Loosid Dreams 2.5

Loosid Dreams 2.5

Loosid Dreams 2.5 cover art
Loosid Dreams 2.5 cover art

An album by Loose Logic

Review presented by Warren Peace

Listen to Loosid Dreams 2.5 by Loose Logic.

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The Intro

Lucky for me, I was able to get an exclusive first listen to Loose Logic’s album Loosid Dreams 2.5, which gets released on Memorial Day. Loose Logic is one of my favorite underground artists, and is one of a few artists I know on the verge on making it big in the music industry. A member of The Fraternity, a unit of talented hip hop artists, Loose Logic’s creativity and lyrical disposition is always entertaining for his listeners, and Loosid Dreams 2.5 does a great job showcasing Loose Logic’s talent and more!


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The Album

1) Eye Sore

I like the futuristic appeal of the beat. The fast rhythm pulls me into the track quickly, and the speed of Loose Logic’s delivery compliments everything about the instrumental. Lyrically, Loose Logic decides to give the audience a little bit of everything: wordplay, metaphors, multiple syllable rhyming, many different approaches with his delivery, and some solid punchlines. There’s no chorus here, this isn’t a song you will hear on the radio, but if youre a fan of lyrics that shred beats with creativity and wit, Eye Sore is right up your alley. It’s definitely going to be a track I listen to on a regular basis. Definitely finding a spot on the Featured Track list for Eyesore.


2) UOT 32 Bars

The intensity of the beat here is easily felt, and it was no surprise to hear Loose Logic come onto the song swinging for the fences lyrically. I hear several shots at Collins, though I have never heard of Collins before. Logic explained to me that the shots at Collins were done in jest. Logic’s flow is crazy throughout this track, and the wordplay continues with punch line after punch line gets thrown onto the beat. I also enjoyed the changes to the beat during the course of the song, and Loose Logic does not hesitate to capitalize on those changes by switching up his style of delivery and his pace.

3) Catfish

The beat here reminds me of something that might be heard as the opening song to an episode of The Munsters or The Addams Family. Loose Logic does not slow down in the slightest, actually adding another element by using more imagery and giving the listeners a taste of his horrorcore style.


4) Barbaric

I believe this song was submitted to the “Don’t Fu[n]k Up Our Beats #6” contest hosted by the Funk Volume group. Loose Logic has many clever lines throughout this track, keeping a pretty level pace while lacing his lyrics to this semi-spooky beat that matches the fast rhythm of the previous tracks. I really enjoy everything about this song, and will be including this on the Featured Tracks list.


5) Are You Serious?

Toning down the speed of the instrumentals here, but keeping the intensity high, this beat should have anyone who listens to it fall under a spell of nodding their head or bouncing along with the melody. Loose Logic’s lyrics are slightly more in your face and filled with a strong emotional distain for people claiming they rap, hip hop emcee wannabes if you will, but never deliver lyrics worth listening to or do not push to make the best music they possibly can. I felt this track on another level personally, and will definitely be adding this to the Featured Track list.

6) Automatic feat. Cryptic Wisdom

Wow, the intensity in these beats just keep coming, and of course the rhythm speeds back up for Automatic. Cryptic Wisdom gives the audience the first true chorus of Loosid Dreams 2.5, just as I was beginning to believe there wouldn’t be a chorus anywhere on this album. Cryptic Wisdom has a fantastic delivery, pairing his speed very well with the beat, on his verse. While he gives the listeners an interesting verse that keeps the entertainment level high, Cryptic Wisdom is not quite as lyrical as Loose Logic, who gives one of his most lyrically consistent verses with line after line of wordplay and metaphors intertwined with stellar punchlines. Logic’s string of words beginning with ‘B’ in the middle of his verse continues proving his ability to write magnificently. Automatic is another song that will be included in the Featured tracks.

7) Son Please

This song easily has the most laid back feeling to it at this point in the album. I really like the chorus, which enforces Loose Logic’s approach lyrically. Deciding this wouldn’t be a good time to ease off the battle rap mentality, Loose Logic pushes two more verses of complex rhymes to the audience. As a fellow writer, I have not lost interest in any of the lyrics Loose Logic has written for Loosid Dreams 2.5. It isn’t easy to impress me with every track on an album, as I tend to get bored with most artists after a few songs or never have my attention captured to begin with. Loose Logic has achieved this accomplishment so far.

8) Never Grow Up

More of a topical song, Never Grow Up gives listeners a childish chant and steady rhythm that practically forces them to move to the music. Loose Logic directs this track toward the females who act like children. Bringing more raw emotion and personal situations in his delivery, Loose Logic doesn’t focus on wordplay or punchlines here as much as in previous tracks. He does just fine keeping my interest though with an in your face style and a fed up with the BS attitude.

9) Evil People feat. Skizzo

Man, this track brings reality to life. The beat makes you feel the emotion being it, especially with the guitar rifts. The addition of the news anchors’ reports is a fantastic addition. Loose Logic does not hesitate to get to the heart of the matter, bring his in your face flow with great imagery. Skizzo impressed me by continuing a fairly difficult rhymes scheme throughout his verse without making anything sound forced. This track is incredible from beginning to end. There is no way I could leave this off the Featured Tracks list.

10) Smokin’ Heavy feat. J-Scriptz

Another great beat. This one is a little more slower paced, but still has plenty to make the audience bounce with it. J-Scriptz sounds perfect on the beat as he slows down his typical flow for the chorus without sacrificing anything, then picks his pace back up for a great second verse and another impressive feature on the album. Loose Logic goes in with the mentality of ripping all of you wannabe emcees once again, speaking the truth in every lyrical line he laces to the beat. Loose Logic and J-Scriptz deliver a great track that will be Featured.

11) Stay Schemin’ feat. C.E.O.

Wow, Loose Logic brings heavy intensity on this track featuring a beat that gives us highs and bass that creates a perfect vibe for these type of lyrics. Logic hits many angles with his lyrics once again as wordplay, punchlines, and metaphors are present throughout his verse. This is another song on the album without a chorus, yet this is the only one I’ve heard so far that I feel could have benefitted from having a chorus. While C.E.O. has a solid verse, I feel he was not on par with Loose Logic, or some of the other featured artists on Loosid Dreams 2.5.

12) Last Chance

One of the more personal tracks of the album, Loose Logic includes personal sacrifice and/or struggles with a wide range of vocal capabilities, from singing to double time rapping. A lot of his lyrics here are delivered with a matter of fact approach, something that should be able to be appreciated by every person who calls themselves a fan of music. Hitting the Featured Tracks list with the last song of the album, Loose Logic’s Last Chance has a great melody within the music and every lyric comes from the heart.


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Featured Tracks

Eyesore, Barbaric, Are You Serious?, Automatic, Evil People, Smokin’ Heavy, and Last Chance.

The Write Up

Loosid Dreams 2.5 is everything I enjoy about Loose Logic and more. His lyrical prowess is evident on every single track, and he proves his range of style can fit just about every type of instrumental you can throw his way. While there are not many traditional ‘song formulas’ on this album, Loose Logic completely nails every one that does actually appear on the album. With more of a mix tape feel, there is not much anyone hip hop fan can complain about when it comes to Loosid Dreams 2.5. I will definitely be keeping this album in constant rotation and am very thankful to have gotten an exclusive first listen to Loosid Dreams 2.5. Now I get to wait for Loose Logic’s next album, “Open Door Policy”, so I can put it under the microscope for review. Believe me, I will be one of the first people in line to listen to it when it is released!

Star Status

★★★ .5

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Loose Logic was selected for the Artist of the Month!

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