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Chi Money is a member of The Fraternity, a group of talented artists residing in the underground of hip hop. He isn’t new to The Write Reviews, having his previous album Spontaneous Inspiration reviewed earlier this year. One of his songs from that album, “Contradictions”, was listed among the 24 Featured Tracks of the Year at The Write Awards. Being named at The Write Awards is what has led to this… the track by track breakdown of Orchestrated Chaos.


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1- How It Got Like This

With a mello feel to the music, Chi Money opens Orchestrated Chaos with the self-hyping, everyone-else-isn’t-on-my-level track titled “How It Got Like This”. The hook, which is rather wordy but stil catchy, starts the track. In his two verses Chi Money uses a down to Earth approach instead of slinging punchlines like most emcees tend to do with these type of tracks. He does incorporate some wordplay while maintaining a smooth flow throughout the course of the song. “How It Got Like This” proves to be a worthy opener for Orchestrated Chaos.

2- Dotted Line

I feel like the lyrical content is kind of vague on “Dotted Line”, and the part of the hook that is sung is so hard to understand it distractions the listener. At least it distracted me because I couldn’t figure out what Chi Money is trying to say. There are a couple attempts at wordplay that just miss completely with me and Chi Money’s voice doesn’t go well with the beat on this one. I’ve played Chi Money’s music for several friends and they either love the sound of his voice or it annoys the piss out of them. “Dotted Line” just doesn’t hit home with me on any level after listening to the track several times.

3- Rigamortis

This instrumental has a sense of urgency and intensity, and is much more suited for Chi Money’s voice. The hook starts this track and is pretty catchy. Chi Money tells the story of a man who only cared about money and saw everyone as a way of getting more bread. I feel Chi Money could have built the story a little more, maybe using a third verse to do so, because the pace of everything goes a little too quickly for listeners to really connect with everything. Regardless, Chi Money uses imagery to paint the picture and maintains a fluid flow throughout the song that the audience will appreciate. “Rigarmortis” is a song that will be appreciated by any fan of music who enjoys a good plot.

4- Daylight Is Gone

A slower paced instrumental sets the tone for “Daylight Is Gone”. Chi Money leads with the hook, which follows the wordy path of the previous hooks. The content is about people making choices that cause their dreams to shatter, from what I gather. This type of subject matter is relatable to most adults and Chi Money does well in his delivery of thought provoking lyrics. Solid track for the album here.

5- Don’t Fxck Around

I’m on the fence on how I feel about this instrumental. Chi Money delivers one of his catchiest hooks. His rhyme schemes and flow remain his strong suits. Chi Money throws in a little wordplay but mostly drops direct lines. “Don’t Fxck Around” is Chi Money bragging over the best, more than anything. Although he is technically talking down about others instead of boosting himself, his constant questioning of the intelligence of others leaves me with the same feeling. More energy and fixing the slightly awkward transfers between shifting his flow would be a major difference on this track. And there is no way I’m the only person who feels the song ends rather abruptly. It seems like Chi Money is even caught off guard when “Don’t Fxck Around” comes to a close.

6- The Hunger

This instrumental has incredible energy right off the bat. Chi Money sounds like he’s vibing with this best as he spits his bars with a deeper tone than usual. He writes another solid hook, but comes through as wordy again. Normally I would not be the one to complain about a wordy hook, as I prefer them over repeating the same line over and over. However, a hook is referred to as a hook for a reason, and an abundance of wordy hooks may not hurt Chi Money’s ability to lock in his audience’s attention, but chances are they’re not helping much, either. Chi Money’s bars are back on the self-hype, “you aren’t on my/our level” approach. Fortunately his delivery is right on time with “The Hunger”.

7- Those Thoughts

Aggressive with an attack-mode ready delivery, many would think Chi Money would go into an all-out lyrical assault after hearing the hook to open the track. If you had “Those Thoughts” then you’re wrong. Chi Money does incorporate some clever wordplay, but he uses a storytelling approach that includes some of his best imagery on Orchestrated Chaos at this point in the album.

8- We Know

“We Know” moves Orchestrated Chaos into a completely different direction as Chi Money slides into a song for ladies. His hook fits into the catchy category without repeating any of the lines in the chorus, which isn’t as easy to develop as most would think. The music is likely to make everyone move with the melody. The verses are well written and delivered with a smooth, laidback cadance that rolls with the instrumental. “We Know” locks in a Featured Track slot for Orchestrated Chaos.

9- Move On

Adding anothet layer to Orchestrated Chaos is “Move On”, which showcases some of the strongest rhyme schemes and storytelling with vivid imagery that Chi Money has displayed up to this point on the album. Back to back Featured Tracks seems to be the case as “Move On” concludes.

10- Road Rage

I have to admit, Chi Money came up with a creatively clever way to feed off of the instrumental. At first I didn’t feel like the music matched well with the content, but this is one of those songs that quickly grows on you. Not sure how someone misses a green light…that line threw me off. I feel like Chi Money could’ve shredded some wordplay when it comes to this topic, but he opts to hit lightly instead. Regardless, “Road Rage” is a great addition to Orchestrated Chaos.

11- What’s With That feat. Lapse

Perhaps the catchiest hook of Orchestrated Chaos leads the way on “What’s With That”. The instrumental provides a sense of urgency with its quick tempo. Chi Money brings several issues to light, mostly the loyalty of others, while delivering his bars with a smooth flow. The album’s only featured artist, Lapse, carries a fluid flow and sticks to the topic at hand. It seems like he is cut off at the end of his verse. “What’s With That” has an interesting topic and proves to be another solid addition to Orchestrated Chaos

12- American I

I really enjoy this beat and the feeling of intensity that comes with it. The hook Chi Money presents does a good job putting the track into perspective. Most of his content is centered around Chi Money not being a gangster, but explains he has no problem becoming one if needed. When everything is said and done, “American I” could use a little something more to add some life to it.

13- Hostage

It feels like Chi Money uses a similar structure in nearly every song on the album- hook, verse, hook, verse…and “Hostage” continues the formula. “Hostage” isn’t a track that will have much staying power with the audience despite a hook that might find itself stuck in a few of the listener’s minds, which results in “Hostage” being less than stellar as it brings Orchestrated Chaos to a close.


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Rigarmortis, We Know, and Move On


Chi Money’s follow up to his Spontaneous Inspiration album isn’t much different than its predecessor in many aspects. While Chi Money provides a fluent flow and displays plenty of potential with his writing abilities, he isn’t really able to break out with a truly memorable album in Orchestrated Chaos. More elements to his writing coupled with his ability to develop creative topics would be a plus, and switching up the song structures would help break up the monotony a bit. Despite all of this, Orchestrated Chaos is a pretty solid collection of tracks added to Chi Money’s discography.



(3 out of 5 stars)

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