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D Dawg the Fall Child and I crossed paths on social media and after some time of inspecting what Ive been doing with The Write Reviews, D Dawg decided to join in this great movement by having himself featured. Little did I know how much I would appreciate this happening, but by the time Off The Leash was given a track by track review, I knew this was something special and much more than I can explain in this track by track breakdown.


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1- Intro

A gathering of people are addressed at a funeral. Some comedy is tied into the skit, and is an interesting way of opening the album and gives listeners a reason to continue listening…which is exactly what I’m going to do.

2- Off The Leash feat. Thracks and Stillborn

I really like the upbeat tempo and the lady’s voice used for the hook of the track. She draws you into the song. D Dawg the Fall Child has a well structured flow. His content addresses the struggle from a few different aspects while maintaining the focus on the subject matter. Well written. Thracks also has a great flow with his lyrics, and sticks to the topic while coming from a personal point of view. Stillborn has a defined microphone presence; actually all three emcees sound really good and well-blended with one another. He brings a personal perspective as well, speaking of being a black sheep. This is a great opening track and begins the album with some creative originality. I would have never guessed the song would be approached this way from reading the title of the track.

3- Beef and Crackers

Sounds like a movie skit to open the song, although I can’t place the movie. Training Day maybe. Ripping through his lyrics, D Dawg has a deep and rough sound to his flow. The content begins with someone betraying D Dawg after gaining his trust, apparently, because D Dawg says the guy won’t be back in his inner circle anymore. This is relatable material for most men and has a “ride out” feel that is contagious.

4- Skit

Alarm clocks goes off and the television gets turned on, then off again. A phone call rips into the air and D Dawg answers to find out someone is on the way to pick him up. He goes to the bathroom and vomits from drinking the night before. We’re led into “5 Somewhere”.

5- 5 Somewhere feat. Kramsession

Damn it man, this track has bounce to it! The hook mixes with the intrumental perfectly, causing heads to nod from the start. D Dawg plays off the hook well with the first verse. Kramsession does as well, but also lives up to his name as he crams a little to much in a couple of his lines to cause a bit of an unorthadox feel to his delivery. Still, he rides out with it and after listening to the track a couple of times, I couldn’t picture a different person on the track with D Dawg.

6- Mouth

A skit paves the way for this track as well. D Dawg blazes a hell of a trail through his lyrics on “Mouth”, which could probably have the word ‘motor’ before it in the title. The hook blends with the verses so well that I didnt even notice it the first time I heard the song. D Dawg locks in another very solid track with “Mouth”.

7- Wounds

With the music starting out dramatic and slow on “Wounds”, the speed switch would seem to affect D Dawg but it has no bearing on the emcee. His microphone presence really comes to life on this track. The hook is catchy and puts the track into perspective. The content deals with being stuck in this system that has been built around us, with most people having no clue about it happening. Another great track with interesting content. The song ends with D Dawg hearing someone at his door, apparently the person who had called him earlier in the album.

8- Oblivion feat. The Jokerr

The Jokerr is one of my favorite underground artists to listen to (Don’t get that confused with one of my favorite underground artists), because he does such a great job with mixing and mastering and has a fantastic sound to his hooks. That is exactly how D Dawg uses The Jokerr for this track, and I really like that D Dawg delivers some great verses that fall right into The Jokerr’s sound and style. This one will be fighting for my favorite song of the album.

9- Respek feat. Thracks and Stillborn

The song opens with Birdman’s radio station situation that made waves through the underground several months ago and became the butt of many memes throughtout social media. Many of the comments I made about “Off The Leash” could be said about this track. All three emcees have a sound about them that blends well and makes them great on a track together. The hook will easily become stuck in the head of anyone who listens. The track closes with a little more from the Birdman situation and an additional segment to the album’s underlying situation.

10- Transgressions feat. Shelley Rena

Any man who has been in a relationship with a woman knows exactly how it feels to be in a situation like the one that’s painted during the course of “Transgressions”. D Dawg spits some wicked imagery and nails the flow to the floor while Shelley drops one hell of a hook. The scenes played out during the course of the song help put listeners in the mix and brings everything to life. The only negative is that I feel there should be more of the actual song than the scenes that are acted out. Regardless, women and men will feel this one from start to end. D Dawg has another great addition to the album with “Transgressions”.

11- Cornbread Bounce

A couple well known scenes from a couple well known movies kick off the track, or maybe it’s the bounce of the beat following the scenes that kick off the track… Nah, it’s D Dawg’s contagious delivery of the hook and rapid fire spitfest he provides while dropping his lines that kick the track off. Whichever one it is, this track is exactly what someone needs to turn up with in the latter part of an album. “Cornbread Bounce” hits another home run for Off The Leash.

12- Run Wit

It’s truly awesome how D Dawg can have so many tracks with catchy hooks while they all sounding different and match up with the music so well. This one would have done well as a followup to “Transgressions” because of the second verse, while the first verse rolls well after “Cornbread Bounce”. Definitely one of the hype tracks of Off The Leash despite having somewhat of a slow feel to the music.

13- Resolution

Ive heard this hook tied into a beat before (Yes, this exact hook) and it’s awesome to hear someone take such a hard instrumental and make it into a classic track. While most emcees wouldve taken this instrumental and went the lyrical route or tried to twist a radio sounding song out of it, D Dawg goes a completely unexpected direction and hits the heart of listeners by pouring emotion into his words and his delivery. My past leads me to feel this track from beginning to end, and battles with “Oblivion” for my favorite of the album.

14- For The Kids

The final track of the album has a sweet voice to sing the hook. D Dawg addresses his children in a deep, touching track that also hits home for me. I feel the pain and joy described on this one. My little boy is my world as well, and I couldn’t imagine being away from him. D Dawg has truly brought more than enough to the table with this album and impressed me beyond words.


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Off The Leash, Beef and Crackers, 5 Somewhere, Mouth, Wounds, Oblivion, Respek, Transgressions, Cornbread Bounce, Run Wit, Resolution, and For The Kids


I never mentioned Featured Tracks during this review because I knew there would be a lot of them during my first listen of this album. Little did I know how much I would enjoy Off The Leash by the time I had a third round with the album. D Dawg the Fall Child showed creativity, lyricism, heartfelt emotion, a great use of featured artists, and an addicting development to his music. D Dawg the Fall Child’s Off The Leash will battle for Album of the Year at The Write Awards in April of 2017. Don’t skip this one or it’s your loss.



(5 out of 5 stars – CLASSIC STATUS)

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