HI 2 Da World

HI 2 Da World


An album by Tre Tru

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The Intro

Tre Tru is an emcee out of Hawaii that I have been familiar with for several years. The first time I came across Tre Tru’s name, it was attached to the title of Audio Champion for the now-extinct Illest Lyrics website. Since then, I have kept up with Tre Tru’s progress and work, finding that Tre Tru has a great ability to maintain entertaining content while choosing fantastic instrumentals to spit his lyrics over. His “Hi 2 Da World” album is his most recently released (although his “Island Mojo” album will be released soon), and I have the opportunity to break down this collection of 19 tracks while introducing you to the emcee known as Tre Tru.


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The Album

1- Intro (Baby Tyhrie)

This is a very fresh introduction for a hip hop album, and definitely an intro that should grab everyone’s attention while it tugs at your sensitive side. One of the more creative introductions I have ever encountered on an album.

2- Dragon’s Lair

The first actual track of the album consists of Tre Tru shredding through bar after bar without breaking for a hook. His lines mix wordplay with punchlines and he displays a solid flow and microphone presence right out of the gate. The beat has some bounce to it, which should not be a problem for anyone to enjoy. This is a good way for Tre Tru to introduce his abilities as an emcee for the audience to begin the album, even though he seems to lose a little steam toward the end of the track.

3- Hi Again feat. Petrafyne

“Hi Again” features an intense instrumental that is able to carry over the bounce appeal for the listeners. Tre Tru has the first verse and incorporates wordplay as he mildly swings some punchlines. The chorus, which opens up the song, is laid back and free flowing in a complimentary manner to the music. Petrafyne does not have the same microphone presence as Tre Tru and it is noticeable early in his verse. His lyrics are on topic, but there are not any stand out, creative bars that reach the audience. The hook returns to close out the track.

4- Hi Way feat. Petrafyne and Mr. Tek

This instrumental may be my favorite of the entire album when everything is all said and done. It hits hard and the vibe makes me want to grab a microphone. Tre Tru delivers an infectious flow on this track, however he opts out of the lyrical approach he has brought in the previous tracks for more matter-of-fact bars here. The hook here has a bit of a similar feel as the chorus for “Hi Again” does but with more feeling, which will draw the attention of listeners. Petrafyne does well to stay on topic. He does not have any truly quotable lines though and his mic presence is still lacking, even though he seemed more comfortable and his flow seemed smoother this time. I feel if he could’ve pushed the lyrics through the speakers with a confident/nearly cocky demeanor, the effect on the audience would be much different. Mr. Tek switches up his rhyme patterns to give a higher entertainment level to the last verse. I have to ask though- when will emcees stop comparing their ‘hard bars’ to prison? Anyone who is a true hip hop fan has heard this line from too many emcees to try to name. I’m not picking on you, Mr. Tek. I just want to point out that this is what I have been referring to as not having stand out lines; lines that are too common or seem to be rhyming for the sake of rhyming. I enjoy Mr. Tek’s style on the track, and he does spit some clever lines. This is the best example I can possibly use to explain what I mean, so again, it isn’t an attack on Tek’s verse. “Hi Way” is a fun song, and overall, I’m liking what the album has going for it so far. This track will be found among the Featured Tracks for “HI 2 Da World”.

5- So Hard feat. Chill Scrill and Dub Sesh

“So Hard” features a beat that will instantly get heads nodding. Tre Tru comes in on the first verse and he brings back his lyrical edge, pushing his wordplay and punchlines through the speakers. “So Hard” allows the music to carry the chorus section of the track, breaking up the pace and the typical song structure we generally hear. Chill Scrill brings a little bit of wordplay during his verse, which stays on topic but also has choppy areas to the flow and his punchlines don’t connect as hard as they could. Dub Sesh dabbles in some wordplay as well. His punchlines hit the mark more often than not and his rhyme schemes keep things entertaining. Dub Sesh’s vocals seemed like they could have been a little louder to bring his voice through a little clearer, in my opinion. Regardless, “So Hard” is going to end up being one of my favorites of the album. Needless to say, it will be found among the album’s Featured Tracks.

