Freshman Year

Freshman Year


An album by Physicz

Review presented by Warren Peace

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The Intro

I know I have began previous reviews with a similar introduction, but being as how this is the way things came to be, I feel it’s fitting to let everyone know how I connected with each artist that has a review posted at The Write Reviews. When it comes to Physicz, I remember exactly how we crossed paths. In my mind, it was the most professional way I had been approached by an artist for the first six months The Write Reviews was online. Through a Facebook post that Physicz and I had commented on, Physicz learned about what I do and The Write Reviews. He messaged me directly, asking about getting a review on Freshman Year and had the album put on the “free” review list as a result. This was around the end of the summer/beginning of fall in 2015. Physicz understood and respected the way I handle the process of completing reviews of the albums on the list as well as the manner in which albums are placed on the list. I believe Physicz has asked about the progress of his placement on the list once in that time period, a span of anywhere from six to eight months. Since then, one of two things happened: Physicz took me as a man of my word and believed he would get his album reviewed when Freshman Year reached the top of the list or Physicz felt his album would never make it to the top and completely forgot about it altogether. I would like to give Physicz the benefit of the doubt, and for being patient during this process, I would like to provide Physicz with a promotional package provided by The Write Reviews. Physicz, just contact me personally or through The Write Reviews’ Facebook page to receive your package.

Now, let’s break down Freshman Year…


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The Album

1- Introduction

Physicz presents the audience with a creative and original introduction to Freshman Year. Physicz gets called to the principal’s office to speak to Mr. Industry, who is following up with Physicz about expectations. The writing for the intro could use a little work, as it would seem like Physicz gets sent to the principal’s office a lot for a freshman starting in high school, or this is Physicz’s second year as a freshman. Otherwise, this is a great opening that is appealing to the audience and gives the album some direction.

2- Crew

The first actual song of the album has an instrumental that will have people wanting to dance. Physics opens the track with a verse that mixes a couple punch lines and clever lines with a confident delivery. The hook is catchy and pretty well written. Physics continues his level of lyricism and carries over his smooth flow on the second verse, throwing in metaphors for measure. Another verse and a repeat of the hook will close out the track, which lands Freshman Year’s first Featured Track.

3- I Get It

Some intensity can be found in the quickened pace of the instrumental for “I Get It”. Physicz enters the track with a verse that flows smoothly and contains some wordplay and metaphors tied into punchlines that appears to be aimed slightly at other hip hop artists, generally speaking, and people who are successful but flaunt their wealth. His hook for “I Get It” feels right with the beat and is well-written. I have no doubt that listeners will memorize the chorus with ease. This track definitely has a radio appeal feel to it, although Physicz doesnt connect with some of his punchlines as well as he wants to. The second verse stays with the same content, flow, and delivery as the first. When Physicz runs through the third verse, his bars seem to lack the power in the punchlines that do connect, even though he is able to maintain his level of energy. One more round of the hook closes out this track, which is a solid addition to the album.

4- Pounds

Physicz has no problem being on time with his flow in every verse he  spits, as he displays to open “Pounds”. He throws in some wordplay and metaphors to mix things up within the content, which seems to be aimed at other rappers in general for the most part. As far as this topic goes, and I’ve said it before, every rapper has dropped a track like this and many of those rappers have several songs in similar fashion. The point I’m making is this: this topic has been touched more times than a career stripper. In order for a song on this subject to really stand out, every single bar has to be really creative and fresh. Mediocre punchlines and “commonly used” wordplay flips aren’t going to cut it with true hip hop fans. That’s not saying this is a horrible track by any means, but it definitely is saying that this doesn’t rise above many other tracks on the same topic. The hook is performed well, easily sinking into the minds of listeners. Physicz brings a solid track with “Pounds”, but isn’t able to make the cut for another Featured Tracks slot.

