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AxBo and I connected through the social media grapevine during the second half of 2015. With The Write Reviews beginning to take flight in the world of hip hop websites and AxBo picking up momentum in the hip hop underground, AxBo chose to get one of the first review packages offered by The Write Reviews and sent in his Conquest album. I had no idea what I was in for. In the beginning, I definitely did not think I would be listening to an album that would result in about a handful of nominations at The Write Awards for AxBo. I had no idea AxBo would go neck to neck with every artist in those categories, not to mention a down-to-the-wire battle with Enkay 47 for Surprise Artist of the Year.
The result was a complimentary package from The Write Reviews, which AxBo has decided to use for a review on his Breakdown EP. I won’t be caught off guard by AxBo this time though…or will I?


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1- The Intro

AxBo uses the first track of the album, titled “The Intro”, to lay down a stack of bars that set the tone for the entire EP. There’s no hook to help captivate the audience, and with AxBo’s delivery there doesn’t need to be. He hits multiple syllable rhyme schemes with ease and showcases his lyrical abilities while staying within the confines of the track’s purpose. More importantly, and perhaps most impressively is the emotion he pushes through his lines, touching the heart of anyone listening. “The Intro” might not be labeled as a Featured Tracks, but make no mistake, this is a perfect introduction to Breakdown.

2- Hear Me Out

“Hear Me Out” has an instrumental that transitions well from the music used for “The Intro”, and “the intro” for “Hear Me Out” fits the track to a T. AxBo finds a way to bring wordplay to the table while using effective metaphors and similes. He is able to pass his struggle and pain through to the audience using imagery and relatable lines. The hook is fairly simple and easy to catch on with. Two verses and two rounds of the chorus complete the song, and also find the first Featured Track of the album.

3- Memories

AxBo handles some issues with a former girlfriend on this track. Using a beat with a simple style and rhythm, AxBo describes the situation vividly for listeners, pushing his feelings through his words very well once again. He ties in some metaphors and similes where it is appropriate while maintaining a smooth flow. Although, from AxBo’s point of view at least, it seems like this is a positive result that doesn’t really fit with the theme of Breakdown, AxBo is still able to bring everything out in a tone that matches the previous tracks. “Memories” is able to reach out to me during several points of the song, and is a strong addition to Breakdown, claiming another Featured Track slot for the album.

4- Barely Holdin On

The music continues to feed the sorrow that AxBo wishes to convey to the audience, even though “Barely Holdin On” has a little more excitement geared into the instrumental than earlier songs. AxBo brings back the pain and struggle of different situations and gets descriptive with his thoughts of how he should handle everything. The hook is easy to following with, and there will be many people who hear this track that will experience empathy for AxBo. Once again AxBo hits his target, adding another Featured Track to the Breakdown EP.

5- Dear Lord

In “Dear Lord”, AxBo talks about how the struggles he faces with breaking out in the music industry causes him to feel like giving up at life while he copes with his pain and the obstacles he deals with by writing about them. The blade with a double edge; damned if you do, damned if you don’t. He expresses himself well over the beat and “Dear Lord” is an exceptional track by all means, yet I feel this one just misses raising the total of Breakdown’s Tracks list.


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Hear Me Out, Memories, and Barely Holdin On


AxBo definitely delivers again. While many artists write about these specific feelings, and some artists even touch on the same issues, AxBo has a way of floating his lyrics over beats and really hitting the hearts of people in the audience. The way he describes situations allows you to remember things of the past that caused you to deal with similar feelings, even if his situation isn’t exactly something you’ve had a first hand experience in facing. Not only does he connect with his words, he still finds ways to tie in his lyrical abilities and maintain a confidently cool flow throughout the album. I’m sure he could have expounded and made the album longer, but AxBo also didn’t cause me to feel like he was leaving me hanging, either. Very well written and performed. I’ll be waiting patiently for AxBo to release his next album, and The Write Reviews will be hoping to add it to the breakdowns posted on the website.

Star Status

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

(4 out of 5 stars)

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