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Sleep of the Fraternity has quite a history with The Write Reviews. The emcee from Cincinnati has had his Branded: The Damon Winston Story, The Definition of Insanity, and The H.W. Bush/ Clinton Era albums reviewed on this website last year. The results of these reviews included a couple Artist of the Month selections, and several nominations at The Write Awards. Sleep took home the Artist of the Year award, Album of the Year award, and claimed a couple more awards as well. Sleep is back with another one, the nine-track All Men Must Die…But You First album. Will The Fraternity’s cofounder defend his place among the elite artists of The Write Reviews, or will he show us a decline and make way for a different artist to take his place?


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1- All Men Must Die

What seems to be a movie clip opens the album, and its title track. Sleep enters the album with a barrage of bars without a hook to separate them. He uses metaphors within the confines of his smooth delivery and brings up several different massacres that have happened in history. Sleep covers quite a bit of ground on this first track, and seems to still have plenty to say by the time the song comes to an end. This is a solid start for the album.

2- Summer Camp

“Summer Camp” sports an upbeat instrumental. As the track progresses, some listeners should be able to notice the metaphors Sleep uses in the song for a much deeper purpose. I really enjoy the hook with its cuts and scratches shifting the sounds of the song. With wordplay and his all out attack approach, Sleep easily entertains the audience and slams down his first Featured Track of the album.

3- Ima Be Famous

Sleep still uses a very aggressive approach. The hook for “Ima Be Famous” is very relevant to the current, everyday life. The second verse steps into a scary situation for listeners. The instrumental has somewhat of a mellow feel to it, but Sleep ignores it and brings a track that will tug at the emotions of the audience. The message within the lines of this track runs deep. Another solid song for the album.

4- Blow feat. Fraternity Sam

So far this is the most relaxed, chill instrumental of the album. Sleep doesn’t bring as aggressive of a delivery as he has in previous tracks, but his flow is still on point and has no problem rolling with the music. Fraternity Sam nails the chorus. Metaphors run rampant throughout “Blow”, and Sleep keeps the content interesting. The combination causes “Blow” to be another addition to the Featured Tracks list.

5- Know The Drill

Another clip is utilized as an opener, this time for “Know The Drill”. The music has some intensity tied into it. Sleep describes the scene of a gang set leader recruiting younger kids and leading them into the lifestyle of a street gang. There are very real emotional ties that will catch many in the audience as well as descriptive, grimy imagery provided by Sleep that paints the picture for the people. Featured Track number three is also known as “Know The Drill”.

6- The Great Come Up feat. Fraternity Sam

Sleep brings back his descriptive lyrics and imagery to bring a character to life for the audience. Struggling to get ahead in life, he decides to sell drugs. The story is deeper than that though, as he has a plan to take over the top spot and take out the leading street pharmacist. Fraternity Sam does another superb job in this track, and collectively, Sleep and Sam add to the Featured Tracks for All Men Must Die.

7- New Crack Epidemic

“New Crack Epidemic” has a very intriguing opening segment that locks in listeners. Sleep tells a complex, emotion-filled story of success and failure, of giving it all and letting it all go. This type of song is Sleep’s bread and butter. He has no problem bringing home another Featured Track with this one.

8- Because I Love You

This is the perfect followup track to “New Crack Epidemic” because of the mood and emotions tied into the lyrics, as well as the vivid imagery used to bring everything to life for the listeners. The hook helps build the suspense and add to the sadness of the story. Sleep sinks another shot, sliding a sixth Featured Track into place for the album.

9- Church With Grandma

The realness and emotion behind this track will reach out and touch anyone who cares to listen. Many of us can connect with this song. The hook is well written and puts the track in perspective perfectly for the people. Sleep holds nothing back in his delivery, as anyone can easily hear his anger through his vocals as his lyrics come through the speakers. There will be many who not only relate but feel the exact same way Sleep does. All Men Must Die ends with an incredible Featured Track to reach seven total for the nine-track album.


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Summer Camp, Blow, Know The Drill, The Great Come Up, New Crack Epidemic, Because I Love You, and Church With Grandma


The Fraternity’s cofounder delivers another fantastic album of substance and thoughts provoking material. Metaphors, wordplay, imagery, and superb storytelling are rooted deeply into this body of work. Sleep’s flow is as fluid and fine tuned as ever. The depth and hidden meanings behind the tracks will not be easy for listeners to spot right away, but after time and the music has resonated with everyone, they shouldn’t have a problem picking up on little clues dropped by Sleep throughout the album. When everything is said and done, Sleep has put together another intellectual album with plenty of replay value and banging beats. The only real complaint I have is how quickly the album comes to an end after it starts. Sleep has definitely brought the material he needs to properly defend his spot among the 8 Incredible Emcees at The Write Reviews.



(4.5 out of 5 stars)

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