Memoirs Of A Cincinnati Maniac


An album by Terrell

Review presented by Warren Peace

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I’m not sure how correct this statement is, but I believe Terrell had been watching The Write Reviews put in work for a little while before coming to us about having Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac reviewed. The Ohio emcee has no doubt he brings the goods on this album, and we will be finding out in this track by track breakdown.


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1- 5ive

The opening instrumental for Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac is definitely attention-grabbing. Terrell spits bars with a direct approach and maintains a pretty smooth flow thoroughout the track. He doesn’t use a hook to reel in the audience, but does ploy another tactic to keep things interested by switching up the beat mid-track. His lines touch many different subjects and, if anything, focuses on himself. Pretty solid start for the album.

2- Queen City Interlude

You might ask yourself the same question that I did- an interlude already? Apparently so. I like how Terrell opens “Queen City Interlude”, but around the middle of the track Terrell begins singing, which is a little more off key than on. He does revert back to spitting bars near the end, although it seems he is more focused on rhyming and his flow than actual content. All in all, “Queen City Interlude” is likely to come off as thrown together to listeners more than anything.

3- Reading Road

Terrell displays his ability to bring different types of delivery with his flow on “Reading Road” while keeping everything on point. The hook develops as the song progresses, which is something very original even dor veteran fans of hip hop such as myself. When it comes to content, Terrell is still a little bit scattered. I enjoy this track quite a bit and might have found the first Featured Track of Memoirs of a Cincinnati Menace.

4- Childhood Forever

The hook for “Childhood Forever” is catchy and enjoyable. Terrell brings up several moments in his life that he encountered as he grew up, sticking with the theme expressed by the track’s title. He doesn’t hesitate to switch up his steez a couple of times on this track either. “Childhood Forever” is definitely a solid track and quite possibly another addition to the Featured Tracks list.

5- Dreams To Reality

Really like the beat for this one. Terrell flexes his vocabulary and continues nailing it when it comes to his flow. I really like it when Terrell sticks with a topic and gears his content with some direction. The hook is catchy and enjoyable. “Dreams To Reality” hits the Featured Tracks list running.

6- Memoir: Entry I/ Who Am I

With a relaxed feel to the instrumental. Terrell throws in some great metaphors while flipping his flow well. There’s no hook, just bars. Honestly, this is more like spoken word over music than actual rapping. Sometimes he gets a little off topic but he’s on top of it for the most part. Terrell switches it up near the end and begins speaking his thoughts to finish the track.

7- Where You Been

The phrase “Where You Been” is dubbed and incorporated repetitively into the beat, almost to the point of annoyance but not quite. Terrell brings up his father again, a subject he seems to dwell on often. The subject matter sticks to the topic at hand. Overall “Where You Been” is a solid addition to the album.

8- Requirements

Again, Terrell’s flow is wicked and on time with the music. His first verse is directed toward the ladies, although he doesnt really list any requirement. The hook is mello and chill compared to the verses. He spends most of the track bragging within his lyrics. Still, “Requirements” is worthy of a slot on Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac.

9- Carnival feat. The Enlightened

Terrell and The Enlightened share duties when it comes to singing on “Carnival”, both sometimes on key and sometimes off. The vocals are too low during parts of the song. The content is a little all over the place with this one.

10- Overnight feat. Nick Swisher

A chill and relaxed instrumental plays for “Overnight”. Terrell murders the flow while braging and boosting himself more than anything. Nick Swisher comes in on the third verse, with a flow that’s on point but slightly scattered content. Terrell comes back for the last verse and switches it up at the end of the track.

11- Memoir: Entry II/ Memory Lane

Again Terrell brings the spoken word over a beat but incorporates more of a flow to his lyrics this time. He keeps the rhyming section short this time before speaking his thoughts again. He brings up several different memories, including his father in the mix.

12- Until I Drop feat. Ray Bandz

Returning to rapping about reaching the top and being successful, Terrell runs with it on “Until I Drop”. Ray Bandz brings a nice featured verse with a dope flow and follows Terrell’s lead very well.

13- My Way

Scattered content here, although there are some really awesome rhyme schemes. The hook is sung and kind of catchy, helping “My Way” to be one of the better tracks on the album.

14- Fall Through feat. Carmen Ornelas

With another chill, kick-back vibe on the beat, Terrell uses it to bring another angle of content to Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac. Carmen’s singing is lovely and provides another element to the album. Combine both artists and you get another Featured Track.

15- Nights In Cincy Remix feat. Yung Jay

The vocals should be louder on this one. Terrell is back to rapping about rapping. I really like this hook, especially how well it goes with the music. Yung Jay follows Terrell’s lead while incorporating his own style before Terrell comes back with a final verse to end the song.

16- Getting There

Terrell produces a fire beat for “Getting There”. The content here is about reaching goals, moving forward, and not being held back. In terms of energy and flow, Terrell rips it wide open, landing him another Featured Track for the album.

17- Memoir: The Final Entry

Bringing in some self-reflection and self-perseverance, Terrell hits his rhymes on time with the music while incorporating a nice vocabulary. The beat ends up playing for awhile with Terrell singing inaudible lyrics almost in the background. Suddenly he bursts back into rapping for several bars before closing out the album by speaking his thoughts once again.


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Reading Road, Childhood Forever, Dreams To Reality, Fall Through, and Getting There


Terrell shows an abundance of talent on Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac, although most of it is showcased when he has specific direction for his content on the tracks. Lyrically, I feel he could use more metaphors and wordplay, as well as throw some harder punchlines from time to time. His flow is just as good as anyones though, regardless of when he’s spitting fast or slow. Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac definitely has more ups than downs, but might not have the replay value Terrell had hoped for when it’s all said and done.



(3 out of 5 stars)

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