Vomit EP

Vomit EP


An album by Whorrifick

Review presented by Issac Sandoval

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Whorrifick recently released his Vomit EP and contacted The Write Reviews through Instagram about reviewing his new project. Enter Issac Sandoval, the Beast of Bar Breakdowns. If The Write Reviews had a writer known to stick to the technical aspect of things it would be Issac Sandoval. Every artist can appreciate another artist’s perspective, and there’s no doubt Whorrifick will be interested in seeing what Issac has to say. Here we have it, the review of the Vomit EP.


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1- December 2nd

With the first track we get a haunting instrumental intro similar to what you would hear at the opening credits of a 1980s slasher. Next Whorrifick jolts us to attention with one of the most jarring openings I’ve ever heard: “Fuck it, I hate thinking back to that night in ninety-eight/Dad’s dead lying right there in the bed.” The spoken delivery makes it difficult to form an emotional connection with the trauma that was witnessed on December 2nd.

2- Verde

Whorrifick either has trouble finding a time setter or chooses to ignore it. The lyrics have an awkward flow to them, but combined with his voice it gives them a bizarre quality that makes me want to listen. The track has the potential to come off as humorous, but the delivery is too stale for what sounds like a story to tell your buddies while throwing a few back.

3- Vomit

The delivery from the first few tracks follows here as well. This track is full of gritty images of self-deprecation and the mind’s sick temptations. One of the best lines of the album comes when Whorrifick says, “Sliting your wrists just makes you the ultimate pacifist.” Word play combined with philosophy makes it shine through and catch your attention.

4- Pyramid

The tempo on Pyramid is faster than what we’ve heard before on the EP. While he adjusts his delivery to the tempo, the faster instrumentation and rapping makes the track sound jumbled and hectic. Whorrifick does give us the most emotionally charged vocals that he has to offer on this track.

5- L.O.L.

Here Whorrifick attacks religion, politics, and societal decay. The instrumental is minimalist and hard hitting. With his signature delivery partnered with a new rhyme scheme that crosses the various line gives us more of a spoken word or slam poetry feel to it.

6- Sunflower Bouquet

The most impressive structure to Whorrifick’s rhymes are found on Sunflower Bouquet. This is also the only track where we find a intent full use of multisyllable rhymes. His flow seems to feel most comfortable and confident on this track, which all comes together to create what I would deem the best song on the EP.

7- 3 Doves 1 Crow

The “chipmunkesque” voice in the intro somehow blends in well with the horror sounds found throughout the project. The organ gives us a haunting backdrop as Whorrifick paints some morbid undertones to every day activities. The second and third verses are not on the same topic, leaving us a little confused. Personally I would’ve liked to see the next two verses continue to explore those ideas.

8- Devin Chapter 1

Whorrifick closes us out with one of the darkest instrumentals we find on this EP. The lyrics follow suit as he paints a dark picture of his first chapter. What could’ve been another great song suffers from a bizarre delivery and word choice, as well as one syllable rhymes at the end of every bar.


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Vomit, Sunflower Bouquet, and 3 Doves 1 Crow


Whorrifick seeks to send us on a shockingly vivid and descriptive descent into the music he creates. Using haunting instrumentals that could easily make the cut for a slasher score and a delivery that is far from what you’re used to. His debut Vomit EP delivers eight tracks full of dower subject matter that most people would prefer to tip toe around. Touching on traumas and thoughts that your average man would tuck deep into his subconscious recesses.
The EP however, does not accomplish its mission to its full potential. The awkward spoken and monotone deliver make it tough to form any emotional connection to our artist. The odd word choices used to paint the picture we see are confusing. There are several points where Whorrifick shows glimpses of great potential, but overall an unpolished project that misses the mark.


🌟 🌟

(2 out of 5 stars)

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