Something Different

Something Different

Something Different cover art
Something Different cover art

An album by IAmParker

Review presented by Warren Peace

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The Intro

I Am Parker came across The Write Reviews’ website somehow (linked by an artist on his Facebook friends list, I believe) and expressed his interested in having a review of his album, Something Different, posted at The Write Reviews. I Am Parker’s time has come as The Write Reviews dissects Something Different and displays the track by track breakdown for everyone to see…


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The Album

1- Something Different

To begin the album, and the title track, the audience gets introduced to a great opening instrumental that allows the emcee to deliver rapid fire lyrics or use a calmer, more laid back style. Parker chooses to kick everything off by spitting bar after bar on the track without using a hook. Parker is clever with his lyrics as he delivers metaphors, multiple syllable rhyme schemes, wordplay, and punch lines throughout the song. Parker gives the listeners an impressive start and, although this is not in a typical song format, Something Different is good enough to begin the album with a Featured Track.

2- Like Me

The instrumental starts slow then builds into a slightly chill beat with bounce. Parker continues his level of lyricism from Something Different to Like Me. This track does have a hook with Parker delivering the vocals, which I feel are a little to low in volume. He stays on top of the topic during both of his verses, basically spitting a self-hype infested track. Like Me is a solid track and addition to the Something Different album.

3- Sober 

Parker seems to try to switch up his style on Sober, but it only causes a few awkward moments with some choppy areas forming in his flow. Sober has the same song structure as Like Me with the vocals on this hook still being a little low, but not as noticeably low as Like Me. Parker’s angle of approach is having to stick it out by himself through everything, including becoming sober it seems, but I also feel like Parker strays from the topic from time to time. Sober is not one of the strongest songs on Something Different, but Parker will get to hear how different he sounds when trying this new style and deviating from what he is comfortable with.

4- The Loop 

Immediately the beat gives off a club feel and/or street vibe. Parker catches both and brings them together in the hook, which is catchy and my favorite of the album thus fa. Parker’s verses come thru with a mellow tone, yet a confident delivery, as he brings back a pretty high level of lyricism that keeps everything interesting and returns to his more comfortable, smoother flow. The Loop is an easy choice for the Featured Tracks list.

5- Intermission 

The silence between The Loop and the Intermission, mostly at the start of Intermission, made me check my connections to make sure my equipment wasn’t messing up. A simple style beat graces the Intermission, although it carries the ability to make you nod along as the rhythm comes through the speakers while Parker spits lyrics. Parker touches on a range of topics, but mainly sticks to speaking about his passion to continue making music despite any obstacles that might come along the way. Intermission is a good fit for the album.

6- Bueno

A beat begins playing then gets stomped out by heavy bass as the true instrumental for Bueno pumps thru to the eardrums of the audience. The lyrics consist of a positive outlook to different areas of I Am Parker’s life. The chorus will quickly get stuck in your head, and will likely make several people wonder if he realizes stacking pesos is not really much of an accomplishment in terms of money, since pesos are drastically lowered in value than the American dollar. Regardless, Bueno is a fun song that many are sure to enjoy and a nice change of pace from the rest of the songs.

7- Lucky 

The music slows the speed of the album down as Lucky begins. I Am Parker gets a little more personal in Lucky than any of the previous tracks on Something Different. The message here is clear: If you think you’re better than Parker, he will gladly take you down a notch. Clever wordplay and metaphors are found among the in your face lyrics. Lucky definitely ranks a one of the better tracks on Something Different.

8- Way With Words 

For the third time on Something Different, Parker stacks bars on a track without using a chorus of any kind. The difference between Way With Words and the others is how the music switches suddenly from a hype, bouncy beat to a slower, chill instrumental halfway through the song. The First half of the track exhibits I Am Parker’s best microphone presence of the album as his confident delivery doesn’t sound like he is reading the lyrics off of a piece of paper or have the slightest monotonous sound to his voice. Lyrically, I Am Parker is pretty much on point, although his delivery is much more effective before he slows down his flow for the second half of the track. Way With Words is still a very good addition to Something Different because it is entertaining and interesting to hear how he adjusts to the instrumental switch.

