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Every month The Write Reviews holds a giveaway for one of our review/promo packages. Last month The Write Reviews held a giveaway for The Write Package, our top shelf review/promo package. By luck of the draw, Sammy Sircharge won the package and wasted no time getting his self-titled double disc album submitted for a review. After three uninterrupted listening sessions of both discs front to back, it’s time to give Sammy Sircharge the track by track breakdown.


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1- Intro

Sammy Sircharge’s first disc is introduced by an interview on a radio show. Sammy Sircharge gives some insightful answers and a few funny ones during the interview.

2- The Man feat. Sin

The first true song starts everything off with Sin deliverying a bit of an unorthadox, yet catchy, chorus. Sammy Sircharge comes onto the album with a well-times flow. His lyrics are centered around providing a good time for everyone, especially the ladies. You can tell there’s an underlying comedic feel to his approach. This is an entertaining track and possibly a Featured Track for the album.

3- Never Change Host

The radio show host who interviewed Sammy Sircharge lets the audience know that another song from Sammy Sircharge titled “Never Change” will be playing next.

4- Never Change

Sammy Sircharge speaks about a broken relationship on “Never Change”. Of course the main issue of the situation is how things never changed between the two, but also touches on several good aspects of the relationship when they were together. He delivers a pretty contagious hook to help lock in the audience’s attention. I have a feeling the ladies will enjoy “Never Change” a lot. Sammy Sircharge could have another Featured Track right here.

5- Lookin 4 Love Announcement

The radio host is back to let listeners know what’s next, which is “Lookin For Love” by none other than Sammy Sircharge.

6- Lookin 4 Love

“Lookin For Love” features an instrumental that would likely be heard in a club, and Sammy Sircharge wastes no time in playing off of this angle. The hook leads off as Sammy Sircharge implements some voice alterations to bring a different sound to the album. In my opinion, “Lookin For Love” isn’t a bad song at all, but I feel the instrumental truly carries this track as Sammy Sircharge’s content could be compared to plenty of hip hop songs geared toward the club scene. He’s not predictable, but the song isn’t too original either.

7- Hold It Down Announcement

Our radio host returns to share thr next song he will be playing. The track’s title is “Hold It Down”, and the artist on the mic is none other than Sammy Sircharge.

8- Hold It Down ft. Darius Beatz and Rigo Luna (NuFlava)

Another song to be heard in the club, Rigo Luna kills the hook. It only takes a minute to know this track could be on the radio from coast to coast. Darius Beatz does his thing on the first verse. Sammy Sircharge leaves the slight sarcasm and spits a nice round of bars, but sounds pretty plane, or methodical, to a degree. Still, everything falls into place and comes together well enough to score one for the club.

9- In The Moment Announcement

“Here’s another hot number from Sammy Sircharge, In The Moment feat. DeAndre Aragon. When ya goin home tonight with ya ladies, make sure you dont get caught up in the moment, folks.” – radio show host

10- In The Moment feat. DeAndre Aragon

The instrumental reminds me of something a guy would slow dance to his girl with. Sammy and DeAndre use an approach to the ladies as would be expected, but they throw a little twist in the mix. Sammy Sircharge delivers the story in his lyrics. He could use a little more energy in his voice, again, and his use of she/her makes it a little confusing in keeping up with the mistress and the girlfriend, but overall he does a good job. DeAndre does well with his delivery on the hook, capturing the emotion of the track like he’s supposed to. For the final song of disc one, this is a pretty solid closer

11- Outro

The radio host returns to bring closer to disc one and urge every to jump on over to disc two, apparently known as the “trap side”.


1- Intro

The radio show host comes through the speakers to announce the first song, but as he gets through the first few lines, Sammy Sircharge comes in the room and takes over the radio station

2- Runnin It

I really like the instrumental choice for “Runnin It”. Sammy Sircharge spits a catchy hook and maintains a fluent flow throughout the track. Sammy Sircharge isn’t very lyrical in his verses, despite calling himself a lyricist in the second verse. All in all, “Runnin It” will be liked by most based on Sammy Sircharge’s charisma, flow, the instrumental and how easily the hook gets stuck in the minds of listeners.

3- Announcement

Sammy is still in the building and orders his goons to finish removing the radio host out of the building.

4- Cloudy

As can be expected by the title of the track, Sammy Sircharge delivers a weed smoker’s anthem with “Cloudy”. The instrumental is fitting for the content delivered on the track. Sammy’s flow is well-timed, as usual. Songs like this are probably the most common in hip hop when it comes to subject matter, so an emcee really has to deliver something memorable to stand out in the pack. Unfortunately, Sammy Sircharge doesn’t knock this one out of the park, but he does get on base.

5- I’m Livin feat. Scarub (Living Legends)

This beat has an upbeat intensity at its core. The hook does well to put the track in perspective and is well delivered by . Sammy Sircharge has the first verse and holds it down on his end while spitting his round of bars quicker than his typical delivery. Sammy returns for the second verse with more thought behind his lyrics. Scarub is on the hook.

6- By My Side

Sammy Sircharge takes back the duties of delivering the hook for “By My Side”, this time with a little more emotion behind his lyrics. The verses are straightforward and presented to the audience in a way that will connect with them. The music for “By My Side” keeps up with the previous beats on disc two. Sammy Sircharge did a fantastic job picking the instrumentals for both discs. The content is a little vague, which could be purposely done to let the audience use their imagination, but it also keeps this track from being a memorable one.

7- Oh feat. Stevie Stone

This beat is my favorite of them all. It thumps and instantly gets your head nodding to the music. Stevie Stone of Strange Music capitalizes on the hook with his presence and a flow that everyone likes. Sammy Sircharge rolls with the topic very well with upfront lyrics that couldnt be much more direct. “Oh” easily captures the crowd and gives the audience a final track that will stay with them. Sammy Sircharge and Stevie Stone lock in a Featured Track with this one.


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The Man, Never Change, and Oh.


Sammy Sircharge shows a lot of potential throughout the course of this double disc album, but there are several things that could be approved upon as well. During the first disc, the radio host announcing the tracks before they played may have been entertaining the first and second times that it is heard, but after that it only becomes increasingly annoying. No one wants to hit the skip button every time a song ends. I thought Sammy Sircharge did a well with grouping the similar styles and sounds of the songs on each disc, but disc one could have used more diversity between the songs like what was heard on disc two. Sammy Sircharge did not display an impressive level of lyricism by any means, yet his storytelling, flow, and instrumentals were terrific. I felt all of the features artists were well placed and did very well on their parts of the album. Its almost as if for every positive that can be brought up about this double disc album, something negative can be mentioned or improvement can be pointed out somewhere



(3 stars out of 5 stars)

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