Starseed cover art
Starseed cover art

An album by Hybrid the Rapper

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The Intro

The first time I heard Hybrid the Rapper on a song was when another artist, Cole D., introduced me to Hybrid’s music. Cole D. explained the Hybrid the Rapper was from the same state I was from and asked if I had heard of him. I had not and was interested immediately. That was about a year ago. Now, here I am giving one of Hybrid the Rapper’s albums, “Starseed”, a review. Let’s get to the breakdown.


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The Album

1- Prelude-Intermission

Awesome introduction to the album. Very futuristic and cool message, creative and original with style and delivery.

2- Seeing Double feat. The Mystic One

This has a cool opening. Hybrid gives the audience his first verse with an incredibly quick delivery of words and a bit of an unorthodox flow. The chorus is pretty catchy, blending different styles and stanzas. They all come together in a unique fashion that gives the listener plenty to listen for, making things interesting. The Mystic One puts on a hell of a performance with his verse, and Hybrid chops up the third verse with switches in his speed as well as experimenting with different lengths to his multi-syllable rhyme scheme. This is one of those tracks I find myself liking more the more I listen to it.

3- Struggling & Surviving feat. Clyde, Steelo Madhouse, and PFV

I feel like I would like the chorus more if a female voice was singing along. I do like the beat, with a country vibe and slower rhythm than the previous track. I enjoy different aspects of each emcee’s verses. In the first verse, I felt like the lyrics were on point but maybe could’ve been a little more emotional on the delivery. The second verse was the best overall, in my opinion. In the third verse, it felts like the flow is a little choppy in a couple spots. Honestly, this is one of my least favorite tracks on the album.

4- B-Side feat. Bryan Samples of Embercast 

I enjoy the spooky sounds tied into the music for B-Side. Hybrid the Rapper delivers a stellar first verse in every aspect, but I can’t say I enjoy the second and third verses nearly as much. The chorus, while having a bit of a spooky undertone itself, doesn’t seem to help in keeping my attention and wasn’t able to pull me into the song at all.

5- Ride feat. Solystic

Off the bat I can say this is one of my favorite tracks of the album. Solid lyrics throughout by Hybrid with a flow that rides the beat perfectly. Speaking of the beat, this one hits and had me nodding along with it instantly. The hook is catchy and Solyistic comes through with a nice second verse that nearly matches Hybrid’s ability to flow perfectly on the beat. Ride will be hitting the Featured Tracks list.

6- hardWORK

I can dig this fast-tempo entrance that slows once Hybrid begins spitting his lyrics on the track. His metaphors combine with solid punchlines from the start. Multiple syllable rhymes are in abundance here, as is Hybrid’s rapid fire delivery. The second verse is my favorite, and hardWORK is great from beginning to end, making a place for it on the Featured Tracks.

7- Your Welcome

Hybrid’s on point with everything on this one, except I feel his punchlines dont connect as hard as they could from time to time. Once again, his second verse shines. I liked the feeling of the music paired with another unique sounding chorus. Your Welcome isn’t on par with the last two songs, though.

8- Starseed

This song is bonkers. I really like the vibe of the beat. I did think the chorus could’ve had a little more, but I do like how it slows down and comes onto the music with a different angle than the verses. Starseed is a really impressive song lyrically, and finds on slot with the Featured Tracks.

9- The Cypher feat. B.U.C. Force, Accurate MC, Laddy Xl, Frozen Castles, and Street Wise

The instrumentals here are a little on the easy vibe feel for a cypher like this, in my opinion. However, the music has no problem getting me to nod along with it. B.U.C. delivers an easy to vibe with verse. Accurate MC, in my opinion, has the overall stand out verse on this track. Lady XL has a really nice verse with a lyrical edge. Hybrid delivers an emotional feeling verse, as if he wanted to destroy the beat as his lyrics smash into the music. Frozen Castles has a solid verse. Street Wise has a deep, rugged voice that can be picked out of a crowd, and it is always good to have a voice recognizable within a group. Other than the random bar that didn’t rhyme at the end (just stood out like a sore thumb to me), Street Wise also has a great verse on the track. Overall this is a solid cypher.

10- Horsemen

One of my favorite songs on the album, Horsemen has a cool introduction followed by a stellar first verse from Hybrid. Lyrically, this is one of the most consistent tracks Hybrid has on Starseed. I like the pace of the beat and the sounds come together in a manner that is destined to get everyone moving to the music. Horsemen is a track that doesn’t have to earn a spot as a Featured Track; it automatically has a slot after a single listen.

11- Fighter feat. Shoota McGavin

The multiple syllable rhymes continue shining through Hybrid’s delivery here on Fighter. Fighter also has a beat you should find yourself easily vibing with and a catchy chorus. Every verse on the song is well written and lyrically sound. Fighter fought and won a place on the Featured Track list.

