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The Eleventh Letter


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(Note from Warren Peace – This review is written before the mastered version of the album was complete. From my understanding, the mastered version is significantly different. I will be updating this review as soon as possible with my thoughts on the mastered version in a summary format)

Kleyn Kutt hit The Write Reviews with his Good Morning World EP last year and became the only artist to be named Artist of the Month and Featured Emcee in the same month. The Louisville emcee was later nominated for Surprise Artist of the Year at The Write Awards. Needless to say, Kleyn Kutt made a great first impression.

And he’s back, this time with his sophomore album The Eleventh Letter. Will he be able to duplicate or surpass the mark he made last year, or will Kleyn Kutt end up fading to the background?


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1- The Eleventh Letter

Kleyn Kutt really enjoys easy going, less intense instrumentals and that is exactly what the audience gets with the opening track. He decides to drop a long round of bars without a hook, focusing his bars around growing as an artist and reaching his goals. A fairly simple yet effective way to open the album.

2- Sand of a Beach feat. Michael from The Woods and Peace

A short scene from “Pulp Fiction” kicks off this cypher style track. Kleyn Kutt has the first verse, Michael from The Woods takes the mic second, and Peace closes “Sand of a Beach” out. There isn’t a hook that comes between the verses, just a little instrumental time. Speaking of instrumental, the beat for “Sand of a Beach” has a lot of the same feel as the one used for “The Eleventh Letter”, AMD since both songs are without a hook, this allows the transition between the songs to feel real fluid. All three emcees come correct with their respective verses, but I must admit that the verse spit from Michael from the Woods had me locked into the track. Good stuff here.

3- Plain Old Style with Eaze (Steez) feat. Michael from The Woods and Peace

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time leads off “Plain Old Style with Ease (Steez)”. For the second track in a row, Kleyn Kutt recruits Michael from The Woods and Peace. All three come onto the track in the same order as they appeared on “Sand of a Beach”. This time it’s laid down a little less like a cypher and a little more like a song, although every emcee seems to just drop bars instead of spit with a certain direction. The hook is rather catchy. “Plain Old Style with Eaze (Steez)” becomes the first to hit the Featured Tracks list for The Eleventh Letter.

4- Inhibitions feat. Peace and Chin

“Inhibition” is geared toward the night life crowd, and Kleyn Kutt is the one who pushes the track in that direction with the first verse. The hook is simple and catchy, but is also scratched to help separate it from the verses and diversify the sound of the song. Peace gets his third feature on The Eleventh Letter and enters on the second verse. Peace’s lyrics are focused on succeeding against the odds and making through life’s struggles. Chin is a fresh voice on The Eleventh Letter, and he comes onto the instrumental with a quick flow, aggressive flow, and confident delivery. “Inhibitions” barely slides in with the other Featured Tracks.

5- Observe/Walk On By feat. Miz Steel

Kleyn Kutt chooses yet other easy-going, smooth instrumental. “Observe/Walk On By” is a track that includes several fresh additions to The Eleventh Letter. First, Miz Steel is the only female voice to be heard on The Eleventh Letter. Another fresh idea brought forth on this track is how the song is divided, creating the atmosphere of two songs fitting enough for each other to be labeled as one. Kleyn Kutt has the first half of the track, spitting one and a half verses praising his significant other. Miz Steel lends her vocal capabilities on the hook. Halfway through the second verse the song seems like it’s going to fade to a close. Instead the instrumental makes some adjustments right before the audience’s ears and Kleyn Kutt recaptures the microphone.and matches the quickened pace of the new rhythm with ease. Miz Steel takes over from that point, sharing her vocal range and soothing voice with everyone. Also, this is one of those songs you like more with every press of the play button. “Observe/Walk On By” stacks another Featured Track for The Eleventh Letter.

6- L.O.F.E.O. feat. Dubb

I really enjoy the concept behind this track and the way it is delivered. Kleyn Kutt has the first verse and shares childhood memories as well as lessons he learned as he grew older. It does feel like he tries to pack one too many words in a couple of his lines during the course of the song, which is not something typical of Kleyn Kutt. Kleyn Kutt and Dubb doing a great job of sticking with the topic, although Dubb’s vocals could be raised on the second verse. Kleyn Kutt hits the track with another verse before allowing the instrumental and hook to conclude the song.

7- Thank Youz feat. Justin Shocan Jackson

This is another song from The Eleventh Letter that I really enjoy, and it incorporates subject matter that isn’t referred to often in hip hop. The positivity that is laced in this song rubs off onto the audience easily, finding a way to make people smile and remove any heaviness the air may be holding. The hook is catchy, easy to follow along with, and will likely have people in the crowd singing along with it by the time the song comes to an end. Kleyn Kutt explains how he can pull inspiration and positive thoughts through the rough times while Justin Shocan Jackson displays a fantastic voice. “Thank Youz” is a great song, especially with a morning cup of coffee. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Featured Track though.

8- Summer Long

Concluding the album, Kleyn Kutt follows “Thank Youz” with another inspiring, self-motivated track that transitions well from the previous song. He only drops one set of bars before giving some more shout outs to complete The Eleventh Letter.


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Plain Old Style with Eaze (Steez), Inhibitions, Observation/Walk On By, and Thank Youz


When I first received The Eleventh Letter, I expected there to be at least a handful of tracks more on the album. Good Morning World EP, Kleyn Kutt’s first album, had a total of six songs, which is why I expected there to be at least a dozen on this album. It isn’t a bad thing, I’m just trying to give you my perspective going into hearing this album. Good Morning World EP also had similar sounding instrumentals, content filled with positive messages, and Kleyn Kutt shared microphone time with several featured artists. The Eleventh Letter has eight tracks, instrumentals with a similar sound, content laced with positive messages, and Kleyn Kutt sharing microphone time with several featured artists. With that being said, what’s the difference between the two albums? That’s the ultimate question.

The answer truly boils down to one thing- confidence. Kleyn Kutt is more comfortable in his delivery now. This is evident because he is one of only a handful of emcees who maintain a very smooth flow despite rarely using multiple syllable rhyme schemes. Kleyn Kutt came with more of a lyrical approach in terms of his writing, proving he had more faith in the wording and phrases he used. Kleyn Kutt also brought very diverse topics, from a cypher style track to a combination song that told a story to a couple of minutes dedicated to thanking his supporters. Kleyn Kutt continues growing as an artist, developing his own style, and building a solid fan base through quality music he truly cares about.



(4 out or 5 stars)

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