Who Da Fuk Is Grady?

Who Da Fuk Is Grady?

Who Da Fuck Is Grady? cover art

An album by Grady

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The Intro

With less than four hours of driving on the road between us, it was only a matter of time before The Write Reviews captured Grady on the radar or Grady came across The Write Reviews’ website. As luck would have it, both happened around the same time. Both parties were interested quickly as well, with Grady wanting to have a review posted on the site and The Write Reviews wanting to find out what this local talent is made of. Grady’s debut album, appropriately titled “Who Da Fuk Is Grady?”, is here to make a statement and let everyone know Grady isn’t just another shallow rapper. The Write Reviews provides the breakdown to find out just how true that is…


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The Album

1- Sheep

The album starts off with an easygoing instrumental that includes some piano then suddenly switches up the pace and smashers through the speakers with eagerness to reach the audience. I would like if Grady’s vocals were a little louder over the beat. He displays a great flow on the opening track and lyrics with substance and a good message behind them. Grady brings great metaphors throughout the track. In place of a typical hook, Grady repeats a line a few times sparingly, allowing the beat to play without words for the most part. I really enjoy Sheep as an opening song for the album, and really feel it helps Grady make a statement right out of the gate. “Sheep” definitely has a place among the Featured Tracks for Who Da Fuk Is Grady?

2- The Come Up feat. Tinimane

“The Come Up” features a more relaxed beat and emcee Tinimane on the track. Tinimane establishes himself quickly, contributing nice punchlines, a smooth flow, solid presence on the microphone, and drops some metaphors along the way. Tinimane has a great first verse. Coming onto the track second, Grady picks up where Tinimane left off while throwing some real-to-life lyrics into the mix. Grady’s punchlines and metaphors fall in time with the instrumental really well. “The Come Up” might not have a traditional chorus, but that does not take away from the impact this song brings to the audience. Who Da Fuk Is Grady? adds another one to its list of Featured Tracks.

3- Sauce

Opening with a recording a cousin and a friend after having a few drinks, this track begins with a beat that puts off a chill vibe. I like the horn featured on the instrumental as well. Again, I feel like Grady’s vocals could benefit from being raised a little in volume. Grady distributes real life issues blended with metaphors in his lines. For the third consecutive track, there isn’t a true chorus or hook. The term “marinade” is repeated a few times, referencing the title of the song. “Sauce” may not be included with the Featured Tracks, but is a welcomed addition to the album nonetheless.

4- Golden

With a slow beginning to an instrumental that does not take long to pick up pace and volume, “Golden” has its turn to make an impression on Grady’s audience. The first song on the album with a hook, “Golden” includes a catchy, well written chorus that will stick with listeners. With a somewhat storytelling approach, Grady delivers an uplifting message while tying in some metaphors and maintaining a good flow with his lyrics that matches up with the beat. Ending the track with a repeat of the hook and an almost chaotic yet fitting mix of his vocals, Grady has no problem adding another filled slot for the Featured Tracks of Who Da Fuk Is Grady?

5- Retro

Sending a mellow instrumental with an easy rhythm and vibe to move with, “Retro” is one of the strongest songs so far on the album. Grady showcases a strong flow, implementing some multiple syllable rhyme schemes, and a great usage of metaphors throughout the track. He evens mixes a few punchlines into the fray as he gives the audience another message that is real and true. Speaking of truth, the hook combines that with well written lyrics and a switch up sound that will be sure to keep listeners entertained. “Retro” closes out with a repeat of the chorus, and by adding to the list of Featured Tracks.

6- Cliche Stripper Song

Some conversation, which is a little one-sided, with a woman who has chosen to work as a stripper opens up “Cliche Stripper Song” rather well, putting the direction of the song into focus. This instrumental follows a slower pace than most of the previous beats. Grady comes through the speakers with another good, down-to-earth message. The addition of well scripted imagery tied into a nice delivery and flow makes it easy for listeners to capture the picture Grady paints in “Cliche Stripper Song”. This might not be one of the hardest tracks on the album, in my opinion, but it is a good change up for the audience and brings another layer to Who Da Fuk Is Grady?

