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AyaR comes to us from the sunny state of California. His day job is the hardest day job to have, I would assume, Military Police. I am intrigued and excited to see what this guy has to say. I am assuming this will be a bumpy ride given his profession, so, for the remainder of the ride, please remain seated and keep hands and feet inside the car at all times.


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1- W.L.T.

Ayar comes in strong on this track displaying his lyrical skills without question. Dope delivery. I love the word play and ease with which he manipulates words.

2- Destiny

The title track of the album. This tracks intro is super hot. Instead of opening with a hook, it sounds more like a bridge. The beat selection here is impeccable. It does more to accentuate the lyrical content than to overshadow it. So far his content is making me a fan.

3- Light It Up

I am confused by this track. It seems to be a weed smoking track. But he is military police. Aside from that, the mellow vibe and slow delivery, shows his versatility as an artist. The content is simple, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and he seems to understand that concept very well. Repetition is the key feature of this track.

4- Really

This is an interlude discussing the evils of oxy’s and the government declaring it safe for children to use.

5- Mine Enemy Master

Different vibe on this track. Electric guitars and synthesizers are used to create a dark and ominous atmosphere. His lyrical skills are fully apparent here. His enemy here is addiction. And he is superior to his addiction. Not that it is his addiction perse. It appears to be written from the perspective of someone with an opiate addiction. Great follow up to the previous interlude.

6- I’m A God

His use of melody and lyrical flow shine through on this track. The self declaration of GodHood almost has an Anton LeVay vibe to it, less satanic for sure, but very empowering to say the least.

7- Dpctorslappedmaster

This track is an anthem for professionalism, when paid for a service. His content is great. But this track I feel needs to vocals adjusted to be a bit higher. Lyrically, he uses his words as part of the song, part of the beat. And in todays hip-hop, that is a rare commodity.

8- Close Your Eyes

I’m not digging this track at all, honestly. The beat is annoying and overshadows the lyrics. His first featured artist is attempting to be a chopper, but barely missing the mark. You can hear the breath points too openly. The second featured artist has a somewhat flawed delivery as well. I dig the content but the presentation needs to be a focal point as well.

9- Forever Lasting

A poem, by someone other than the artist, I am not sure how this got on the album. This small amount of confusion gives the whole project the feeling of a mixtape as opposed to an album, the difference being cohesive content throughout.

10- Ritual of Habit

Lyrical content is alright here. Maybe he came out too strong on the opening track. This track has features that don’t quite match the rest of the project, but none the less, he is talented lyrically.

11- Good Vibes

With a simple hook, I can see where he was aiming with this track, but he fell short here. I’d like to see him work with someone closely on the production side of this. I know I say I focus on the lyrical content, but I have complained about the total package a lot on this review, with music, the total package has to be on point. I’m sure other people will like this track, and I can see how others would. It’s just not for me.

12- Chillout

Opening with some elevator piano music, his vibe here is, again different than the rest of the project. In fact, all the tracks are different from each other. Lyrically, he has great delivery, great flow, and impeccable word play. I’m a huge fan of word play.

13- I’ll Be Me

This track samples some James Bey, one of my favorite songs actually. An equal rights anthem for sure, this track is back to the way he began the project. Great way to close up shop so to speak. His lyricism is back. I could become a fan of this guy, if he found himself again.


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W.L.T., Destiny, and I’ll Be Me


Overall feel for this project is that he has potential. I am impressed with his lyricism and content. Beat selection makes me wonder though. The total package has me wondering what he will do next. I’ll keep my eye on him. Theree tracks have made it into my personal rotation from this project and those will be listed momentarily, unless you have actually read the entire review and I don’t need to.


🌟 🌟 .5

(2.5 out of 5 stars)

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