Overrated and Undereducated

Overrated and Undereducated


An album by E-Dub

Review presented by Warren Peace

Listen to Overrated and Undereducated by E-Dub.

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The Intro

I was introduced to E-Dub just a couple years ago when a friend of mine played a few tracks by the artist. Right away, I was impressed with his microphone presence and knew his flow would fit right in with the voices heard on the radio. Locally active in the Owensboro-Bowling Green, Kentucky area, E-Dub recently released his newest project “Overrated and Undereducated”. I decided to do an in-depth, track by track breakdown to see how worthy this album truly is.


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The Album

1- Do It All

From the very beginning I am feeling the beat. E-Dub steps onto the track with great presence on the microphone and a wickedly smooth flow. It doesn’t take long for the emcee to start showcasing some wordplay and solid lyricism. One of E-Dub’s strongest qualities is his ability to put together great choruses that are very catchy, causing the audience to find themselves singing along even if they don’t want to. Do It All is a testament to this. Every verse is solid and Do It All is definitely a good opening track that will get the interest and attention from listeners.

2- Hypnotized

This track starts off a little slower, but is immediately felt once it takes flight. E-Dub doesn’t hold back, getting straight to the topic and keeping it very real with his audience. Some positive messages find their way through E-Dub’s lyrics. The ‘hypnotized’ can be a little repetitive, but overall I like the chorus. E-Dub continues telling everyone how they don’t need to serve jail time or to be a street thug in order to be a thug. Really, this is a song many teenagers growing up right now should take a minute to actually listen to. Hypnotized is made to be on the Featured Tracks list.

3- I’m So Tired feat. Matt Da Tatt and Floda

A short intro by E-Dub brings us into this track. His struggle bleeds through his words in the opening verse. E-Dub’s flow and presence has not slacked since the first minute of this album. His multiple syllable rhymes come together smoothly and don’t sound forced. Matt Da Tatt jumps in on the second verse and maintains the level E-Dub started the track with, and stays on point with the topic. On the last verse is Floda, who has a slightly different flow and delivery style, yet fits in very well E-Dub and Matt Da Tatt. The chorus style is switched up again, but still commands the attention of listeners. E-Dub just put another one up in the Featured Tracks.

4- FWM (Fly With Me)

Another catchy chorus can be found at the beginning of FWM, along with a beat guaranteed to make you bounce with it. E-Dub brings some nice punchlines and metaphors on this track, getting deeper than the surface with his lyrics. So far, E-Dub is putting together a fantastic album.

5- The Purge (Believe Me remix)

Another slower style beat, the instrumental here has a bit of a creepy feel to it as well. E-Dub laces inner rhyme schemes into his flow here, while throwing some punchlines and even makes fun of the original chorus for this track, which keeps me from telling you all that this is one of the very few choruses E-Dub has done that I’m not a huge fan of. Lyrically, though, E-Dub steps up to the plate and delivers nicely.

6- Stand Tall

This beat has intensity running through it, and E-Dub throws a catchy chorus at the audience from the get go. Bringing more personal matters into the mix, E-Dub continues to share situations from his life in the right portions. Not only getting straight to the point with his lyrics, he also mixes in some wordplay, metaphors, and punch lines. Stand Tall does exactly that, rising up to the ranks in the Featured Tracks.

7- Bounce With Me feat. Suicidal

Just as the song’s title suggests, the instrumental paired with the rhythm of E-Dub and Suicidal’s delivery motivates listeners to move to the music. E-Dub rips into the first two verses, switching up his flow speed while landing punchlines that cross over with wordplay and metaphors. On the final verse, Suicidal keeps the bar high with the delivery of words and the angles of lyricism he brings to the table. Placing Bounce With Me on the Featured Tracks list is a no-brainer.

8- Fight Night remix

The music here will get you moving along with it, no doubt. As could be expected, E-Dub goes into this track with the mind frame to lyrically crush anyone who wants to be competition on a microphone. While he delivers several nice lines in this one, I feel his punch lines weren’t connecting as hard as in previous tracks on the album. Since that is the entire idea this song was geared around, I felt slight disappointment by the end of it. Regardless, Fight Night remix is still a solid addition to Overrated and Undereducated.

9- Pay Attention E-Dub x Prime-Time x Legacy

Intensity pierces through this beat as E-Dub enters the track with a lyrical tirade. Punchlines, metaphors, and wordplay fill his verse as he delivers with another smooth rhythm to his flow. Prime Time comes in right after E-Dub and his verse flows like he has mastered the way water drains. E-Dub returns to the track to lyrically hammer it down again, and the intensity of the music is easily felt through each emcee’s presence on the microphone. Legacy bullies his way onto the beat, delivering an unmistakable voice with his verse. Also throwing punchlines while mixing it up with some wordplay, Legacy completes the track and ends Pay Attention on a high note. This three man cypher deserves a slot with the Featured Tracks.

