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The Intro

Loon E. Lou is an artist from California that I have followed since the very first songs he ever recorded. Watching him grow within his music has been rewarding, and is a testament to the “hard work pays off” catch phrase. Several years later, The Write Reviews is examining Loon E. Lou’s newest album “Listen”. I’m ready to see the next step in Loon E. Lou’s music career.


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The Album

1- Recognize

I love it when the opening song to any album is a beat everyone can easily bounce with, and Recognize has exactly that type of beat. Loon jumps into the album with some real life lyrics and a clear, crisp flow that stays on point throughout. A catchy chorus sums up the entire track perfectly and rides the beat like it should. This song is great, something that nearly every listener is guaranteed to relate to with the struggles, lines about family, and just straight up, in your face lyrics. Loon and JrFx deliver a song worthy of the Featured Tracks list only one sing into the Listen album.

2- Give It Up

This instrumental is a little different, but definitely gains your attention when it cries out to the audience. Loon E. Lou dives into the first verse with a lyrical sword (that “blowin’ minds like Kennedy” line made my jaw drop). The chorus here is likely to get stuck in the minds of listeners, and Loon doesn’t lay off the lyrical side of things as the track continues. Im not a fan of Give It Up as much as I am Recognize, but it is still a solid addition to the album.

3- Glow feat. Ivy DeLaRose

I really like the laid back feel of the music here, and the beautiful voice that opens the track definitely set the tone for the track. Loon E. Lou’s lyrics are delivered with such a consistently smooth flow and multiple syllable rhymes that never seem forced. With metaphors and matter of fact lines, Loon paints a picture of pushing to achieve his dreams and there are bound to be many listeners who will vibe with Glow and the positive push behind Loon E. Lou’s lyrics. Glow has made its place among the Featured Tracks.

4- Reset

The rhythm in the music is easy to move your body with, and Loon E. Lou dives into the track with his simply smooth flow. Bringing some of his personal issues to the album, Loon speaks about feeling the struggle and the difficulty of finding his place in life. This song is a great addition to the album.

5- Action feat. Scorpz the Venom

This beat reminds me of something that might have been used for the opening sequence to a television show or something. All jokes aside, the instrumental has some interesting sounds that build a nice rhythm. Loon E. Lou takes the first verse and runs with it. His flow is still smooth and on point as he drops a solid, lyrical set of lines. I like the chorus, especially the “dumb it down” phrase. Scorpz the Venom’s vocals are a lot lower than Loon’s, and it is very noticeable. Also, I didn’t care for the awkward pause at the end of his verse. This track could’ve used another few listens for the volume change before putting out the album.

6- Burning Me

It might just be me, but it seems there is the reoccurring sound of the horn, or something, that gets drug out within the beat. The sound itself might be slightly different, but at the same time it isn’t. Loon brings more of his personal life and struggles into his lyrics here, and delivers them with conviction and raw emotion. The chorus is a little too simple, a voice singing and blended into the beat carries the audience between Loon’s verses. The emcee doesn’t slow his roll at all though, continuing to push his words with power. While there were a couple things I wasn’t a fan of in Burning Me, this is not a bad addition to Listen by any means.

7- 24/7 feat. Young Joe

I like the fast paced chimes in the beat, and the drums create a rhythm anyone can move with. Young Joe is the first to lays vocals onto the track. His flow rides along smoothly and he mixes a lyrical angle with a street side into his words, which is sure to be felt by hip hop fans. The chorus here is pretty catchy and sounds great with the beat. Loon E. Lou tears into the second verse, lyrically leveling line after line. This is an easy track to vibe with, and I enjoyed the lyrics marched with the melody. We have another song hitting the Featured Tracks list.

8- All In Time feat. Jon Ford and San Quinn

The music in All In Time has a dramatic feel to it. Jon Ford kicks everything off with a relaxed flow and lyrics filled with wordplay and imagery. I like the chorus; it’s  catchy and relatable. Loon E. Lou owns the second verse with his flow right on time, as always, and also paints a picture of going through the struggle. The last emcee on the track is San Quinn, who delivers wordplay mixed with in your face lyrics. All In Time gets a nod from me for Featured Tracks.

9- Always Tomorrow

I really enjoy the vibe of this beat, as I find myself nodding to it before the vocals even kick in. Loon E. Lou has one hell of a track with Always Tomorrow. The chorus comes from the heart and reaches out for the audience. Metaphors, imagery, and raw emotion are brought through Loon’s lyrics. I felt this song on several levels, and I would not be surprised if you do too. That’s why Always Tomorrow is on the Featured Tracks list.

10- Underaps

For me, this beat kind of has an 80’s feel to it. Loon E. Lou comes onto the track with the intention of dismantling other hip hop artists by using punchlines, wordplay, and metaphors to show why his lyrically superior. When it comes to lyrics, these are my favorite kind of tracks because these are the songs where the emcees implement so many different things within their words and phrases. The chorus is a little repetitive, but still fitting for the song and doesn’t get to the pointing of annoying for listeners. Loon’s consistency never falters on the track, and Underaps didn’t just make the Featured Tracks list, but is also one of my favorites on the album.

11- Limit Is The Sky feat. Jon Ford

I enjoy the sound of the horn in this beat. A good feeling vibe throughout the instrumental. Jon Ford has a solid first verse that gives the audience straight forward lyrics and a crisp flow of vocals. The chorus is refreshing, with a completely different sound than any others on the album and a blend of both emcees. Loon E. Lou has the second verse, bringing a little bit of wordplay with his always-smooth flow and positive lyrics. I really felt the purpose of this track is to uplift and help put people in a good mood, and it is successful in doing so. The Featured Tracks list just keeps growing in number, and this time we have a video to accompany it!

