Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts


An album by Myndset

Review presented by Annexx

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The Intro

Let me take a moment to introduce myself and the artist up for review, Myndset. My name is Annexx513. I have my own blog-site called TheTakeOver. I am a hip-hop head myself. I grew up in the 90’s, the Golden Era of the art form. I was contacted by Warren Peace to be a guest writer on his site and accepted the challenge.

Myndset is an artist coming to us out of L.A. From what I have heard by listening to some of his catalogue, Myndset has a rich, funk, groove background. I look forward to doing this review. Thanks for having me on for this one Warren.


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The Album

1- Kick Back

I thoroughly enjoy the beat choice for this track. I love the use of horns in hip hop. The drop is perfectly timed and Myndset catches it, on point. He has great flow and uses words well. His use of metaphors is apparent here. Definitely a great in the making here. As we move through the song, he has consistent content and doesn’t change topic often, if at all. Even with all of the metaphors, I can follow what he is trying to convey.

2- Deep Thoughts

Another track laced with a smooth jazz feel. His delivery is matched well with the feel of the beat. It’s almost as if he is writing the lyrics as he composes the beat. I have yet to review an album I felt was at such a high caliber this early into it.

3- Am I Evil?

This is the first song on the album that used a piano introduction accompanied by strings. The key feature of this track are the sing-song way he delivers the lyrics of the hook. The content is again consistent from beginning to end. If you listen closely, you can hear the scratches you would expect to hear from a vinyl recording; just another way to give the listener a comforting feeling.

4- The Pain

This track is a farewell to an older sibling. I like the way it opens up with a vocalist on the bridge. You can feel the heartache in his voice.

5- Letter To My Father

As I move through this album, I feel as if I am developing a personal relationship with Myndset. And as I do this, I feel less inclined to do a track by track breakdown. I feel like I would be robbing you of the same experience by tainting it with my own encounter. The content here is horrifying and takes me back to my childhood and the things I witnessed, but it is presented in a way that makes me feel for him. His lyrical ability is unmatched on this song.

6- Role Model

In the absence of a positive father figure in his life, Myndset latches on to the pen as an older brother follows his father’s path. Drug abuse is the theme here, not physical abuse. Content is consistent. Myndset’s bars come natural. I can hear the emotion in his voice from the way it quakes at certain points.

7- Deep Thoughts (Interlude)

This interlude introduces the next portion of the album and in a few ways, enhances the feel. He seems to switch gears and move from the past into the present here.

8- Bad Lately

Relationship goals. A conversation between him and his love interest. Consistent flow and content are just a few of the features of this track. The way he uses his voice as an instrument getlsshowcased again. Production is enhanced in this song as well, with multi-channel output used more effectively.

9- I Love You

Again, his flow remains consistent along with the content. Myndset writes a story, not a song. He employs word play and metaphor effectively.

10- Illusions

Attempting a chopper style here, Myndset fails to meet expectations. The delivery of the hook ruins the track, for me anyway.

11- Sail (Remix) feat. AWOLNATION

A fan of the original song, I am let down by this rendition. His content and flow are consistent. On all technicalities, he never misses the mark. The further into this album I move though, I feel as if it is his delivery that keeps letting me down. There’s something about his voice that I don’t like.

12- You Know

The song opens with a creepy beat. The flow is there. As always, Myndset’s content is consistent. The hook is very sing-songy. But, again, his delivery leaves me wanting more.

13- Dreams/Where I’m At Now (Outro)

I just can’t get past his voice. The instrumental is on point. Myndset’s rhyming technicalities are on point. Content is on point. As far as closing tracks for a project, this is an apt selection.


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Featured Tracks

Kick Back, Letter To My Father, and Role Model

The Write Up

Although full of technical accolades, this album has left the listener wanting- wanting for a more refined delivery. Several times Myndset surpasses expectations, but for the most part he leaves the listener with the feeling of hearing a rookie record at home. The content grabbed my attention from the beginning. Beat selection was great as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is a bad album at all. It’s just that I don’t care for his voice. Throughout the album he used his voice as part of the song and in some songs that worked out great. But a majority of the tracks sound as if he was performing spoken word into a usb microphone. Quality was compromised in a few locations because of this. And the song itself suffered when this took place (I Love You).

Myndset is a great emcee. The recording process is what is lacking here.

Star Status


(3 out of 5 stars)

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