Welcome To My Mind EP

Welcome To My Mind EP


An album by Enkay 47

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The Intro

It wasn’t until recently that I found out who Enkay 47 is, and it happened by chance. Usually, I am too busy to scroll through social media feeds or to visit people’s pages. I’m not saying that just to say it, I am literally THAT busy. However, about once a week I’ll have a couple hours to check on artists I’m familiar with and to search for some I may enjoy hearing in the future. The latter practically never happens.

This particular day though, I noticed there was a huge contest hosted by Anno Domini. Curiousity got the best of me, and I followed the lead to Domini’s site. Once I was there I learned the winner of the contest would be anmounced that very day, and within an hour my news feed was filled with shares and comments about the winner of the Anno Domini contest. The artist was young, they were saying. He spit some sick bars, many claimed.

It did not take long for my interest level to force me over to YouTube to check out this young man they referred to as Enkay 47. It did not take long for Enkay 47 to impress the hell out of me.

Now here we are, a few weeks later, and a post from Enkay 47 about an upcoming EP release shows up on my news feed. Wondering what the EP would have in store, I left a comment expressing my interest in doing a review and after a few messages to one another we have come to the climactic moment that will decide if Enkay 47 will quickly make a name for himself in hip hop’s underground, or if the youngsters flame has already fizzled out.


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The Album

1- Intro

The title says it all. Enkay 47 comes through the microphone with a beat playing at a low level in the background. He introduces himself, stakes his claim, and welcomes everyone to his album.

2- Welcome To My Mind

The instrumental from “Intro” carries over onto the title track. The hook booms through the speakers to the audience and is almost immediately trapped in the minds of listeners. Enkay displays an ability to stretch his vocal range really well. Within the first few seconds, Enkay 47 engages the audience with a confident presence behind the mic and a flow as wet as water. Clever lines fills the first verse, even though I wouldn’t consider the first verse as a lyrical one. In the second verse Enkay 47 includes imagery while spitting aggressively, even jumping into a double time delivery without warning before slowing back down just as quickly as he had sped up. Again, Enkay 47 is somehow able to produce a verse with clever lines without getting too lyrical with his bars. Either way, the statement is made in this first track, which gives “Welcome To My Mind” its first Featured Track.

3- They Call Me

The beat has an unusual, whiny, futuristic sound to it during the hook that draws attention away from the words of the chorus. Fortunately the sound doesn’t continue through the verses. Aggressively, Enkay 47 attacks the track with well-timed rhyme schemes, some wordplay, and a couple punches that could connect a little harder. Then comes the second verse, where Enkay 47 somehow brings an even more impressive flow to the track. Metaphors get tied in with a lil wordplay. Lyrically, Enkay 47 steps it up and shows he can get down with these aspects of writing as well. To finish the second song with only two verses in a row, the hook comes back around. “They Call Me” may not have made the Featured Tracks list, but it does solidify its place on the “Welcome To My Mind” album.

4- Can’t Bring Me Down feat. Jessica Paige

I really like the opening for this track, which leads right into Jessica Paige’s beautiful voice kicking everything off with the chorus. She can really stretch her lungs as she sings wonderfully on the hook. I know of three dozen emcees who would love to get on this track, especially when the hook is as perfect as this one is. Enkay 47 understands the situation and moves to deliver. His aggressive flow is apparent off the bat, with a couple metaphors coming through as he questions himself. Within a couple of bars, Enkay 47 is able to completely change the negative mood by emerging from his selfdoubts with rhyme schemes and flow on time with the music. The second verse is where Enkay 47 capitalizes, spitting his lines with more speed and picking up right where the first verse left off. Nearly overconfident, Enkay 47’s prideful mindframe shines through as he incorporates some wordplay into bars filled with positivity and selfhype. “Can’t Bring Me Down” easily slides into the second Featured Track slot.