12- 1979

I really enjoy the instrumental on this track. The beat is one of my favorites on the Starseed album. To be entirely honest, the chorus on 1979 is one of my least favorite of the album, but that’s just my opinion. Hybrid delivers solid verses on 1979, though, and is sure to have many listeners feeling his lines on this song.

13- Turn Up

Simply put, Hybrid has some great beats on Starseed, and Turn Up is another example. The chorus is very catchy and I have no doubt anyone who listens will find themselves singing along. Hybrid gives us some of his more lyrical stuff here, much to my delight. Turn Up is one that I’ll be putting in regular rotation, which obviously means it will be with the Featured Tracks.

14- Believe

A slower styled beat comes through the speakers for Believe. More emotion comes through Hybrid’s lyrics and delivery here, and I can appreciate that. Hybrid continues the multiple syllable flow of words and brings some imagery through to the audience. If there was a track on Starseed that grew on me and pushed itself to be on the Featured Tracks list, this would be it.

15- The Pain feat. Solystic and Drix

All three emcees come together to deliver solid verses that will definitely connect with the men in the audience. Speaking about issues in their relationships, each emcee adds his own flavor with between the lyrics and deliveries, but all three stick to the topic throughout and are able to reach a level field between them. I felt the beat was good for a track such as this as the music creates an emotional feel as well. The chorus is fitting, too. I enjoyed The Pain from start to finish, which is why it’s another song getting put on the Featured Tracks list.

16- Know About Me feat. Teshaun

I really enjoy this beat’s fast pace and intense feeling. Hybrid the Rapper enters the song speaking about struggling to succeed and does so with his signature rapid fire flow lined with multiple syllable rhymes. The chorus is wonderfully done and sure to be easily felt by the audience. TeShaun’s vocal capability is impressive, to say the least. The emotion brought through the song’s lyrics are bound to hit home with listeners as Hybrid continues to relay his aggravation as well as his relentless passion and never give up attitude. The Featured Tracks list keeps growing with Know About Me pushing through just before the album concludes.

17- Blood Runs Dry feat. The Jokerr

I enjoy the music for Blood Runs Dry, as I do for nearly all of the songs on Starseed. Hybrid the Rapper does a great job with selecting his instrumentals. Laying more personal issues down for the audience, Hybrid and The Jokerr bring their fathers into the picture by telling us about how their fathers weren’t in the picture. The chorus is done well and allows the emotion to easily carry over into the verses, but there’s something about it that doesn’t sit right with me, even though I can’t seem to put my finger on it. As someone who grew up without his father, I can relate to every word of this song, but I have also heard songs about people growing up fathers too many times to count. I feel when a topic has been done over and over, in all genres of music, the artist should try to think a bit outside the box and perhaps attack the topic from a different angle that renews and freshens the subject for the audience. That being said, Blood Runs Dry is a solid song and ends Starseed with a powerful, emotional touch.


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Featured Tracks

Ride, hardWORK, Starseed, Horsemen, Fighter, Turn Up, Believe, The Pain, and Know About Me.

The Write Up

This is the first full length album from Hybrid the Rapper, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. For me, Starseed’s first quarter was kind of slow to start things off, with the bumps in those beginning tracks and a few times where Hybrid seemed to be finding himself while harboring his fast paced, emotional delivery. Unfortunately, with the first quarter of the album being the album’s weakest area, I feel this would be likely to turn away potential listeners and fans as opposed to locking them in and keeping the ears glued to the speakers. Fortunately, Hybrid is able to make leaps and bounds with the following three-quarters of the album, as he raised the level with the rest of Starseed well above the bar that was initially set. When it comes to Hybrid the Rapper’s lyrics, I felt their were many more high points than low. Hybrid’s speedy delivery and use of multiple syllable rhymes were practically captivating, yet there were several times I felt the multiple syllable rhyme was forced, meaning those rhymes were put together with the only purpose being to keep the multiple syllable rhyme going. This made certain phrases and lines feel out of place when listened to more closely, and content should never be sacrificed to force multiple syllable rhymes. Hybrid the Rapper displayed his best work on topical tracks, giving the audience imagery and some wordplay while sticking to the subject at hand. However, when it came to punchlines and aggressive battle rap lines, Hybrid sometimes missed getting the jaw dropping reaction he was probably expecting to receive. The collaborations on Starseed introduced me to several artists I was not familiar with, and most of the tracks were put together very well and had solid performances from the artists. A few collaborations, though, did not seem to come together very well and felt like the artists were forcing a song as opposed to patiently putting together something everyone was comfortable with or finding a way to mesh their styles a little more. When everything and said and done, though, Starseed was an impressive album with a lot talent on display and enough variety to keep an audience intrigued. Hybrid the Rapper moved a mountain with this one, and I will be watching for when Hybrid’s next album becomes available. As high as he set the bar for himself with Starseed, I would be disappointed if his next album didn’t make my list of classics.

Star Status


(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Hybrid the Rapper was selected to be one of our Featured Emcees!

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Hybrid the Rapper was selected to be one of our Featured Emcees!

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