Hellaween 2



An album by Ray Ray of Smoke One Ent.

Review presented by Dead Dreads

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There are many genres of music, and several different categories within each genre. As The Write Reviews expands, I feel it’s only fair to have a team of writers who enjoy hip hop in its big picture, but who also have a slight preference in a category of the genre on an individual basis. This allows the writer to know exactly what the fans of each category expect from an artist and enjoy to hear when it comes to that particular style.

Horrorcore, goth rap, Juggalo music- all of these particular styles of hip hop seem to be closely related when compared with one another. The Write Reviews’ newest member, the wicked writer known as Dead Dreads, seems to agree after considering


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1- Raisin’ Hell

Perfect introduction to this sinister, w.i.c.k.e.d. album. Ray Ray lets you know exactly where he is coming from and where this album is going. His intentions are to raise hell and the title is a fitting start to his second Hellaween compilation.

2- Satan Made Me Do It feat. Locodunit and Saxston

Ray Ray has difficulty incorporating featured artists on his tracks and this is a prime example. It often seems the other artists try to reach a purity of evil that is just not within them so it seems forced. This is opposed to Ray Ray, who flows naturally and really speaks his mind. The hook is simple, but still good and I enjoy the way his verse (he has the third verse) incorporates the hook. Very creative. This is a song I’ll definitely be playing for the homies; I just think it would have been better for him to rip the track himself.

3- Type of Killa feat. Stoopid Gutta

Straight up banger, especially for a short track. This one brings the heat. Ray Ray displays the right amount of hype in his delivery and will leave you no choice but to throe up the devil horns and bang your head. His lyrics on this track are brought forth with confidence; he knows what he’s spittin is fire and doesn’t need the listener to know it or cosign to this. The hook didn’t fit the way the verse came in to kill shit. It probably could have been put together better to match the aggression tones of the rest of the song.

4- Voices feat. Rebelyus

Holy Hell! Listening to the hatred coming through during this delivery will make Brotha Lynch say Grrrr. This is by far my favorite verse Ray Ray brings on the album. From the lyrics to his flow, the man spits fire once again. It seems to come out of nowhere as the beginning of the track starts off with a poppy, club-hit kind of feel.

5- Haunted House feat. Dr3bo and Teflon Dollar

Call the gynecologists- this beat is sick nasty. Perfect for the Hellaween theme as it will literally give you chills. The scary vibe and the slaughter house subject matter are a perfect fit. Even the placement of the track on this album works really well. It brings you back to the message and ideas that are being portrayed. I like the range of delivery he can give. This track, unlike others, has a laid back tone, yet the demonic elements are not compromised. Call this classic wicked shit. Unlike a lot of his collaborations, this one really works, and as a result, sets this song apart from other tracks on Hellaween 2.

6- Kush Be All In Me feat. Koopsta Knicca and Saxston

Now it’s time to take a smoke break. After all, this is Smoke One Entertainment. We all have love for the Devil’s grass. This is more of your typical modern hip hop song as we take a break from the sadistic violence and death. I can appreciate the love for smoke. The vocal bass in the hook goes well with this track, in reference to Ray Ray’s high pitch delivery. They’re extreme opposites, but I dig it the hook, unlike the song really. I got love for the triple six, but this isn’t Hellaween material; it’s really just another rap song.

7- Live to Kill You feat. Razakel and Smoke Da Donna

Jumpin right back into high energy aggressive delivery. Ray Ray brings, it as always, but the second verse loses all interest in ever hearing this song again. The hook was pretty weak as well, as the lyrics were pretty corny and it had a poor delivery, in my opinion.

8- He Dead feat. Shini Madara

Another spooky beat well fitting for Hellaween 2. This one brings the high energy delivery over slower beats, but is definitely is missing that great equalizer to make it work. The hook is too repetitive and honestly not that creative.

9- On God

This is a frail ending for a pretty good album. Technically speaking, the quality of this song is good but I would have preferred it end as it started- with over-the-top shock value of destruction in comparison to the relatively peaceful ending that was chosen. Not a fan of the vocal production during the hook and the lyrics chosen also seem like dialogue used in any club across the nation instead of the unique words spoken on most of the album.


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Type of Killa, Voices, and Haunted House


Ray Ray has a very different feel compared to today’s contemporary hip hop. I enjoy his high energy and aggressive dictation. I like concept albums and, as Halloween is my favorite holiday, this one really speaks to me. The way he speaks with such conviction is very appealing and I think, if given more opportunity to have people hear this record, he could enjoy quite a bit of success with his music. This is an album I would encourage any music fan to check out. Personally, I think Ray Ray would benefit from standing alone more often. The people he brings with him on this album are just not on his level, neither in skill or when it comes to subject matter. I enjoy shock value and wish this album didn’t fizzle the way it did at the end.

Ray Ray has serious skills on the mic and has excellent production to go with it. Depending on one’s individual preference, the demographic of this style of music can be rather limited, but I think anyone open minded enough to appreciate good, quality music will appreciate the album. If you like dark, wicked, horror-filled subject matter then you’ll love Hellaween 2. This is my style of music and personally, I would purchase this album and probably travel to see Ray Ray perform.


⭐⭐⭐ .5

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

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