5- Track Killer

The music for “Track Killer” is another great selection, and will have no problem influencing people to dance along. Physicz changes the song structure for “Track Killer”, bringing the hook through the speakers to lead off. In the first verse, Physicz speaks on coming up in the rap game and rising above other rappers in general. The second verse’s content can be summed up with one of the lines Physicz – “All I know is success and bitches”. “Track Killer” comes to a conclusion after two verses, which also switches up the song structure from the two previous tracks to give a nice change of pace to the album. While “Track Killer” has a lot of good qualities and is definitely a solid addition to the album, it falls short of making the Featured Tracks list for a lot of the same reasons “Pounds” did.

6- Upperclass

The instrumental for “Upperclass” has a light, almost spring wind feel with a medium pace to the rhythm. Physicz jumps right in with the hook, which isn’t quite as catchy as previous hooks but will still find a way to get stuck in the minds of listeners. Loading up with methors and throwing in a little wordplay, Physicz brings another track that is aimed at other rappers in general while speaking of being successful and making big in the rap game. “Upperclass” has the exact same structure to the song as “Track Killer”, and the content is on the same exact subject…again. While “Upperclass” has a few lines I thought were more creative than “Track Killer”, overall I feel the results are the same.

7- Nothing On Me

This might be the the heavy hitter of the album. The instrumental is banging; sure to be like by male and female hip hop fans and artists alike. Physicz kicks out a few bars to the ladies to start the track then fades into the catchy, made-for-radio chorus. In the first full verse, Physicz is able to direct the song on the ladies entirely, plainly letting them know that their men have nothing on him. In the second verse, Physicz throws in a little more wordplay and steps up the lyrical aspect overall, adding another layer to the track. There’s no question about it- “Nothing On Me” slams a spot on the Featured Tracks list.

8- Dreamin

With an instrumental thats carried by drums and heavy bass, “Dreamin” is in the running for my favorite beat on Freshman Year. Physicz also comes correct on “Dreamin”, pushing against “Nothing On Me” for the top spot of the album. He doesn’t hesitate, entering the track with an aggressive flow and an attitude that says he’s here to stay. His opening verse includes down to Earth lyrics focused on real emotions regarding life situations. The chorus features a female’s voice singing, grabbing the attention of anyone in the audience who might have strayed. The addition of her voice is a great switch up from everything that’s been heard so far on Freshman Year. The track could have benefitted the rest of the album had “Dreamin” been placed higher on the track list to break up repetition of subject material earlier on the album. The second verse, and last verse of Freshman Year, brings the same instensity as the first and sticks to the topic at hand, but finds Physicz taking it up a notch by using more of a rapid-fire delivery. The song comes to an end with another round from the chorus, followed by Physicz stating this is only the beginning, more or less, to conclude Freshman Year. “Dreamin” locks in a third slot for the album’s Featured Tracks list.


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Featured Tracks

Crew, Nothing On Me, and Dreamin

The Write Up

There won’t be much more to discuss to conclude this review as nearly everything that needed to be mentioned has already been covered. As far as Physicz as an artist though, I don’t believe I have given much of an opinion at all. On Freshman Year, Physicz was able to display something that most artists never show a glimpse of, and that’s the potential to become a future force in hip hop. His flow is charismatic, his lyrics are well-written, his hooks are quick to stick with listeners, his delivery is appealing to the audience, and he carries himself like a veteran in the game of hip hop. Several tracks into the album, Physicz began to give off the impression that he was one dimensional regarding the material his lyrics covered. By the time Freshman Year reached the finish line though, Physicz had proven himself to be a diverse and rounded artist that can reach the audience on other topics as well. This left me wondering why he did not choose to open those gates with each track instead of leaning on one broad area in which to base 75% of his album’s content. He did such a great job on “Nothing On Me” and “Dreamin”, in fact, it’s almost disappointing that Physicz didn’t cover more ground during the course of the album. I have no doubt that Physicz will capitalize with his next album, taking this as a learning experience and applying everything as he grows as an artist. After all, this is just the start like he said, and I will be the first to say he will easily pass his Freshman Year.

Star Status


(3 out of 5 stars)

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