7- Anita

“Anita” starts with a skit where a man speaks about a chick his friend was dating, and tries to provide comedic relief when he tells of the woman cheating on his now brokenhearted friend. The instrumental kicks in with a pleasant vibe that utilizes a medium tempo. Grady uses a storytelling approach through most of this track. The hook for “Anita” is one of my favorites on the album up to this point. It is well written and will likely stick with listeners. Grady does not deliver his strongest rhyme schemes here, sometimes seeming to be a bit all over the place in that department. There is some good imagery and thought-provoking lines included, but overall I feel “Anita” will not connect with his audience the way Grady hopes it will.

8- Hey Girl

This song takes nearly a full minute to finally get going, but the time allows listeners to fall into the beat, and when Grady does get things started on “Hey Girl”, he brings another unexpectedly solid track. Laced with metaphors, lyrics that will make your mind crank its gears, a few punchlines, and wordplay, Grady’s lines are on point and make a statement as an artist for him. The hook ties into the dubbed lyrics that are mixed with the music, which is something I am usually not a fan of at all, but Grady does a great job making it work and all come together the way it should. There a quite a few areas of discussion touched on “Hey Girl”, scattered thoughts to an extent, yet all very relatable to the audience and find a common ground to mesh together on this song. I’ve been up in the air on this one, ultimately deciding the Featured Tracks for Who Da Fuk Is Grady? needs to have “Hey Girl” in its ranks.

9- All Adds Up

The music for “All Adds Up” has a good, positive feel for me. Grady uses the instrumental as a canvas for self-reflection. Tying in a little wordplay, he dives into some personal issues as the song progresses. The chorus brings everything together in a sense, while finding a way to resonate with the audience. In the middle of the song, Grady randomly takes a break from spitting lyrics, which feels kind of out of place to me. Who Da Fuk Is Grady? definitely gained more of a bond with the audience through the personal situations and feelings Grady brought through his words, but could have been a stronger track in my opinion.

10- Make Me Cry

Featuring one of the slowest tempos on the album, the music for “Make Me Cry” has a woman’s voice tied into the beat. I believe it is likely that will grow annoying to some listeners. With the opening verse, Grady continues in his personal affairs by filling the lines with a letter to his father. Somehow he still manages to pitch in some wordplay while using metaphors and in your face lyrics nearly simultaneously. The closing verse focuses on fake friends, creating a feeling that Grady backed off of the truly personal material for more of a vague approach. I really like how Grady is implementing more personal stuff into the album, but I felt “Make Me Cry” should have maintained the openness created with the first verse. Even still, this is a solid addition to this track list.

11- Under The Sun

All I should have to say about “Under The Sun” is this- Grady chose a fantastic song to close his album out. Wordplay, punchlines, metaphors, and one of the strongest flows he has displayed on the album build a presence for Grady that shouldn’t be ignored. An eye-opening, well put together hook rides the instrumental’s jazzed up flavor perfectly. Throw in relatable lyrics about real life issues and, from start to end, you have one of the hardest, best developed songs of Who Da Fuk Is Grady? What better way to bring the album to a conclusion than by extending the Featured Tracks list by one more.


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Featured Tracks

Sheep, The Come Up feat. Tinimane, Golden, Retro, Hey Girl, and Under The Sun

The Write Up

At first listen, many people might overlook Grady and the talent coupled with depth shared throughout this album. Grady doesn’t exactly have the sound you might hear on the radio right now or a vocal delivery that distinctly stands out to listeners immediately, but anyone who takes a moment to truly hear this album will not only be pleasantly surprised, they will witness a diamond in the rough. Rough in this case would refer to ‘around the edges’ for Grady, as there are some technical aspects he can improve upon. His instrumental choice could be a little more diverse, I feel, and the ‘winding down’ of the beats almost became expected with each track. Lyrically, Grady is not only on point but has insight and is witty with his words. Sometimes he can give an audience the feeling that he is scatter brained or has difficulty staying with a direct topic. I would agree, except the more I listened, the more I realized Grady has a lot of stuff he wants to say and convey to anyone paying attention. If channeled right, this quality will help him to bring fresh material continuously. If it isn’t, Grady could possibly lose listeners with his message and train of thought, and ultimately he would simply lose listeners. I feel Grady has a tremendous amount of upside, an entertaining flow, and an impressive way with words. The Write Reviews will be watching for Grady’s next album to drop with an intriguing curiosity for what he will bring to the table.

Star Status


(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Grady was selected to be one of our Featured Emcees!

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