album with an intro explaining how he feels most unsuccessful people will be quick to say successful people sold their souls to get fame and/or fortune. The beat comes hard out of the gate and instantly has my head nodding to it. The chorus is very catchy, adding to the vibe of the beat. Jus Ra starts off the first verse with a powerful delivery that doesn’t cease during the song. He switches his flow up nicely and has metaphors, wordplay, and great imagery with the lyrics he conveys to the audience. First track in and Im throwing this one a nod for my favorite song already, which means it will be put on the Featured list. Had to listen to it twice off the bat. Great opening track for the album.

2- Flower In The Attic (prod. by J Duces)

The solid production of J Duces continues here, as Jus Ra throws down a motivational-type of track that also makes me want to nod my head and get pumped up to push forward and be successful. For me, this track just barely falls short of “Blood Sacrifice” for my favorite song, but will definitely be in my rotation from this point forward. This song will be added to the Featured list.

3- Conquest (prod. by J Duces)

Honestly, J Duces is impressing me with his ability to make the listener want to move with the music. Jus Ra pushes another motivational track, telling us how being scared of failing is what leads most people away from success. Once again, this is another track that will be in rotation for me, so I have no choice but to put this on the Featured list as well. Jus Ra’s album is eye-opening for me when it comes to his talent and potential. The sky’s the limit.

4- Foreground Music (Higher) (prod. by J Duces)

Bringing us into the track, Jus Ra explains how it can be difficult for significant others to take a step back and be supportive while an artist works to achieve their dream. I keep saying it, but J Duces has another beat that easily gets the audience to vibe with it. Jus Ra’s chorus is really catchy, and his verses deliver with lyrics that speak the truth and come from his heart. This song is right up there with “Blood Sacrifice” for my favorite track, as it hit home for me. So far, Jus Ra has put every song of the album on the Featured list.

5- Paper Thin (prod. by Monstarr)

The pace set by J Duces beats does not stop when Monstarr takes over, producing another head nodding track with this one. Jus Ra gives us his reasoning behind his motivation of getting money. The chorus is another catchy one, with a Young Jeezy feel, but better. The verses are solid, Jus Ra’s delivery is on point, and lyrically he does not come up short. I have not heard a single song off this album that has been any kind of disappointment so far.

6- Wonderful Lie(f) (prod. by J Duces)

The more I hear J Duces’ work with beats, the more I wonder why I haven’t heard him on anyone else’s tracks. Realizing most people are not realistic with themselves when it comes to life, Jus Ra reminds us of how we deceive ourselves daily. Telling ourselves things are great when they really are not well at all distorts our vision of the truth and causes us to lack motivation for success. I also really enjoy the addition of the speech at the end.

7- Train of Thought (prod. by A.P.)

With another beat that makes you want to bounce along to the melody, Jus Ra delivers a track that could be seen as motivational as well as a track that deals with the real life issues of many people. Laced with wordplay, metaphors, and in your face lyrics, Jus Ra does another great job of attacking a beat from several angles. Simply put, this is another great song on the album. A Featured list song, no doubt.

8- T.I.C. (Trapped In Circumstance) (prod. by A.P.)

With this track, I feel the beat is good, but not really up to par with the previous beats. While Jus Ra delivers with his solid flow, the lyrics are more in your face throughout the track. I really liked the chorus; it’s catchy.

9- T.O.C. (Tired of Chasing) (prod. by Nemesis)

The beats continue to keep making me move with them, as Nemesis is introduced to me on this track. Jus Ra takes it back to the high level he has gotten me used to. Mixing his wordplay and metaphors with in your face lyrics, delivering with his switch-up flow that keeps your attention, Jus Ra has a song here that really hit home with me. This one goes up there with my favorites of the album and will be put on the Featured list.

10- Dead God (prod. by Dope Antelope)

Being a fan of The Fraternity, I wondered if I would hear production from Dope Antelope on the album. Dope Antelope does not disappoint with this one, giving the beat plenty of room for the flow to be switched up while pushing the listener to move with it. Jus Ra delivers properly, calling out the quick-to-bail-on-an-artist fans of hip hop. His message is clear, and one I haven’t heard address on a track before. Solid addition to the album. Be sure to check out the video for this track below!

11- Game of Thrones (prod. by Monstarr)

This album could go in steady rotation for the beats alone. With his second track on the album, Monstarr has a hard hitting beat that fits Jus Ra’s style perfectly. Ra takes advantage of the verses here, delivering another motivational/push-to-succeed track with a lyrical edge. The only issue I could have is the amount of tracks with this same message/approach, but Jus Ra has come through every time and had me into the lyrics while catching a vibe to the beat.

12- Roads feat. Speciez (prod. by Gonz Beats)

This song is incredible. With the perfect feel to a complete switch up when it comes to the beat style, Gonz comes through with a slow paced, yet hard hitting vibe. Speciez, one of my favorite up and coming artists, captures the hook and makes his words easily felt to the listener. Jus Ra handles the verses with tenacity and rides the music just as well as he does in any of his others tracks, if not better. Really liked the entire track from top to bottom and will include this on the Featured list.

13- What’s Real (prod. by Dope Antelope) *Bonus Track*

Another banger from Dope Antelope comes together with a phenomenal flow and display of lyrical ability from Jus Ra. Easily one of my favorite tracks on the album, this song immediately went on repeat. I have to put this on the Featured list.


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Featured Tracks

Blood Sacrifice, Flower In The Attic, Conquest, Foreground Music, Train Of Thought, Tired Of Chasing, Dead God, Roads, and What’s Real.

*Dead God and What’s Real are featured on The Renaissance Vol. 1

The Write Up 

I thoroughly enjoyed “Blood Sacrifice”. From the beats to the lyrics, this album was entertaining and grew to listen to. Jus Ra’s lyrical ability pairs up with a monster flow that does not disappoint. I feel some of the introductions could have been scripted a little better, or the approach of the intros could have been switched up with some background music or something, but everything was put together with a message and from experiences. Regardless, for me, the entire album will be heard on a regular basis.

Star Status


(4.5 out of 5 stars)

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