An Untitled EP

Untitled EP

Untitled EP cover art
Untitled EP cover art

An album by Little Smooth & Sticky

Review presented by Warren Peace

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The Intro

The Write Reviews and Little Smooth bumped into one another a little while back, resulting in Little Smooth getting the “Untitled EP” put on the list of albums to be reviewed. Before this album came up for a breakdown though, Little Smooth took some time out to discuss his background and more about the “Untitled EP” in an interview that was posted on the site. The Write Reviews finally has the opportunity to dissect and pick apart the creation of Little Smooth and fellow Kiosk Ent. artist Sticky. Will the five tracks on this album show promise for their future in hip hop, or should they have just left the microphone alone? It’s time to find out the answer to that question…


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The Album

1- Welcome II Tha Island

The opening instrumental has a relaxed and chill vibe with some guitar flavor added to the mix. Little Smooth is the first emcee on the track, bringing plenty of confidence with a steady flow of lyrics. Little Smooth’s content stays on course with the topic, but there aren’t any lines that stick out and beg for attention, in my opinion. Sticky has the microphone next, also delivering a confident verse with topic-related content that runs across the beat in a similar fashion to Little Smooth. I didn’t really like the reverb though; it seemed to make some of his words hard to understand when he picked the pace of his flow up to a double-time rate. Welcome II Tha Island does put things in perspective in relation to what else we will hear on the album, but I feel the opening track could have been more attention-grabbing lyrically and the engineering on this one might cause people to shy away from the music.

2- Bar Nunn

The beat for Bar Nunn also has a slow feel to the rhythm, creating a good transition from Welcome II Tha Island. Sticky is without Little Smooth on this the instrumental. He maintains his fluid flow, although I noticed a couple of his multiple syllable rhyme schemes weren’t matched up very well. Also, a good rule of thumb when it comes to lyrical elements is a simile will always be regarded as weaker in comparison to an actual metaphor. That being said, Sticky throws a little wordplay in to keep things entertaining and shows no sign of being bashful behind the microphone. On the final verse, his presence is not to be questioned, but his usage of medulla oblongata is. More or less, Sticky throws down self-hype lyrics that could be a little more lyrical, but gets props in every other way an emcee can be graded.

3- Dirty Money vs. Errybody

I really like the hook for this track. The vocal volume could probably be boosted a bit, but the lyrical content, emotion behind the words, and the delivery of the hook are right on time with the bounce in the beat. Definitely making things interesting, Little Smooth and Sticky decide to spit their lyrics in Redman and Method Man fashion, back and forth instead of taking a solo verse apiece. The flow is as crisp as ever for each emcee, and the transitions are surprisingly smooth between both artists. Returning to the simile statement previously made, there is a line on Dirty Money Vs. Errybody that makes reference to being “twisted like a dread”. Unfortunately, this line has been used in several hip hop songs, but fortunately it will help out with the simile-metaphor point I made earlier. I’m making up these lyrics on the spot, by the way. “Bullets WEAVE through traffic and deliver head shots/ You got me TWISTED in this (w)RAP shit… DREADLOCK”. Okay, that might be a little Drake-esque but you get the idea (I threw a little wordplay in for fun.) It always seems listeners will be more locked into the song, and more likely to replay songs, with metaphors than with similes. Anyhow, I feel like the tracks are getting better and better as the album continues spilling through the speakers.

4- Twist One Up

Little Smooth rides solo on Twist One Up, which is likely to find people moving with the bounce-along beat that has an assortment of sounds to keep things interesting. Little Smooth also ups the ante by providing a very catchy hook that I found myself repeating in my head after I had finished listening to the album. Little Smooth continues his confident stance on the other side of the microphone, his well polished flow, and keeps his content orientated around the topic at hand. Twice during the track Little Smooth can be heard picking the pace up to double-time standards. Not only does Little Smooth throw some wordplay in to get his audience thinking, he also puts together some great rhyme schemes. I said before the tracks just keep getting better, and this proved my statement to be true. Twist One Up, welcome to the Featured Tracks list.

5- Right Now

Right Now concludes the album with an upbeat instrumental, nearly the complete opposite of how the beat felt on Welcome II Tha Island, and another hook that will swim around in your head all day. The volume could maybe be raised, and more emotion thrown into the delivery, but those are only minor adjustments that could help bring the hook to life a little more. Sticky takes the microphone first and stays on topic while practically giving his audience the feeling of hearing him on stage live due to his confidence and delivery that shines through the speakers as the song plays. Not too lyrical on this one, Little Smoothstill stays on topic well and will not hear too many others complain at all with his performance. Little Smooth seems to have a little more of a unique sound to his voice here, and I like it. It would not only be easier to recognize who was on the microphone in the future, but it is always gold to have a voice that stands out in a crowd when it comes to collaborations or cyphers that Little Smooth could be a part of down the road. Top that off with another well-timed flow and content that remains focused on the subject, and you’ve got your second Featured Track of the album!


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Featured Tracks

Twist One Up and Right Now

The Write Up

Honestly, I was pretty impressed with this five song EP. Other than adding some lyrical elements and making some minor adjustments on the engineering side of things, Little Smooth and Sticky delivered a damn good group of songs. They proved the ability to get people moving to the music, stick to the subject matter, pick solid instrumentals, flow freely with their lyrics in a way that coincides with the music, and show no fear of being behind a microphone. Nearly every hook was easily absorbed by the ears of listeners and even easier to follow along with, leaving lyrics stuck in their audience’s heads well after the album was over. On the downside, there are only five tracks on the album, and their subject material is not anything new in the world of hip hop. Little Smooth and Sticky’s vocals sound extremely close, almost to the point of confusing, and the volume levels differ from track to track. Both emcees could stand to add more lyrical elements to their verses, especially with tracks such as the ones on the “Untitled EP”. I do know The Write Reviews will be watching for more albums from Little Smooth and Sticky in the future, and hopefully you will see a review of those albums on this site when the time comes. Proven potential is present here, and probably progressing for years to come.

Star Status

🌟 🌟 .5

(2.5 out of 5 stars)

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