6- Look Of It feat. Mogabi and Chill Scrill

I know this type of Willy Wonka influenced instrumental has been done before, but I enjoy how the music comes together on “Look Of It”. Tre Tru’s punchlines and wordplay shine through his smooth flow. Mogabi does not have any bars that highlight his verse, but his delivery and timing are on point. Chill Scrill is featured for the second time so far on the album, and he raises the level way above the bar he set on “So Hard” by incorporating punchlines into drifting rhyme schemes and showcasing a stronger presence behind the microphone. “Look Of It” is another track I will definitely be adding to my regular rotation, as well as the Featured Tracks list.

7- Let Em Know feat. Dyscreet

“Let Em Know” puts on another beat with bump, but also adds a touch of intensity to the mix. Once again, Tre Tru is the voice behind the opening verse. His bars are released with wordplay and punches as he continues to show the ability to maintain a smooth flow. The hook has a delivery that is the opposite of the intensity felt in the instrumental, yet I believe it will find its way to stick in the minds of listeners. Dyscreet dives into clever flow schemes to his rhymes while bringing some punchlines of his own. Overall, I feel Dyscreet has one of the best featured artist verses on “HI 2 Da World”, which assures the song a Featured Track slot.

8- Some Of Us Kids feat. Lady Bee and Chill Scrill

I like the feeling behind the beat, which has a different sound than anything on the album so far. Men and women will find themselves singing along to the chorus. Tre Tru has one of his more interesting verses here, simply because he delivers punchlines with an almost nonchalant attitude. Oh yeah, he didn’t forget to play with his words, either. The blending of bars and rhythm that leads into Lady Bee’s bars is a clever way of keeping the entertainment going and the interest level high. Lady Bee shows off a solid microphone presence and strong flow. Her additonal vocals blended into the chorus are really well done as well. Chill Scrill is last up to bat, stacking bars with a timely flow. Unfortunately, his vocals being unaligned effectively took away his clarity in several areas, and that could lose the attention of an audience in a short amount of time.

9- Feet On The Ground

A relaxed beat that follows the lead provided by “Some Of Us Kids” and adds a new sound yet to be heard on the album. The hook opens the track and the rhythm of the lyrics fits well with the beat. Tre Tru comes through with a solo song that definitely has enough appeal to be very popular with listeners. Sticking to the topic and still managing to incorporate some wordplay in nearly all of the songs on the first half of this album is a testament to Tre Tru’s desire to consistently handle clever bars. The track comes to an end after a return of the chorus. “Feet On The Ground” barely gets it, but gets it regardless. And do you know what ‘it’ is? A place among the Featured Tracks.

10- So Faded

Another solo performance by Tre Tru, “So Faded” uses a slower style beat with a bounce to it that I really enjoy. Tre leaves his usual lyrical approach out of this one, deciding to deliver straightforward bars in both verses while timing them to the rhythm of the instrumental. The hook matches up very well with the music, has a clean sound to the vocals, and is well-written.  In the second verse, Tre Tru develops the track further by painting a more crisp, vivid picture with his words.

11- Circle The Sun feat. Petrafyne

“Circle The Sun” gives a positive vibe infused into a beat with a chill feel. I like the message behind the words of the hook, but feels like it is missing something. Perhaps some background vocals from a female, or something of that sort. Tre Tru’s slippery flow is somehow able to keep his lyrics stuck to the topic brought by the hook, but stays in the vague lane. Petrafyne kind of focuses on the main idea of the song and kind of focuses on getting high. He brought a decent presence with a smooth flow, finally giving the audience more bravado and confidence than in any of the previous tracks he has been featured on.

12- Rough Rider feat. Petrafyne and Syke 1

The music for “Rough Rider” has noticeable dance appeal. I like how the hook has a different sound and vibe to it than any previous songs. Tre Tru continues embedding wordplay within his clever lyrics. His verse supports the hook nicely. Petrafyne has a flow that rolls with the music, stays on topic, and might not be too lyrical but does include some great imagery. Syke 1 contributes on the intro, does the bridge on the track, and has some bars to give the audience a taste of the flow and rhyme schemes that he works over the beat really well.