9- Outie 

For me, Outie seems is the track that summarizes all of Something Different’s previous tracks. However, there are a couple of things I feel are best to point out while Outie plays. Phrases that sound off, like they wouldn’t be said in normal everyday conversation, tend to give multiple syllable rhyme schemes a feeling of being forced, and forced is not something you think of in terms of an emcee’s flow. Also on Outie, I Am Parker has a monotone, emotionless voice in several areas of the track, which makes it sound like he is reading from a piece of paper instead of free-flowing lyrics while feeling the music. With that being said, I Am Parker still bring witty lyrics and maintains a smooth flow throughout Outie.

10- Want It All 

Bringing Something Different to a conclusion is Want It All, one of my personal favorites on the album from Parker because of the rawness that bleeds through his lyrics and the catchy chorus that captures spirit the song perfectly. His verses could use a little more emotion in a couple of parts of the song, but most people probably wouldn’t notice any difference. The line ending with “lottery” seems to really trip up the flow as it comes out of nowhere in what feels like random fashion. Sometimes I Am Parker has a tendency to use corny similes, not just in Want It All but throughout the album, when he is clearly more lyrically inclined. Despite the nitpicking, Want It All closes Something Different on a strong note, as it solidifies a place among the Featured Tracks.

— Deluxe Edition —

1- Don’t Doubt Me

This is easily one of my top three instrumentals on Something Different. I Am Parker spits solid multiple syllable rhyme schemes while incorporating some wordplay and metaphors throughout his verses. The hook has a really good sound to it, but I feel I Am Parker repeats “Don’t Doubt Me” more than enough. This is not a bad track at all, but when everything is out into perspective, I Am Parker simply put a few too many songs like this on the album. Something Different has too many of the same thing.

2- The Illest feat. $wavey 

The First, and only, track on Something Different that includes a featured artist is The Illest. $waves starts things off with the hook, which is witty, catchy, and sets I Am Parker up for a really dope track if he takes advantage. I Am Parker makes a really good attempt at taking that advantage, but his punch lines seem to fall short and, in comparison with the ability he has displayed so far, his other elements of writing and delivery fall a little short of standing out among the rest of the tracks on Something Different.

3- Only

I Am Parker’s back on the lyrical tip on Only, bringing some really clever lines while some seem to lean more on the ordinary side of things. Meanwhile, his flow and mic presence on Only are just as good, if not better, than any other track that is found on Something Different. Only is also another song where I Am Parker floods the beat with bars on top of bars, never bringing in a chorus of any kind. Out of the 13 tracks on the Deluxe Edition, four of them are straightforward, line after line, bars full of I Am Parker attempting to impress his audience with his lyrical ability. Unfortunately, Only has the same issues as The Illest, and is likely to have listeners feeling slightly cheated after I Am Parker has displayed a high level of lyricism earlier in the album.


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Featured Tracks

Something Different, The Loop, and Want It All.

The Write Up

I Am Parker has a huge upside and showcases an incredible talent during the course of Something Different. In order to reach his full potential, though, he will need to learn and develop in certain areas. Another thing I noticed during the course of the album playing was how many of the beats seemed to have the same type of sound, in a way of speaking, instead of switching it up from time to time. I Am Parker should stay away from similes, as similes well never be well received in terms of punch lines the way that metaphors are. Getting “cheese like Kraft” is honestly something an elementary school child would find clever, not your average hip hop fan. Something Different is a good first album that benefits the audience and I Am Parker alike; while he can use it as a tool for learning and growing, the audience gets to listen to his skills and learn that this man could have a very bright future in the world of hip hop.

Star Status

★★ .5

(2.5 out of 5 stars)

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