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An album by CrimZn

Review presented by Warren Peace

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Just a short while back, CrimZn contacted The Write Reviews’ very own Warren Peace about getting his The Blasphemous Prime Files album reviewed. Warren Peace has personally accepted the challenge to break down the twelve song album track by track. What will he find inside? Let’s find out…


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1- Sometimes

I like the chilled beat with an 80’s feel to it. CrimZn’s content is all over the place. His flow feels a little choppy at times. He has great energy on the track. The hook here is good and pretty catchy. The background vocals need to be moxed better. Honestly this is a mediocre way to kick off the album.

2- Always Turnt Up

CrimZn has an extended vocabulary that’s revealed on “Always Turnt Up”, but the lyrics don’t really match the feeling of the instrumental in my opinion. CrimZn does throw some clever wordplay into his bars and his vocals are cleaner. The hook could be better. Some of the multiple syllable rhyme schemes are a little off. The content is everywhere on this track as well.

3- Pistol Whippen Pumpin feat. Gov L

The hook is enjoyable. Im not a fan of the weird pause at the end of the first verse. In hip hop, emcees try to never leave any blank areas on a track (go ahead and listen to some, this is why they use ad-libs). Gov L starts off well but loses steam and begins jumbling his flow at the end.

4- Hard Hard feat. PaceWon and Gov L

I like the switch up with the cuts and scratches. PaceWon’s flow is on point and spits solid content but he doesn’t sound into it at all. CrimZn and Gov L could have came more correct on the track, in my opinion.

5- Broken Glass feat
Solomon’s Child and Gov L

The hook needs the vocals to match up. Again, the content is everywhere, sometimes appearing like CrimZn is rhyming just to rhyme. Solomon’s Child drops a decent verse but doesn’t bring much energy to the track. Gov L’s flow doesn’t break down as much as it has on previous tracks.

6- Spit Hard feat. Gov L and Rich Mahogony aka Rareseed

The instrumental chosen for “Spit Hard” is right up my alley. CrimZn has a pretty solid verse, sticking to the topic at hand rather well. Gov L comes really hard onto the track but his flow begins to fail him, becoming a reoccurring issue with the emcee. Rareseed delivers a pretty solid verse all the way around.

7- Sacred Mantra feat. Judah Priest

I really like the rhythm of the instrumental for “Sacred Mantra”. CrimZn’s flow becomes choppy at times and the hook is hard to understand. It’s more of a braggadico track than anything. Judah Priest almost sounds bored and doesn’t deliver a very hard verse for the song.

8- Crushin’ Dreamers feat. Solomon’s Child and Drew Breeze

This is what I’m talking about! “Crushin’ Dreamers” is definitely one of the best songs on The Blasphemous Prime Files. I like the intro and the beat goes HAM. The hook is probably the best on the album thus far. CrimZn brings one of his best, if not his best, verses of the album. Solomon’s Child has more energy on this track and delivers a solid verse although his flow kind of falls off near the end of his verse. Drew Breeze hits the audience with one of the hardest verses of the entire album. His energy, flow, content, abd delivery are all on point. “Crushin’ Dreamers” make itself known as a Featured Track for The Blasphemous Prime Files.

9- Lethal Injection feat. Scorch

CrimZn gets back to an “all over the place” verse on “Lethal Injection”. Im also not a fan of the hook. Scorch probably showcases the best flow of The Blasphemous Prime Files, but the content doesn’t really hit the audience as hard as he would like.

10- Bang Bang feat. Diggy ILLROC

I’m digging the beat. CrimZn probably delivers his best verse of The Blasphemous Prime Files on “Bang Bang”. He sticks to the same style and his bars go together well. The hook is very catchy and rivals “Crushin’ Dreamers” for best hook on the album. Diggy drops an incredible verse, competing for the top set of bars to be found on this collection of songs. The Blasphemous Prime Files has another song land on its Featured Tracks list with “Bang Bang”.

11- F*ck A Hook feat. Nate Williams and Gov L

Without question, Nate Williams rip on the mic for “F*ck A Hook”. His flow and lyrics are on point. The instrumental seems kind of simple. CrimZn has a couple of clever lines and his flow isn’t bad. Gov L does it again; enters the track with some hard bars then fizzles out.

12- Floatin’ Away feat. Juke Drastik

I like the eerie feeling of the music. Jake Drastik delivers a catchy hook that could’ve been worded a little better. CrimZn’s content is mostly on topic, until he shifts everything into a braggadico mode during the second and last verse. I feel CrimZn could’ve closed out the album with a harder track to stick with the listeners after the album is over.


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Crushin’ Dreamers and Bang Bang


The Blasphemous Prime Files has some bright spots and entertainment along the way, but overall I feel the album is merely a stepping stone for CrimZn. Focusing on the content or delivering an actual message would help the artist stay away from going back to his comfort zone. Gov L seems to be a close connect of CrimZn’s, and should do the same with his bars as well. Most of the featured artists did well with their parts, especially Drew Breeze and Diggy ILLROC, both of which caught the attention of this writer with no trouble at all. The Blasphemous Prime Files will teach CrimZn and help him grow in his journey. Hopefully The Write Reviews will get to examine that progression on his next album.


★ ★

(2 out of 5 stars)

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