13- Hit It Gone feat. Yung Teck

Giving the audience back to back instrumentals that tug at people to go to the club was a very good decision as “Hit It Gone” seems to pick up right where “Rough Rider” left off. The hook here is extremely catchy, entertaining, and fun. Yung Teck spills some really funny lines while spitting in a cadence that moves with the music. I feel I should point out how much I feel like repeating lines are a comllete waste of opportunity to add more creativity, though. Tre Tru throws punchlines throughout his verse, upping his comedic level to reach Yung Teck’s, and dabbles in the wordplay. The bounce in Tre’s flow is definitely apparent. “Hit It Gone” goes out with a return of the chorus. “Hit It Gone” knocks it out of the park, and into the Featured Tracks.


I have heard several types of twists on Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” track, and I will admit that this is one of the better versions. With a short, fitting intro to start the track, Tre Tru dives right into a stretch of bars packing plenty of punchlines, waves of wordplay, and raw lyricism. Tre Tru takes advantage of the situation by using a squad of puns and wordplay that tie into being ‘sick’, ‘ill’, etc. This is a nice additoon to the album and comes at a good time to stir things up a bit.

15- Get Over It

One of my favorite tracks on “HI 2 Da World” overall, “Get Over It” pushes a beat to get everyone bouncing through the speakers. The hook is somehow able to bring the music to life even more. Tre Tru is not quite as lyrical as he is on “EBOLA” (bar for bar), but still incorporates several plays on words, punches, and solid rhyme schemes throughout the content of the verses. This one hits the Featured Tracks list.

16- First Rule feat. Petrafyne

This instrumental slows down the temp of the album. The hook opens everything up, but I feel the vocals just don’t seem to be as connected emotionally as they could be. Both emcees add another angle for the album though, by simply using this song as a platform for storytelling and describing situations regarding the main idea of the track.

17- Cold As Ice feat. Evolusean

I really like the sample used and the combination is has with the music. Tre Tru flips another lyrical verse, slightly on the lighter side than usual, as he distributes his words with well put together rhyme schemes. The sample is allowed to be more than just part of the music as it feels the need for a hook rather nicely. Evolusean delivers a couple funny lines and not-so-powerful punches. His flow increases and decreases speed very unexpectedly, throwing his timing off in a few small areas.

18- The Arrival feat. Young TK

“The Arrival” has an enjoyable relaxing feel and smoothness to its music. Young TK implements good rhyme schemes that he spits in an entertaining fashion. Nothing too lyrical or clever, yet fitting for the track itself. Tre Tru gets right into it. He shreads through bars with wordplay and punches. The hook has a way to attract the attention of an audience and fits the instrumental very well. “The Arrival” increases the album’s total number of Featured Tracks just before reaching the end of “HI 2 Da World”.

19- Outro

Album closes with an easygoing and relaxed instrumental. The final chorus is a catchy one. Tre Tru has a lyrical edge but also finds a way to come from the heart to connect with the listeners. A really good track to conclude the album and leave another impression upon the audience before everyone parts ways.


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Featured Tracks

Hi Way, So Hard, Look Of It, Let Em Know, Feet On The Ground, Hit It Gone, Get Over It, and The Arrival.

The Write Up

Tre Tru does an amazing job on “HI 2 Da World” in the grand scheme of things. He was able to make subtle changes with his lyrical content that wouldn’t be so noticeable it would distract from the music, yet would be able to keep the entertainment level up. Cutting to the chase, more than half of the featured verses from other emcees could be considered mediocre at best. This seemed to hold Tre Tru back because he would build and work a track to raise it then attention spans get shortened for various reasons. Everyone knows how important the little things can be! I have to say I like the combination of the instrumentals and how they almost seemed to work with each other. In “HI 2 Da World”, Tre Tru shows me how he is pushing himself to be consistent, clever, entertaining, and captivating. He has raised his personal bar pretty high with this one, and you can bet I will be giving the new Tre Tru album “Island Mojo” a listen with undivided attention in the near future!

Star Status


(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Tre Tru was selected for the Artist of the Month!

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