Nothing Is M-Possible

Nothing Is M-Possible


An album by M-Possible

Review presented by Issac Sandoval

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The Intro

Whenever The Write Reviews began accepting albums to be put on our review list, M-Possible was one of the first artists to contact Warren Peace. After months of patiently waiting, his album “Nothing Is M-Possible” has finally reached the top of the review list.
Issac Sandoval is an artist as well, known by the name Hiatus, and has joined The Write Reviews’ staff to review albums and give his lyrical-insight to other artists. Hailing from Colorado, he is anxious to deliver his first track by track breakdown. Fortunately, we have it right here as Issac and M-Possible’s “Nothing Is M-Possible” collide in the following album review!


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The Album

1- Nothing Is M-Possible

Perhaps the most impressive track from the project is the intro and title track. The instrumental is absolutely perfect for an album intro and M-Possible’s voice in the speaking interludes between verses tie the entire mood of the track together. M-Possible seems to be most at home on this track in particular. While unpolished, it is an appropriate introduction to M-Possible on his debut project.

2- Schuzzie Life feat. D. Rho & Kole Spell

The first thing that stands out here is the hook, it has an easy going melody over a beat I feel is best described as bubbly. It carries with it a lo-fi sound that may be purposeful or simply the product of a new artist, but either way the effect adds to the track rather than taking away. On the other hand the verses carry the sound of emcees who weren’t quite sure how to approach the beat. The second verse not only has an uncomfortable feel to it, but also sounds as if it were recorded over the phone.

3- Your Year

Another phenomenal beat selection that comes with the perfectly understated hook. In the first verse M-Possible brings lyrics that really carry the potential to deliver his message, however the delivery is so deliberate that I am led to believe that it is being read. The second verse gets a little bit off topic, but doesn’t stray far enough to take too much away, and also suffers from the same deliberate delivery. This delivery doesn’t throw him off beat at any point, rather it doesn’t allow him to emote as he raps, preventing this track from being great.

4- One Day

I really can’t stress enough how impressive the production on this album is, if nothing is else M-Possible has a great ear. The intro and hook start us off amazingly, addressing issues that are quite prevalent to the environment we find ourselves in today. M-Possible’s flow on this track is one of his stronger displays of the project. Sadly his lyrics are not as compelling or vivid as they are on other tracks. All things considered One Day is one of the project’s best tracks.

5- Like Yeah

A bizarre transition from One Day which is upbeat and encouraging to a much darker vibe. M-Possible brings his bars out to play on this track and I must say that there are quite a few impressive points throughout the track. While the delivery is still unpolished he seems to be more comfortable here than perhaps on any other track. I feel that the track ends too abruptly, leaving the listener with a bit of an awkward ending.

6- Way I Feel feat. Brett Poulton

The verses feel awkward on this track. It sounds like he might be reading his lyrics as opposed to reciting them. The hook once again is on point, a quieter delivery that helps to mellow the track out and bring a balance to it. Lastly, the skit used to end the track takes away from the track rather than adding to it.

7- Inside Out

Here we have another beautiful intro/hook creating a haunting atmosphere. The style of M-Possible’s flow once again seems to be off base with the overall tone of the track. However, the autotune effect added to his rapping actually helps to add to the overall enjoyment of the track. A very personal track where M-Possible is quite vulnerable, yet inspirational as the track comes to a close.

8- Pay Homage feat. Fudge

Homage is a very upbeat track, almost a strange transition from Inside Out, but I like it. Another great hook that will get you on the edge of your seat for the emcee to bring the heat. Unfortunately the verse arrives and it is lukewarm. The lyrics are of that same uplifting variety, but the delivery fails to create the emotion that we receive from the hook and instrumental.

9- Got Dream$

The intro skit to the track has little to do with the theme of the track itself. The lyrics and the hook to this track are overly-simplistic, while this may be by design as a satire of Hip-Hop climate of today, I can’t say for sure. The hook falls flat, blending in with the verses rather than standing out. The track as a whole does stand out from the overall project as a complete contrast to what we hear throughout the rest of it. The track is not unbearable, but may have been better served by not including it in the project.

10- The Dark Side feat. Trigger8

The hook once again blends in with the verses and falls flat. However the verses are of higher quality here. The delivery from both emcees is more aggressive, appropriately fitting the track. The downfall of this track may be solely be on the equipment used to record. The vocals are uneven and sound distant. The skit is genius and was engineered perfectly.

11- Interlude

Not a whole lot to break down here. The production is great once again on this instrumental interlude. It doesn’t transition as well as it probably should, but it gets the job done.

12- There Will Be Tears

M-Possible gives us yet another strong hook over orchestral instrumentation as has been the formula for the project. By far M-Possible’s smoothest flow. Again the recording equipment gives us inconsistent, distant sounding vocals. However, our emcee also emotes better on this track than any other helping us to connect with him. One of the stronger tracks on the album.

13- Like Yeah remix feat. MattyIce and RP McFly (Bonus Track)

The sound quality is at its highest on this first bonus track. The hook seems to run too long at the beginning of the track. Just like the original version the bars are out to play. MattyIce and RP McFly prove they can hold their own with M-Possible as none of the verses overshadow the other. The entire track all fits together nicely until the instrumentation switches. It creates a very odd transition before switching back.

14- Supernova feat. Kole Spell and D. Rho

The bars come out one last time over a trap beat with vocals that echo out of the hallways of a convent. All of this may sound like a disgusting mix of international foods, but somehow it does not sound out of place at all. That in and of itself is what impressed me most with this track. All three emcees on point and showing off the best delivery that you’ll hear on the project.


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Featured Tracks

One Day, Inside Out, The Dark Side, and Supernova

The Write Up

All in all this is a solid debut from M-Possible, and I think an appropriate introduction into who he is and what he came to do. There is plenty of room for improvement, but from what I can gather he’s a rather young artist. When his potential is revealed you see some pretty bright glimmers. The sound is more unpolished than anything. Signing him up to executive produce your project could be a smart move however, as he has an incredible ear for instrumentals and better hooks than I’ve ever heard on a debut project. The main downfall of the verses would be that they almost always felt like first drafts, if he slows down and takes the time to tweak them, we could really start seeing some great records being made by this kid.
The title of the mixtape says it all. The project stays true to form throughout with the exception of one track. He wishes to inspire us and show us that truly Nothing Is M-Possible. The instrumentals carry with them an amazing emotion, the lyrics are motivational and encouraging. Where it suffers is the lack of emotion in the delivery. We hear what he is saying, and it sounds good, but if we could only FEEL what he is saying, we could identify with it. With more emotion this would be a really amazing piece of work, but without it, it doesn’t drive home the message.

Star Status

🌟 🌟 .5

(2.5 out of 5 stars)

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