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An album by Brooke “B.K.” Archilla

Review presented by Dead Dreads

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Having some experience hearing BK’s music and knowing how gifted she is in connecting with listeners, I wanted to have someone who may never have heard this album otherwise do this review to see if BK is truly capable of grasping nearly anyone’s ear she reaches.

Of course, my good friend and horrorcore hip hop fan Dead Dreads came to mind. He readily accepted the album, but seemed like he was going to form an opinion before the first listen. I was wrong, of course, as he dove into the album with an open mind and an open ear.

– Warren Peace


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1- I’m Back

The initial impression of this exceptionally versitile album can be misdirected with this introduction. “I’m Back” does not illustrate any sort of justice for either BK or this record. This track comes with a vibe similar to today’s popular music, lacking substance and restraining the unique range of skill that only BK can bring. Even the beat on this track is reaching and doesn’t prepare listeners for what’s coming next, leaving me with a feeling that it’s just common. She does show a nice delivery and mic presence from the first line, showing the perfect balance of confidence and charisma without coming off as cocky.

2- Let My Music Speak

The title track is where this album should have began and it, in fact, does. Bringing you to the beginning of a musical path in life, it shows the power of remaining humble and giving inspiration. The hook reveals who BK is as a true artist with very unique, pure harmonies. Her ability to spit with the best of them will never be questioned, but the aspect of her singing ability is what sets her apart from other artists, giving this track the capability of being appreciated by any true music fan. The music driving the emotion behind the lyrics combines to make a perfect match and a beautiful song.

3- A Place For Me

Anyone who is successful should be able to tell you about pain- the pain of reachibg the point of needing to be by yourself to accomplish your goal, then dealing with the pain of being alone. Many people can relate to the situation discussed in the first verse, which is followed by a hook completely special to BK and performed with a pleasent deliverance equalivent to the brilliantly chosen music to provide a message that comes across exactly how it was intended. The second verse is one of my favorites of the album. This gets deeply personal, therefore the reach won’t sticn with many except those of us who have been through it, and those who do get it will be left shaking off the cold chills it brings. Even if you aren’t familiar with those type of life experiences, lovers of storytelling will greatly appreciate this track. The music fading into the thunderstorm is the only way to end such a great track.

4- Hardest Part feat. Nappy Roots

Inspiration is the strongest feeling that listening to Let My Music Speak will bring. Another solid chorus is present on this one. The unique spin on success will be much obliged. Although the concept of the track is a rather popular subject matter, that is- making it in the rap game, BK brings a clever flare to it. This helps create a great collaboration with Nappy Roots, who speaks on success in the beginning to give you a positive feeling. Then, throughout the remainder of the track, taking you through the struggle, hustle, grind, and failing before reaching success.

5- Someday

Another song that can be easily relatable for listeners. This isn’t one of BK’s strongest lyrically as some lines are overly simplistic, but even a weaker track with one of the duller instrumentals of the album can be brought to life with the power of her singing. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable tune, it’s just contained with little substance lyrically.

6- Cold Heart

As far as the tracks for this album, this song can get overlooked with nothing much to set this one apart in a positive note. Once again, enough cannot be saud about the ability BK has to mesh well provided instrumentals and solid hooks, however the lyrics at this point of the album can almost come across as repetitive. The bridge comes in to pick this track up, leaving a good ending to one of Let My Music Speak’s weaker songs.

7- My Way Thing

This is the definition of raw right from the beginning. “Let the music resume, the only thing that doesn’t put me in a bad mood” and “I’m doing music for free because nobody will drop to cop a CD” are two examples of the realest shit that could ever be spoken on a track. This is definitely one of the most complete tracks of the album. Her delivery is flawless as her rhythm and flow are perfect. Even compared with the other tracks that show her strongest gifts of writing and recording great hooks, this one stands miles above the rest. I always say, if you don’t like Rage Against The Machibe then you don’t apprecoate music and I would put this track on the short list as such. The introduction of guitar pickin on this track reminds me of a late 80’s/ early 90’s great rock song. Not that this sounds similar to Rage, because BK definitely brings her own unique flavor to it. This track is one Ill be playing for the homies at the party. “I’m so unaware of everything that I don’t care”- if you can’t feel that then you aren’t really feeling shit.

8- Home feat. Big Rube

This one is definitely different, but so is everything she’s putting out. She knows to relay exactly how she wants you to feel at any given moment. Mixing this style of instrumental (a touch of Bluegrass) with the lyrics and delivery is rare and difficult to master, but this track proves BK’s skills and ability as she does just that. The spoken words give a ‘commentary’ feeling which provides the garnish on another solid effort.

9- By Storm

When I refer to how inspiring this album can be, this track is probably the best example of that. “Take the world by storm” is a phrase that everyone can relate to struggles sinking in and using that to reach your full potential. Even the toughest of people go through hard times and their world could improve just by being reassured and told that they are beautiful and loved.

10- Unstoppable feat. Doc

This is the only track I would say had to grow on me. I feel like this is where the album begins to descend. Not a bad track at all, but I mean when comparing it to other tracks on the album. Still bringing lots of inspiration along with brilliant harmonies makes it nice to hear. A beautiful song to relax and take a deep breathe to, and includes a decent feature from Doc.

11- Hands Up

I feel this is a disappointing ending to this album. From the basic, overplayed sound of the beat to the nearly meaningless lyrics; it’s the only time the delivery seems to be reaching in an attempt to be aggressive. In my opinion, it really takes away from the excellence of this album.


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Let My Music Speak, A Place For Me, and My Way Thing


Range. The range of this album is astonishing. This is honestly a record that could be appreciated by any music fan. BK is an incredibly talented artist with a gigantic variety in skills, from creativity to style to impressive singing ability to her demonstration of real rhythm and poetry. This is a fantastic album woth little to speaking negatively about. I do wish more effort was put in to giving a great album better closure. The intro didn’t really show any of the talent this artist possesses. That being said, the rest of this record doesn’t have much room for improvement. It’s easy to do something unique- the difficult part is doing it in a way in which anyone will carr about it. Let My Music Speak does this extremely well. Anyone who listens to this album will definitely be coming back for more. This album contains heart. It is music in its purest form. BK’s expressive content is for her, not for her fans and definitely not attempting to conform to any stansards. I feel this deserves every bit of a four star rating.



(4 out of 5 stars)

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