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An album by Alex Orion

Review presented by Warren Peace

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Alex Orion had a full length album, The Dark Ages, reviewed on the site just a few months ago in August. I was the one to review the 19 track album, and I felt there were many areas Alex Orion would have to improve upon if he was going to take this seriously, and if he wanted people to take him seriously. I had no idea that he would return with an EP in such a short time, and it makes sense for me to review this album personally to see if I feel Alex has grown as an artist.

There’s only one way to find out…


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1- Where You Wanna Go

The opening instrumental has a simple, slow melody. Alex Orion flows well to the beat, bringing up some personal issues during the course of the track. Every once in awhile he spits a line that doesn’t follow along with the subject matter he speaks about during the majority of the verses. There are a couple of times when his lines don’t end in rhymes, which causes his delivery to come out awkward. For an opening track, “Where Ya Wanna Go” isn’t as strong as Orion needs it to be, but it’s not a horrible opener, either.

2- 9-5 feat. Madtatter

I really like how this instrumental sounds with its creepy, haunting aura. I would have never expected the track to be about hating work by listening to the beat. Alex Orion could be a little more distinct and clear with his lines, not to mention he doesn’t seem quite as into it as his featured artist. Still, he stays with the topic and does his best to keep his flow from falling off. The hook is a little too repetitive. Madtatter’s delivery fits amazingly well with the music; it’s aggressive and comes from a dark place. Actually, Madtatter’s is able to make the topic at hand sound like it belongs on this type of instrumental. His lyrics stay on the subject, but his verse is a lot shorter than Orion’s, somewhat throwing the balance of the song off.

3- Boom Sound

Here’s another beat I really enjoy. Alex Orion delivers some clever lines and, for the most part, a timely flow. “Boom Sound” is centered around a self-hype approach, and Orion is able to stay on topic despite some randomness to his bars. The hook isn’t exactly uniformed, so people won’t find the lyrics getting stuck in their heads easily. Alex Orion almost sounds like someone else altogether on the second verse. “Boom Sound” is a pretty short track, but not a bad addition to the EP.

4- Told Em

Another great instrumental choice. Alex Orion continues with the same self-hype approach he had in “Boom Sound”. There are some awkward pauses during his verses that can give the impression that he isn’t prepared to me a song, but instead he is just freestyling and trying to fill time or extend the length of the EP. He does stuck to his guns and stays with the self-hype style, but I feel his lines could be more clever and witty. The hook on “Told Em” is the best of the album so far, no questions asked. “Told Em” is another really short track that isn’t going to give the audience much to walk away with.

5- Ungodly

With only six songs on the entire EP, it probably isn’t a good idea to have three self-hype songs in the mix, especially not back to back to back. On “Ungodly”, Alex Orion actually loses focus a couple of times. There’s no hook to be had this time around, but Orion does maintain a pretty smooth flow throughout the track. Alex Orion could really benefit more by using his wordplay and punchlines game, definitely needed for tracks like these.

6- Your Life

“Your Life” features the hardest instrumental of the entire album, which is legitimately full of fantastic beats minus the opening beat. Alex Orion brings his hardest and most felt flow of the entire album, just to shatter it with an auto tune hook (something he was making fun of other artists using earlier in the album). In the verse, I really feel his delivery. This is something he should experiment with more often. “Your Life” has the potential of being a great track, and in terms of flow and delivery, this very well could be the best I’ve heard out of Alex Orion.


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Told Em and Your Life (without the hook)


Alex Orion has shown me huge steps of progression in the very short EP in comparison to his album that was previously reviewed on the site, The Dark Ages. With 5 out of 6 instrumentals giving the foundation for great tracks, Alex Orion proves he has an ear for solid beats. His flow, while still shaky at times, was a lot more consistent and on time with the music. His content was more focused on the topics at hand, and he was able to drop some pretty clever lines from time to time. There’s still work to be done and things to learn, but Alex Orion is moving in the right direction.



(2 out of 5 stars)

Alex Orion has also had his “The Dark Ages” album reviewed on our site!

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