10- Lost feat. Matt Da Tatt and T-WIL

I enjoy the chorus, which sets the tone to start off the track. E-Dub has the first verse and goes into it speaking from the heart about how he isn’t going to let the obstacles and negative circumstances keep him from going after his dreams. The second verse continues where the first verse left off, with E-Dub keeping his flow on point and maintaining a great presence on the microphone. And the third verse stays the course without sacrificing any content or losing the rhythm of the flow. Lost is another addition to the Featured Tracks.

11- Fool

When it comes to the music on this track, I would have to say this is probably my favorite beat on the album. E-Dub tears into the first verse, written for his significant other. Once E-Dub takes off in this one, he doesn’t hold back. Everything is presented with emotion and a message of gratitude from the heart. Throw in a chorus that is likely to get stuck in your head after the song ends and you have another spot filled on the Featured Tracks list.

12- Don’t Need Em

This is a pretty inspiring track with a beat that seems to get attention from the ladies, which works perfectly with the message E-Dub presents throughout this song. Through his lyrics, E-Dub questions the choices of some women and gives them advice and motivation to do better for themselves. Every lady in the audience is going to love this song, and honestly, they should. Hip hop needs more motivational and positive messages, and its great to see E-Dub bring some of that in his music. Dont Need Em continues to add length to the list of Featured Tracks.

13- I Can

Overrated and Undereducated has a great selection of instrumentals throughout the album. E-Dub seems to have an ear for beats that can easily get a crowd moving to the music, and I Can is another example. Beginning things with a positive chorus, E-Dub gives the audience more uplifting lyrics from the start to the end of I Can. With all of the negativity present in hip hop, it is always great to hear positive music that can be felt by youngsters and adults alike. Every verse here is on point, lyrically and in the manner the flow is delivered. E-Dub adds another one to the Featured Tracks list.

14- One Shot feat. Nova D.

Nothing that stands out too much as far as this instrumental is concerned, but it wont take much for listeners to begin nodding with its rhythm. E-Dub’s flow and rhythm with his words continues to be a highlight in the album, as most ‘unknown’ up-and-coming artists usually struggle with that more than anything. He speaks about always wanting a single opportunity to prove his talent and skill, and to reach his dreams of making a name for himself making music. Nova D comes onto the track for the third verse, and delivers one of the best verses I have heard from him. The way his flow was laced over the first half of his verse was perfect. He seemed more comfortable than usual and put together some nice lines, which continues through the verse but his flow seems to have a stumble or two towards the end. Maybe it’s just me, but it felt like his timing was off just slightly. Anyway, One Shot is still a good track and another solid addition to the album.

15- E-Dub Radio

This is different than the format followed by most hip hop tracks. The beat changes completely several times as E-Dub delivers his most lyrical song on the album. One line after another, the emcee uses wordplay, metaphors, punchlines, and in your face lyrics that would make most of the hip hop artists think twice about picking up a microphone. I was impressed, to say the least, with not only E-Dub’s level of lyricism, but the consistency that he brings throughout the entire track. It may not be a song, per se, but that doesn’t stop E-Dub Radio from becoming one of the Featured Tracks on Overrated and Undereducated.


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Featured Tracks

Hypnotized, I’m So Tired, Stand Tall, Bounce With Me, Pay Attention, Lost, Fool, Don’t Need ‘Em, I Can, and E-Dub Radio.

The Write Up

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth about Overrated and Undereducated can be summed up in one sentence: This album is about as close to classic status as it can be without actually being labeled a classic. Track after track, E-Dub gives the audience beats they can bounce with, songs with positive messages, personal situations, emotion filled lyrics, depth within his words, wordplay, punchlines, metaphors, a flow that rides every instrumental on point, and different topics to keep the audience interested and entertained. If I were to talk negative about anything on Overrated and Undereducated, I would be complaining about a few small areas that most listeners wouldn’t even notice or I would be speaking on personal preferences that may oppose the artist’s, which doesn’t make sense since this is his album, not mine. If you don’t acquire this album, youre really missing out on some great music. Unfortunately, most of the people who will have this album presented before them will overlook it without giving a listen to a single track. And that is one of many reasons hip hop has become watered down from the art form it was meant to be.

Star Status


(4.5 out of 5 stars)

E-Dub was selected for the Artist of the Month!

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