Transition Album Cover
Transition Album Cover

An album by Scriptz

Production by Rez the Silverback, Dope Antelope, and Annex

Review presented by Warren Peace

Listen to Transition by Scriptz.

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The Intro

A member of the online powerhouse hip hop group The Fraternity, Scriptz is an emcee I have heard featured on several different tracks. His delivery and rhyme schemes have always been intriguing to me. Someone suggested Transition while I searched for albums to review on this blog, and immediately, Scriptz’ Transition went on my list of albums to review. Now I have the opportunity to listen to more personal music from Scriptz, and I am very interested to hear what he has to offer.


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The Album

1- Transition (prod. by Rez the Silverback)

I’m finding myself nodding with the beat within seconds of hitting play. Scriptz comes onto the beat with his trademark deep, raspy voice and a wide-variety of multiple syllable rhymes. The lyrics of the first verse are very in-your-face and matter of fact as Scriptz begins to paint a deeper picture of his idea behind this album’s title. The chorus summarizes everything Scriptz delivers in his verses; basically how he isn’t changing but is making a transition in life. His flow is on point throughout the track, riding Rez the Silverback’s beat perfectly. I really enjoyed this track and can relate to it in many ways. Great way to introduce the album. I am going to say this one will be up for my favorite track on the album, and adding it to the Featured list.

2- The Vent (prod. by Dope Antelope)

The Vent starts off with a strumming guitar, beginning a nice, slow vibe to start things off. Dope Antelope has become one of my favorite producers, and once the bass kicks into the track, proves to give the listener a beat to vibe with. Scriptz uses his verses to vent on many topics, yet is able to bring them all together in well-formatted verses delivered with raw emotion and a steady flow fitting the beat’s mood. Keeping it completely honest with the audience, Scriptz opens up to give everyone some perspective of situations he has been through in life and the perspective in which he sees things. Another great track that connects with me on different levels, The Vent is up there with Transition for favorite track of the album, including it on the Featured list.

3- Insomnia (prod. by Rez the Silverback)

This beat by Rez the Silverback starts off really slow, but picks up the pace quite a bit as Scriptz begins dropping lyrics. Nice ‘transition’ from the last track (no pun intended). Much like The Vent, this song doesn’t have a true chorus, yet keeps the listener engaged throughout. The deep voice pairing with Scriptz from time to time is an additional switch up from the norm, which keeps things fresh. Scriptz delivers with more of his deep-voiced, multiple syllable rhyme schemes with more imagery than I heard in the previous two tracks and inner rhymes that allow Scriptz to change up his flow’s pattern with ease.

4- I Will Carry You (prod. by Dope Antelope)

Another track produced by Dope Antelope, who has become one of my favorite producers, this beat starts off with a slow pace like Dope Antelope’s previous beat, but picks up the pace when the bass begins to thump. Normally I’m not a fan of dubbed choruses, but this one comes through clearly to listeners and fits the beat. Delivered with heartfelt emotion and the well-timed flow he has carried throughout the album, Scriptz talks about his grandfather on the first verse and his uncle on the second verse. Apparently both have passed, and J-Scriptz misses their presence in his life. Having lost both of my grandmothers over the last seven months, this is another track I can relate with personally. Jumping up there with ‘Transition’ and ‘The Vent’, ‘I Will Carry You’ will also be on the Featured list.

5- The Vent Part 2 (prod. by Dope Antelope)

With a darker tone to the intro, this track starts off a little creepy. The Vent 2 has a slower style of beat like The Vent, but this one seems to be more aggressive. With wicked multiple syllable rhyme schemes, Scriptz gets back in your face with his lyrics. As far as the lyrics, The Vent 2 has a little more wordplay and steps it up a little in comparison to its predecessor. The Vent 2 is in the running for my favorite track of the album, making this the fourth track on the Featured list.

6- Heatseekers feat. Kue the Vandal and Cocaine Chris (prod. by Rez the Silverback with cut by Jake Case)

I like the pace of this beat from the very start, and enjoyed each verse laid onto the track. Scriptz teams up with Kue the Vandal (second verse) and Cocaine Chris (third verse) on ‘Heatseeker’. Hard, raspy voices delivering multiple syllable rhyme after multiple syllable rhyme of lyrics that demand attention, involve wordplay, and grab you with imagery is what any listener will find here. All three emcees match each other very well all across the board, with all three giving a great performance without anyone standing out above the rest. Great collaboration. Another track going onto the Featured list.

7- Trust feat. White Roux, iiMerge, and Annex (prod. by Annex)

Another beat I find myself nodding with, this addition by Annex continues the same overall sound as the previous tracks on the album without any noticeable difference. Every emcee on this track came together very well as they all incorporated wordplay, punchlines, well-timed delivery of their lines while incorporating multiple syllable rhymes, and each ended their verses on the same page. Usually bonus tracks are added to albums as more of an afterthought, yet this one feels right at home on the album and is another solid collaboration on Transition.


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Featured Tracks

Transition, The Vent, I Will Carry You, The Vent 2, and Heatseekers.

* The Vent and Heatseekers are featured on The Renaissance Vol. I

The Write Up

Scriptz has fantastic beats throughout this album. Getting to hear some very personal stuff along with a consistent delivery and showcase of lyrics has now made me a fan of Scriptz. If there would be anything to say Scriptz could improve on it would be incorporating a little more wordplay into the personal tracks, although that would be searching for something to complain about. I found myself wanting to hear more by the end of Transition, and was glad to hear Scriptz plans on releasing an LP titled Transition 2. I will be watching for the release of that album. Transition is now in steady rotation for me, and it should be for you as well.

Star Status


(4 out of 5 stars)

Scriptz had a track, “Smoking Heavy”, named to the 24 Featured Tracks of ’15 – ’16 at The Write Awards!

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