Spontaneous Inspiration

Spontaneous Inspiration


An album by Chi-Money

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The Intro

Residing in Tennessee, Chi Money has been working diligently over the last year or so (that I know of) to improve his skills as an emcee. He must be on the right path because, just a few weeks ago, Chi Money was accepted as one of only a couple artists to join the online supergroup The Fraternity. The Fraternity has high standards; not only for their artists and music, but for the character and integrity of their members outside of music. Finally making its way to the top of the review list, Chi Money’s “Spontaneous Inspiration” is a seven song album which has received many good remarks and a lot of positive feedback from what I have seen on social media. Good remarks and positive feedback on social media doesn’t really hold any weight with me though, as I have witnessed the same types of responses given for songs or albums that weren’t good at all. Will “Spontaneous Inspiration” prove it is worthy of the positive feedback and compliments received through social media, or will a track by track breakdown decide Chi Money has been misled and needs to put a lot more work into his craft? Let’s find out. After all, that’s what we are here for…


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The Album

1- Expectations

The furst instrumental of the album will not have any problem getting people to nod with the music and is one of those instrumentals that could be used for just about any type of song. Chi Money opens the track with a hook that’s a little too loaded with words to be catchy, but it puts the song in perspective and has a good message behind it. Through both verses, Chi Money delivers a smooth flow and a strong presence behind the microphone. Although he doesn’t attack the track in a lyrical manner, Chi Money does keep things entertaining with his extensive vocabulary and by changing his rhyme schemes from time to time, making sure to stay away from typical, predictable lines. “Expectations” is a solid track to open the album. Chi Money gives the audience a taste of his abilities in an entertaining manner. I felt he could’ve easily tied in some wordplay, but honestly the only thing stopping this from being a Featured Track is the likelihood that this song will not resonate with listeners after it’s over. Simplifying the hook woud have solved this without question.

2- Destiny Without Fate

I enjoy the pace to this beat. The hook for “Destiny Without Fate” is also a little wordy, but is presented in a manner that is more catchy. Chi Money alters his style if delivery to show versatility, which isn’t something many artists do. He brings some great metaphors in his verses while tying in a thought-provoking message. Calling out wannabes and fakes, Chi Money switches up his rhyme structure smoothly and adds more depth to his verses by doing so. “Spontaneous Inspiration” brings its first Featured Track to the table, and we’re just getting started.

3- Repercussions

The music for this track is not the typical sound you hear in hip hop, which can be a good thing because of branching out and giving the people something fresh, but I honestly am not a huge fan of this beat. Chi Money goes into the track by attacking rappers in general with a lyrical edge that includes wordplay, metaphors, and punchlines that truly only connect about half the time. The hook for “Repercussions” isn’t going to just stick with the audience, but it also fits the track and rolls right along with the music. In the second verse, his punches connect more consistently and his rhyme patterns fluctuate without an issue. “Repercussions” barely misses the cut for the Featured Track list but is still a strong additonal to the album.

4- Nothing To Lose

I am really feeling this beat. I feel like this is something Warren G and Nate Dogg would have loved to collaborate on. Chi Money kicks this first verse in the direction of the ladies, mixing wordplay and metaphors with point-blank, straightforward lines to make sure something get through to everyone. Chi Money seems to be stuck in a cycle when it comes to the hooks on “Spontaneous Inspiration”, as the audience is given another rather wordy hook. This time it is well-written and puts the track into perspective perfectly and Chi Money has enough enotion behind the lyrics that it could catch on with listeners. The second verse is dealt out for other rappers with consistent punchlines that hit, wordplay, an obvious confidence behind the microphone, and a flow that stays right on time with the music. “Nothing To Lose” edges its way onto the Featured Tracks list.

5- Way I Was Raised

Once I heard the instrumental for “Way I Was Raised”, immediately I thought of Shaft. It just seems to be fitting for the opening segment of a Shaft movie to me, and it has great rhythm and vibe as well. The hook comes through the speakers first. While it sets the stage for the rest of the track, it isnt as catchy as it could be. In the first verse, Chi Money mentions being supportive of his friends and not leaving the people that matter to him behind if he ever becomes successful. Incorporating many different rhyme schemes and managing some wordplay, Chi Money maintains a very accurate flow with his words. When he comes through for the second verse, Chi-Money uses a very well rounded vocabulary as he combines his plays on words with real to life lyrics. “Way I Was Raised” is a testament to Chi Money’s writing capabilities, and a solid addition to “Spontaneous Inspiration”.

6- Unforgivable

With an almost horror movie kind of vibe, “Unforgivable” has a completely different sound than any of the previous songs. Not to mention, it seems to me like it isn’t geared for the flow of a rapper. Chi Money obviously feels like it is, and handles his flow of words well in the first verse. As he has done with earlier tracks on the album, Chi Money blends metaphors with in-you-face lines about real life stuff. “Unforgivable” has a hook that is likely to get stuck in your head, thankfully, and has a really dark essence about it. In the last verse, Chi Money picks everything up where the first verse left off, but the timing of his flow does get thrown off slightly, which would be much more of an issue if he wasn’t able to mask it really well through all of the changes to his rhyme schemes.

7- Contradictions

Closing out the album, “Contradictions” reveals a slower rhythm to its music that has a feeling of strength accompanying it. Entertaining life’s illusions and misleading ways, Chi Money does a terrific job incorporating contradicting statements everyone can relate to while dishing a little wordplay from time to time. Chi Money’s flow is on point and his microphone presence isn’t lacking . Again, the hook is very wordy, but the delivery may help it to carry through the minds of listeners well after the album is over. And with his last verse of “Spontaneous Inspiration”, Chi Money pushes out an impressive use of vocabulary while raising the bar on himself from the first verse with his metaphors and wordplay. The whole idea of the track and the way Chi Money carried that through the speakers to his audience was a great way to end the album- with a creatively centered track. “Spontaneous Inspiration” comes to a conclusion by filling another spot on the list for Featured Tracks.


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Featured Tracks

Destiny Without Fate, Nothing To Lose, and Contradictions.

The Write Up

For the first complete project I have heard from Chi Money, I have to admit I am impressed overall. As an emcee, he proved to be a talented writer many aspects (vocabulary, wordplay, punchlines, rhyme schemes, topical content, metaphors, and more) and to have a confident, strong microphone presence while maintaining a fluent flow to his words. Every song on “Spontaneous Inspiration” only had two verses,which is shorter than the typical three verses. By the end of the album, the format to the tracks began to have a repetitive feel to them because of this. At this point I am sure you know I feel Chi Money needs to work on developing his hooks, which has been said to be one of the most difficult things to get right with hip hop songs by many, many hip hop artists. Other than these few things, I would be interested to see how well Chi Money worked with others in terms of a collaboration ot two. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that Chi Money is only going to improve, and I have a feeling he will improve quickly as a new member of the group of seasoned veterans, The Fraternity. The Write Reviews will be following his progress, and will be waiting to give a breakdown of his next album for everyone.

Star Status


(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Chi Money was selected to be one of our Featured Emcees!

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