12- Keep Changing

More of a spoken word piece, in my opinion, than an actual song, Keep Changing is Loon putting emotions down for the audience to feel as a slower paced beat plays in the background. This is kind of an intermission, and a nice sudden change with a short, but to the point, message.

13- Calm and Collected feat. Sammy T and Young Joe

This beat is another slower style, easy-to-vibe-with instrumental. Sammy T, in honesty, was not impressive to me at all. It sounded like he was freestyling off the top of his head with no thought of direction for his lyrics. His flow was definitely on point, but his rhyme schemes were simple, he delivered no punchlines, metaphors, or wordplay. It just felt like he was rhyming to rhyme, if you can understand what I mean. The chorus is cool, I like the feeling behind it and how it compliments the music. The lyrics of the chorus could be a focal point for many types of angles for the verses, and I still do not see any real direction with Sammy T’s verse. Next up is Young Joe, who displays a smooth flow once again. With some punchlines and in your face lyrics, Young Joe’s verse is a step up from Sammy T’s. Loon E. Lou throws some punchlines and speaks of overcoming obstacles while working hard to succeed within the last verse. A solid track overall, Calm and Collect would only need a little more direction for the trio to be where I feel it could be, especially with the way the beat and chorus come together so well.

14- These Days feat. Jon Ford

I do enjoy the feeling of the laid back, cool instrumentals so far throughout the album, but I feel one or two more intense beats would help change things up to keep things more interesting in that aspect. Loon brings the audience more self-reflective thoughts and memories of battle the struggle to get where he wants to be in life. The chorus doesn’t really stand out for me, I believe there was another one or two that had a similar sound to this one, or maybe its a combination of a couple previous choruses. Jon Ford seems to have more energy on this track, which brings the audience in and captures their attention. Lyrically, though, this track is on topic with vocals that flow well with the beat.

15- Get On feat. Young Joe and Jon Ford

This one is just a little more upbeat, and Loon takes advantage of that by bringing more energy and giving the lyrics some direction from the start. Winding down and explaining his way of relaxing after long days, Loon E. Lou paints a picture we can all relate to, and gives a delivery to his vocals we can all vibe with. The chorus is pretty catchy, but could use a little something more to match the energy all three emcees bring in their verses. Young Joe takes the second verse and follows Loon E. Lou’s lead with a cool, crisp flow and straight up lyrics. Jon Ford, on the final verse, took it home and stood out a little bit more for me as he threw some punchlines and really great multiple syllable rhymes into the mix. Get On is a very nice addition to the album and you can check out the video below!

 16- Life Like This

With a mellow feel to the beat, Loon E. Lou gives the audience raw emotion and real life lyrics on two verses in Life Like This. Anyone who listeners to this track and knows the feeling of seeking your dreams, despite the odds, will be able to relate to this down-to-Earth song. Loon E. Lou does a nice job, once again, conveying his thoughts and feelings to his listeners.

17- Music Keeps Playing feat. Ashley Johnson

Again, a relaxed feel to the music with deep thoughts and feelings brought to the audience by Loon E. Lou. Allow me to say the chorus is done beautifully by Ashley Johnson, and it a nice changes compared with the previous tracks on Listen with the same type of emotional tone. With two verses from the heart, Loon E. Lou aims to connect with the audience on a personal level. Regardless of what happens in life, Loon is going to shoot for his goals and do everything he can to achieve his dreams. This is another solid track from Loon E. Lou, and even though there are a few others pretty similar to this one in many ways, the addition of Ashley Johnson and the purity in which Loon E. Lou delivers his lyrics is the difference that pushes this onto the Featured Tracks list.

18- Drift Away

This beat has a slower pace, as several of the beats on Listen do, but has a little more involved to it, making this more appealing as far as the music is concerned. I enjoy the vivid images Loon paints with his lyrics, the in your face style he laces as his vocals flow to the beat. He throws a few punchlines in the mix, and has a chorus that is easy to catch on to and sing along with. Once again, only a two verse track, Drift Away has the same type of feeling as Get On, but I feel connects with the audience more for two reasons. The first reason is Loon E. Lou seems to make this a more personal feeling track, which will bring listeners into the music and lyrics on a direct level. The second is the overall delivery and content Loon E. Lou gives the audience, which I feel will captivate the listeners and keep their attention a bit more. Drift Away closes out the Listen album as the last song to be listed on the Featured Tracks.


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Featured Tracks

Recognize, Glow, 24/7, All On Time, Always Tomorrow, Underaps, Limit Is The Sky, Music Keeps Playing, and Drift Away.

The Write Up

Loon E. Lou is an artist with an incredible upside. His delivery, flow, and ability to convey his emotional state will gain fan after fan for him. His skills as a lyricist were displayed on Listen as well, which will gain the respect and support from hip hop artists everywhere. A lot of the music had the same type of pace and feeling behind the instrumentals, which gave this album a bit of a repetitive feel to it. There were also a few songs that followed a similar pattern, which can become a little boring for some people. Otherwise, Listen shows that Loon E. Lou has plenty to be proud of when it comes to his ability with a microphone, and there is a very bright future for the emcee. I will be keeping an eye on Loon E. Lou, watching for future projects from the artist. And when those projects are finished, I will be right there to bring you the review.

Star Status

★★★ .5

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

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