Uninvited Guest 3: Way of the Menace

Uninvited Guest 3: Way of the Menace


An album by Pest

Review presented by Warren Peace

Listen to Uninvited Guest 3: Way of the Menace by Pest.

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The Intro

Pest is an artist I have been familiar with for years and have been fortunate to watch grow within his music. From Spokane, Washington, Pest is the big shot at Menace Made Entertainment and a member of the wurdONE clique. When I found out Pest would be releasing a new album, I knew I had to give it a proper breakdown and review.


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The Album

1- Intro

Pest kicks the album off with a unique intro that simulates an alarm clock that would wake the dead. I found myself ready to hear more of the album after this, which is probably the exact reason Pest started Uninvited Gurest 3 in this manner. Let’s get to the music!

2- At Large feat. Shane Menace

At Large begins with Pest giving us a little background of what the song is about before the beat begins. Speaking of the beat, I find it very easy to vibe with and feel the artists lay their vocals over the instrumental in a manner that compliments the music. Pest delivers a smooth flow with solid lyrical content on the first verse. His rhythm and emotion shines. The chorus is soft spoken and kid of catchy. Shane Menace actually matches Pest’s first verse in every way as he gives us an emotional verse with a slick flow and solid lyrical content. Pest’s first actual song of the album gets a spot on the Featured Tracks.

3- Heavy (Instrumental)

Changing the pace up from your every day hip hop album, Pest decides to throw in an instrumental that isn’t as short as a sample, but isn’t as long as a full song. It has a feel to it of exceeding the odds, like it should be in a Rocky film. I enjoyed the vibe and the change of pace from the typically hip hop album.

4- Recognize The Name (wurdONE)

The beat here has a very similar vibe as the instrumental on At Large. Pest begins the track with a quicker delivery and more of a lyrical barrage in his verse. The chorus also has a similar feel as At Large, though Pest changes up the pace and style here. The emcee on the second verse has a solid flow and presence on the microphone, but doesn’t match Pest’s level lyrically. The third emcee continues the terrific presence and flow, and falls in the middle of the mix when it comes to his lyrical content.

5- ICU feat. Loon E. Lou and Shane Menace

The slower paced beats with relatively simply styles continue with ICU. Pest has the first verse, once again delivering a hard, lyrical verse with some grit added into the flow of words he puts together for the audience. The chorus also has some simplicity to it, which causes it to be a little on the catchy side. Loon E. Lou comes in on the second verse, where wordplay and punchlines are laced within the smooth delivery he presents to the audience. Shane Menace, with his second feature on Uninvited Guest 3, ends the track with a lyrically sound verse and flow that shines over the beat. ICU is an easy choice for the Featured Tracks list.

6- We Run Shit (Intermission)

Mostly repeating the words ‘we run shit’, I feel Pest was just having fun with this. I really like this beat and wish Pest would’ve made an actual track using this instrumental.

7- Drippin’ feat. Spindle

Drippin’ very well could be my favorite beat on Uninvited Guest 3, as the slower vibe of the instrumentals keeps the album moving. The chorus on Drippin’ is really catchy and also one of my favorites on the album. Pest presents the first verse with an in-your-face attitude complimenting another rhythmic delivery of his lyrics. Spindle follows Pest’s lead, giving the audience a fairly smooth flow with a delivery that doesn’t just want your attention, but demands it to a degree. Drippin’ is one of my favorite tracks on Uninvited Guest 3, and has secured a slot in the Featured Tracks.

8- Fukk Em Pt. 2 

A cool, short intro kicks this track off, followed by another catchy chorus from Pest. With the mind frame to go hard lyrically, Pest presents real and serious verses over another beat that is in no hurry to get the listeners to move to its music. While Fukk Em Pt. 2 is not Pest’s best lyrical tirade, in my opinion, the artist is still able to show his prowess and ability to lyrically box with anyone who would like to go a few rounds with him. You can check out the video for Fukk Em Pt. 2 below.


9- I Like It feat. Spindle

I Like It has another beat in contention for my favorite on the album. The chorus on this song is definitely my favorite within the confines of Uninvited Guest 3. There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone who listens to this song will find themselves singing along with the chorus. Spindle seems to stumble slightly with his flow and delivery in the first verse, but he does have solid content with his lyrics. Pest’s lyrics seem to be a little more club-friendly and delivered with a partying vibe. Overall, I Like It is a solid track, and it would not surprise me if a lot of people considered this their favorite song on the album. With the bumps in Spindle’s verse, though, I feel it just falls short of making the Featured Tracks list.

10- Thumpin’ (Instrumental)

Pest includes another instrumental on Uninvited Guest 3 here. Thumpin’ has a raw, rough feel to it that I could see hip hop artists with a battle rap mentality wanting to dice up with lyrical swords of warfare. Maybe we will get to hear that happen in the future.

11- I’ll Get Over It 

Another solid instrumental selection on the album by Pest. I’ll Get Over It gives the audience a more personal side of Pest, filled with words of struggle and pain but carries a never give up attitude. The chorus has a real feel to it as well. I am sure there will be many people who will be able to relate to the words and emotions within this track, and I was glad to see Pest deliver a more topically orientated song. I’ll Get Over It should have a special connection with listeners, as it did me, which rounds out Uninvited Guest 3 with another spot filled on the Featured Tracks list.


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Featured Tracks

At Large, ICU, Drippin’, and I’ll Get Over It.

The Write Up

Between the intro, the intermission, and the two instrumentals, Uninvited Guest 3 felt like a really short album by the time it was all said and done. Pest has asserted himself as a great hook man, with several catchy choruses that his audience is sure to get stuck in the confines of their minds. I would’ve liked to have heard a couple faster paced beats on the album, and perhaps a few tracks centered on different topics, or even a storytelling song to switch things up a bit. Pest’s lyrical ability continues to improve on this album and he shows us that he has mastered his flow and delivery on the microphone. While Uninvited Guest 3 might have hit a few bumps along the way, I feel Pest is ready to move past the mix tapes and put all of his effort into a true album. Several features shined on UG3, which only further solidifies Pest’s ability to work well with other artists as well as give his audience collaborations worth listening to time after time. I will definitely continue to follow Pest’s progress as an artist, and will be patiently waiting to review his next collective of songs. Hopefully, the wait will not be a long one.

Star Status


(3 out of 5 stars)

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Warren Peace writes...
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  1. I have to agree with the reviewer!!! Its an excellent album with a ton of different feels. Whether its getting ready to go to the club or your having a shit day this albums got it!

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