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Illitant and I have been connected through social media for a little while now, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I asked him about getting an album breakdown on the website. After a little discussion, Illitant decided he would submit his most recent release, a mixtape titled Forget Me Not. By reading his posts from time to time on social media, I knew he harnessed a witty mind and I looked forward to reviewing the mixtape.

What I did not know was that Shaun Frerichs would be approaching me a short time later, addressing his interest in joining the team here at The Write Reviews. Wanting to expand the staff a little more, I accepted Shaun on board and immediately thought of Forget Me Not as the first album for Shaun to review. I had already heard the album a couple times and knew what I thought of the album, so I guess I was trying to see if Shaun and I had like minds when it comes to writing reviews. There was no way of knowing Shaun would capture my thoughts and write them as his own in the review you are about to read below.

– Warren Peace


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1- I’m Back

Solid introductory song with a very clear statement. Illitant shows off his well rounded lyricism as well as his great flow which are staples from this track to the end of the project. This is my least favorite song on the EP, not because it’s a bad song by any means, just because I feel like it’s a couple of notches below the other songs, especially on the hook. Nothing is wrong with it technically speaking, it just doesn’t feel like it belongs on this type of track and kind of disrupts the theme the project is trying to set. Other than that one little thing, this track does a good job setting the tone for the rest of the EP and has some dope lyrics intact that you can just feel the hunger and anger radiating off of.

2- Raw

Before you even play this song, you can look at the title track and guess what you’re about to get. Hard bars and a braggadocios rapper spitting relentlessly to show just how dope he actually is. Now it all comes down to execution, because it’s easy to say you’re raw on the mic before you spit, but a lot of emcees really fail to live up to the bar they set. Illitant shows out on this one, which carries over the starving artist persona you caught glimpses of in the first track and lets him eat. He starts out in the intro talking about how he almost gave all of this music business up, which really hit me as an artist because we’ve all felt that way before. It’s apparent he got his spark back, the hook fits well and excellent choice of beat.

3- 1 2 3

Starting off with a hook that’s reminiscent of “RAW,” “123” sounds a lot more like a party song than its predecessor. With another great instrumental selection, Illitant proceeds to drop the great lyrics with the fluid flow we’ve become accustomed to seeing thus far. Though seeming more party orientated, Illitant doesn’t lose his objective and keeps his aggression and energy cranked up on the track. Not missing a step when it comes to his lyricism, and maintaining the project’s tone throughout. So, it’s not your traditional anthem, but boy, is it still an ANTHEM.

4- All Alone feat. RDM

Another awesome selection when it comes to instruments, which Illitant has a great ear for. This track revolves around the artist being angry that he’s given hip hop so much and hasn’t really gotten much back from the genre, with the hook echoing back that one day his dreams will pay off. Something I can personally relate to.. The feature of RDM is a great fit, he comes in and finishes off the track very well, and stands tall as the only guest feature on the EP.

5- Never Been

My favorite hook on the EP by far, very memorable and high on aggression. Another great beat selection, Illitant’s style and flow is really reminiscent of Rittz on this track in my opinion, very fluid and rapid fire with a nice vocabulary as well. Also, this track is host to some of my favorite lyrics on the EP, with clever metaphors and a very convincing delivery. Illitant is very versatile when it comes to his styles, he hops on all of these beats and rides them perfectly to the very end. There aren’t any slip-ups or faults, he’s got his flow down-pat. Everything about this track just comes together and meshes amazing in my opinion, Maybe the best song on the whole EP in my opinon.

6- Get It In

Another anthem type, this time less for the party people and more for the paper chasers. The flow and style of this song takes the crown for the entire project, though I had complimented on the track before how flawless Illitant’s flow was throughout the EP, there’s just something about this song that really stands out from the rest. The instrumental just feels like it was tailor made for what Illitant’s style is, he seems free on the track, unbounded and able to do whatever he pleases with his craft. Though not his best lyrical performance, he still puts on quite a show and this track stands out a lot in my eyes.

7- Forget Me Not

Ahhh we’ve finally found it, the titular track, the one that sums up the ride that we’ve been on and shows us to the exit in a sane, and orderly fashion. These tracks usually serve as a sign to grab your coat and start heading for the door because the show is over, the credits are rolling and the voice comes over the intercom that thanks us all for coming out. Only Illitant has other things in mind, he sends off with a bang instead. Though nothing here Is really anything different than what we’ve been hearing, it doesn’t have to. This is the summary of the EP, the theme and every word spoken all condensed into one nice package. Beat selection is perfect for the outro, though it lacks a lot of the aggression that the previous tracks had, Illitant stands his ground and delivers an abundance of bars. The hook is a perfect wrap up as well, this is also a must hear song from the project. Very good way to send the listener off.

8- Outro

This is completely unnecessary filler to me, doesn’t add anything to the EP, just there to waste space I suppose. This may be a cool insert to somebody who is an avid listener of Illitant’s but as for me and you, the average listener, it serves no real purpose. I know it’s just a 50 second talking skit and I shouldn’t be so critical of it, I just think it would have been better to leave us hanging on the greatness of “Forget Me Not” and begging for a replay, but that is only my humble opinion.


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Raw, Never Been, and Forget Me Not


In my opinion, this album is a very good listen from start to finish. The selection of beats and Illitant’s style and flow will never leave you bored he keeps the ball rolling the entire project and hardly even stops for breathers. And unlike many rappers with a great flow, he doesn’t become one dimensional with it, he also puts on an amazing show lyrically, it’s not just what he says but how he delivers it that makes his lyrics THAT much stronger. Illitant just really sets the atmosphere for his EP and sticks to it, he never strays away from what his focus is and what he wants the listeners to hear. Nothing Is forced here, fluidity is really one of the keys to this project’s success, the way Illitant hops track to track with such great transition is what really made the EP great to me, he makes his presence known and “Forget Me Not” will surely be etched in your brain from the moment you listen to it on, the catchy hooks and the beats will stay in your head for the rest of the day after you listen, this is surely a listen that is worth your time.

My only complaint is, this album doesn’t really break the mold conceptually, it’s pretty much the same thing all rapper’s are rapping about repetitively. There’s no real deep dive into the artist’s mind, none of the songs are deeper than their names. Most of the tracks you’re able to take at face value with nothing more to them. Maybe that’s just a preference of mine? That doesn’t take away from the fact that Illitant takes these common rap concepts and absolutely executes them all to perfection. He truly delivers a very enjoyable album, high on energy, great on beat selection, lyrically sound from the hook to every single verse, and heavy on flow and style, I would recommend this to all hip hop fans alike.



(4 out of 5 stars)

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