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D Craze the Destroyer and I became connected thru social media recently, but it wasn’t until just a couple weeks ago I found out that he was preparing to release a new album that would be titled The Destroyer. I didn’t hesitate to contact D Craze the Destroyer to find out if he would like to have his album put on our review list. Not only did he express interest in be input on the list, D Craze the Destroyer wanted The Write Reviews to be ready for the release week of the album. Well, I’m ready… Let’s see what The Destroyer has in store for us.


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1- The Destroyer

The instrumental is dramatic, creating an intriguing sound to introduce the album. D Craze the Destroyer uses the energy from the music to create three solid verses that focus the content around who he is as an artist while blending a few personal things about himself during the process. His deep voice compliments his flow, allowing the audience to clearly hear what he has to say. His metaphors, wordplay, and punchlines are entertaining as well. The hook is intense, adding to the fire created by the instrumental. I don’t usually say this about opening tracks, but I feel D Craze the Destroyer nailed it with this one, opening The Destroyer with its first Featured Track.

2- Say My Name feat. Insane Loc and Dekay

I really like this instrumental with its slightly intense feel. Insane Loc has a smooth flow and distinct sound on the microphone. The hook is catchy and the changes it brings are entertaining. Dekay brings one of the best verses behind a female’s voice that I have heard all year, making good use of vocabulary while maintaining a great flow. D Craze the Destroyer has a solid verse overall, but it isn’t as hard hitting as I think he wanted it to be.

3- Giving Up

Another great instrumental choice, and I really enjoy the lady’s voice on the hook. D Craze uses the first verses to speak about issues people face in their childhood. The second verse faces adult issues and situations like broken hearts, bills piling up, and abusing drugs. The third verse flips everything though, motivating people to overcome and succeed. I really like how D Craze presented everything in this song, which becomes The Destroyer’s second Featured Track.

4- Apocalypse Now

Basically an attack on the world of hip hop, “Apocalypse Now” uses a rock/metal type of chorus to help present D Craze the Destroyer as the ending of all wack rap careers. This track is a good addition, switching things up for listeners while D Craze the Destroyer showcases his expanded vocabulary and making use of a fluent flow. Every hip hop artist does this type of song though, and D Craze the Destroyer’s doesn’t quite stand out among the pack.

5- Shadow Empire feat. Trouble

A J.F.K. speech is heard in different areas of this song, helping to put things in perspective for the audience. The deep subject matter speaks on the corrupt United States government and does well when touching on different supporting issues. The hook is a little catchy, and well written. Trouble follows in D Craze’s footsteps, more or less, with the second verse. Both emcees do well on the track, I’m just not sure if this is the proper way of pushing so much information into the minds of people.

6- Find My Way

I really enjoy this beat and hook as both will captivate the audience quickly. D Craze the Destroyer gets personal, spitting lines about taking the hard road in life. He has a great presence behind the microphone, has well placed metaphors, and some really nice rhyme schemes, although a couple times his words did sound a little jumbled. Regardless, “Find My Way” found its way to the Featured Tracks section.

7- Hardcore

Another fantastic instrumental choice. D Craze the Destroyer decides to unleash another all out attack on emcees approach, only this time he goes harder than in the previous “Apocalypse Now” track. The hook (segmented sections of DMX lyrics) and the scratching will be interesting and fun for listeners. D Craze the Destroyer brings solid punches, good metaphors, and executes a confident delivery to help push “Hardcore” into a slot with the Featured Tracks.

8- Raise Up

D Craze the Destroyer has a great ear for beats. He brings an amazing energy and message with his bars. The chorus seems groggy in comparison though, not really matching the energy of D Craze and causing the verses and hook to feel distant from one another. Contest-wise, this is one of the best songs, in terms of lyrics, to be found on The Destroyer.

9- Old School

I thoroughly enjoy everything about this song. The hook is entertaining. D Craze the Destroyer pays homage to old school hip hop while explaining how he came to love hip hop. This is a great concept that is utilized well, and I’m actually surprised it isn’t used more in hip hop songs. As it is, here’s another Featured Track.

10- Between The Lines feat. Merkules and Jungle Leez

Merkules comes onto the beat with a hell of a featured verse that includes a strong microphone presence, punches, and a wickedly smooth flow. The hook from Jungle Leez is catchy, well performed, and fitting for the track. D Craze the Destroyer delivers a solid final verse, and “Between The Lines” makes its way to the Featured Tracks’ section.

11- The Purge

“The Purge” features a hip hop beat with an electronica feel. D Craze the Destroyer executes very well on this track, bringing more of a heavy metal sound to the verses and the hook. The content of the song stays on topic, but I don’t really feel it will hit its mark with the audience when everything is said and done.

12- Revolt feat. Rick O’Shea and Capulet (Bonus Track)

Immediately I notice Rick O’Shea’s vocals seemed low or muffled, but as the song continued I realized this was the case with everyone on the track. Rick O’Shea displays a confident delivery and smooth flow. D Craze the Destroyer drops a stacked verse, only to have his vocals sound less aggressive than usual. Capulet’s accent is noticeable, even with the muffled sound to his voice. I feel his delivery doesn’t really help his execution in some areas of his verse. Overall, this was an interesting track to here, but was severely hurt because of the mixing to the vocals.


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The Destroyer, Giving Up, Find My Way, Hardcore, Old School, and Between The Lines.


This is a great debut album for D Craze the Destroyer. Solid selection of sounds supporting songs of substance. D Craze the Destroyer was able to prove to me, by the end of the album, that he could go as far as he wants in hip hop. He has a great style, solid delivery, smooth flow, and consistent content. All he needs now, as an artist, is the final push over that hump and to be surrounded by the right people, which he does a very good job of when it comes to this album. Hip hop artists might want to keep an eye on this guy before he knocks them down on his way up.



(4 out of 5 stars)

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