5- Sinister

This hook may not be a personal favorite, I still have to admit it’s catchy and will probably be well-liked by most. In the first verse, Enkay 47 shows he has no problen maintaining a fluid flow in his lines. He throws some punchlines as well, which connect better than in previous tracks. A little more than necessary bragging tied into clever lines that rhyme exceptionally well sums both verses from Enkay 47 on this track really well, although he also incorporates some wordplay in the second verse, which is the hardest overall verse I’ve heard from Enkay 47 on this album so far. With a better push in the lyrical department, Enkay 47 is able to collect his third Featured Track of the album.

6- Flying Solo

A piano opens this song, bringing a slow style and feel in the beginning but picking up the pace slightly shortly after. I enjoy it. Enkay 47 spits bar after bar aimed at his ex, and quickly leads right into a catchy hook that is very well-written as well as well performed. In the next verse Enkay 47 goes HAM on his ex-chick as he continues to rant with lyrics that are very real to life while raw emotion pours through his words. “Flying Solo” ends in a similar fashion to how it began, with the hook repeating several times before it’s completely over. While I feel this song has many strong aspects about it, I also feel there have been many tracks done very similar to this. With that being said, “Flying Solo” fails to join the Featured Tracks, yet earns its place to be on this album.

7- Come Down To Earth feat. E’ the Rapper

This instumental is easily my favorite of the album. It’s as if the beat can willingly make people nod their heada to the music, and it has this sound to it that reminds me of Tupac’s “Changes”. Enkay 47 enters with an eruption of fantastic rhyme schemes, a great microphone presence, metaphors, and truthful lyrics that are bound to connect with nearly anyone who listens. E’ the Rapper breaks into the track second, and nearly matches everything I just said about Enkay 47’s verse word for word. The hook for this track will suck you in while putting the entire track into perspective. A great collaboration, and another Featured Track to add with the others.

8- The Gift

Here we have an instrumental that slowly starts off but builds into a beat with bounce and a slight feeling of intensity. Enkay 47’s witty and sharp opening lines don’t just create the mood for the track, but they literally build up the entire song. The hook is bound to bounce around the inside of heads for days, and it rolls along with the beat perfectly. Enkay 47 returns to a topic he spoke earlier in the album about, being down and negative on himself before deciding to use it as fuel to fire his drive for success. Metaphors are abundant throughout “The Gift”, while a couple punches are thrown as Enkay 47 rips through the track and into another Featured Track slot.

9- Let The Show Begin

Enkay 47 closes out the EP by saying this isn’t the end of anything, instead it’s the beginning of everything. The beat has plenty to bounce that will force you to move to the music. Enkay 47 brjngs an aggressive approach, confidence behind the mic, metaphors of course, some of the hardest punchlines found on the entire album, a few matter of fact lines that get right in your face, and a lot of raw talent that owns every second of the track. I also like how he concludes “Let The Show Begin”, and how the “Welcome To My Mind” album comes to a conclusion with its final Featured Track of the album.


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Featured Tracks

Welcome To My Mind, Can’t Bring Me Down, Sinister, Come Down To Earth, The Gift, and Let The Show Begin.

The Write Up

There has been a couple albums to really impress me over the course of the first year for The Write Reviews, and “Welcome To My Mind” is one of them without a doubt. Enkay 47 has everything a great emcee needs, except the slight inconsistencies involving the lyrical aspects of a seasoned writer. If you want to know the truth though, I am willing to bet all of us see a substantial improvement in that regard when he drops his next album. For an EP and introductory album, there is not much more you could ask for from the young emcee. I am sure he will appreciate the reminder that being a lyrical leviathan won’t get a classic status strapped to an album either. In order to make that achievement happen, Enkay 47 will also need to bring a track that is truly groundbreaking to hip hop. Add those elements while maintaining what is displayed on “Welcome To My Mind” and Enkay 47 will find himself in plenty of talks concerning classic underground hip hop albums. I’ll be keeping an eye on this young man’s development as an artist.

Star Status


(4 out of 5 stars)

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