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Cheat Codes


An album by Clear Soul Forces

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The Intro

After starting The Write Reviews, I had asked the social media world if there were any artists who would like an album reviewed or if anyone knew an artist that would like an album reviewed. Of course, I was flooded with responses and began compiling all of these albums on what is now known as the Review List. Somewhere in the shuffle, Clear Soul Forces’ latest EP (at the time) “Cheat Codes” was suggested by another artist who has had a breakdown posted at The Write Reviews- Ed Words. To give you an idea of how long the Review List is, I have finally reached the “Cheat Codes” EP about seven or eight months after adding it to the list. This is one of the albums I have been looking forward to examining, due to the number of times I have heard or seen Clear Soul Forces mentioned while it made its way up the Review List. Finally the day is here, and I’m going to find out what “Cheat Codes” is all about.


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The Album

1- Smash Bros.

Before I begin, I would like to apologize to Clear Soul Forces for not knowing who they are individually. I like to refer to artists by name, but have not had the time to learn each member’s name of Clear Soul Force to pair with a voice. That being said, I really like how “Smash Bros.” begins with the Nintendo introduction. It’s definitely an attention grabbing way to start the EP. The instrumental has a lot to it. Geared around video game sounds, there’s also some switching up to the beat’s pattern to keep things interesting. The first emcee to get on the track does not hold back from using a plethora of video game references mixed into his wordplay and punchlines while spitting multiple syllable rhymes that develop a smooth flow. The second to grab the mic blends metaphors, wordplay, and punches as he rides with the beat. There’s no hook for “Smash Bros.”, just a brief period where the music plays without lyrics being laced. That doesn’t last for long though, as the third artist also spins lyrical lines, combining punches and wordplay while maintaining a timely flow. The last emcee on the track showcases a little more of an impressive flow of words as he also implements wordplay and punchlines in his bars. This is a fantastic opening track, with my only complaint being how quickly the song came to a conclusion. Regardless of the track’s length, “Smash Bros.” starts this EP off with a Featured Track.

2- Digi Dash

This beat is banging; almost forcing listeners to move along with the rhythm. The first man behind the mic vibes with that rhythm and delivers a slippery flow of words as he develops great imagery and a good message into his verse. The hook here is very catchy and entertaining, which is all you can ask for in a hook. The second emcee, and last on the track, brings a slick flow as well while involving wordplay and metaphors into his bars. “Digi Dash” closes by letting the beat ride out, and by becoming the second Featured Track of “Cheat Codes”.

3- Claire

Starting things off, some singing comes through the speakers with an instrumental that has a feel good vibe to it. Don’t get used to it though, as the music switches up with higher intensity as the first verse drops. In that first verse, the audience gets to hear a crazy but timely flow of lyrics that incorporate punchlines and wordplay. When the hook comes over the beat, you know it’s going to stay with you after the song is finished and will make you want to vibe harder with the beat than you already will be. The second emcee lets his flow carry metaphors, wordplay, and imagery to the audience with ease. Between the second and third verse, there seems to be an alternate hook to keep things fresh and entertaining. The last emcee brings a flow like water, and is not about to let the album close out without using imagery and some thought-provoking lyrics resonate with the audience. This is another great track, easily giving “Cheat Codes” its third Featured Track in as many songs.


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Featured Tracks

Smash Bros., Digi Dash, and Claire

The Write Up

I can easily admit that “Cheat Codes” is a three song EP that will leave listeners wanting more. The emcees of Clear Soul Forces are all talented on an individual level, and seem to push each other on every track. The music is fresh, the lyrics have substance, and everyone had a solid microphone presence with their delivery. The problem with an album like this and only having three tracks is this- Without a specific target topic for the album, it means these guys could’ve handpicked three tracks out of an unknown number of songs and combined them to form a high level EP. I’m not saying they did, but if I were to handpick three tracks out of any experienced emcee’s catalog then I would have three Featured Tracks on that EP as well. I am sure everyone in Clear Soul Forces understands what I mean, and why it is a valid reason this EP cannot receive a classic rating. That being said though, Clear Soul Forces has just acquired another fan and I will definitely be watching for more albums to drop out of their camp. 

Star Status


(4 out of 5 stars)

Clear Soul Forces was selected to be the Artist of the Month!

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