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Receiving his first album review on the website, J-Pegs sent his The Meaning of Life 2 project for evaluation. What album title could be more fitting when considering the end of the year is upon us. And for us to find out if The Meaning of Life 2 is as significant of an album as the title suggests, I thought Authentik Rhymez was the perfect person to breakdown this project piece by piece. Will J-Pegs close out the year on a high note with this meaningful album, as the title suggests, or will Authentik Rhymez find out the project lacks any substance worth sharing?
– Warren Peace


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1- Rap Lives Matter

Starting this project off, J-Pegs gives some insight to what physical and mental obstacles rap artists must face coming into the music industry. I really enjoyed the beat selection on this one. It really gives off a nice atmosphere,
especially for the narrative style writing in this piece. Nice, smooth flows over a mellow piano beat really allow the listener to ease into this project nicely. Great way to start the project off.

2- Go Outside feat. A Smith

Next up is a classic, boom-bap style Jay Pluss beat playing over another mellow, piano melody. J-Pegs was definitely able to bring the competitive flare the subject of this track needed. However, fellow artist A. Smith wasn’t as strong on this track as J-Pegs, lacking a bit of charisma and conviction in his lyrics here and there. Nonetheless, this was a more aggressive track, lyrically, allowing for both artists to showcase their talents.

3- Fam First feat. Kinny Franks

Third on this project comes a more trap style piece, allowing J-Pegs & fellow artist Kinny Franks to speak on a broad range of topics you’d typically hear over modern day rap music. Kinny Franks starts us off well, and sets the tone for the rest of the track. The title of this track says it all, it’s all about taking care of those close to you first before anybody. I’m not a big fan of the track overall, some of the content isn’t what I listen for, but this is still a nice attempt to branch out and reach the masses.

4- Over The Bridge feat. E the Rapper

A rising star in the independent scene, E the Rapper makes an appearance on the hook of this next piece. The vocalizing in the chorus is a welcomed change compared to what we’ve heard so far, bringing range and harmonics to the project, though keeping its competitive roots. E the Rapper and J-Pegs compliment each other well as they transition back and forth from the hook to verse, however, you can definitely hear the experience in E’s vocals, compared to J-Pegs’. Some of the lyrics in the verses are pretty simple, but you can get away with it on a track with a catchy chorus like this one.

5- F. U. feat. Kilo

Do I really need to explain the theme of this one? J-Pegs and Kilo go in on a darker piano beat. The flow styles in this project, especially in this piece, remind me of Big Sean a little bit. Kilo comes in strong with a big “F U” in the chorus to all the haters. This isn’t the first track I would play for a new listener, but it’s definitely something to nod your head to.

6- Down With Us

We’re taken back to a softer, mellow production in this piece. I’m seeing that pattern in the beat selection, which shows me J-Pegs is sticking to what he knows and isn’t reaching too far out his comfort zone. The chorus describes a girl wanting to be down with J-Pegs and his lifestyle, and the verses go into a bit more detail about the life itself. Solid track all around, definitely one I’d play for new listeners.

7- Meaning feat. Nathan Ortiz

We open to a sample of a classic oldies song in this piece. Nathan Ortiz starts us off on the first verse, though it wasn’t as strong as it could’ve been. It almost sounds like you can tell Ortiz is reading his lyrics off as he goes, due to the lack of conviction, charisma and overall mic presence. Fortunately, J-Pegs picks it back up and expresses his philosophy on life. Overall a decent track, but it could’ve been executed better on Nathan’s part.

8- High Times feat. Blacc Gee

Another sampled beat here, with some modern drum patterns keep the pace of the track moving fairly quick. Blacc Gee comes in and starts us off well. I almost hear Trae Da Truth in his tone and overall delivery. There is no hook here, rather a break in between the two verses for 8 bars. I enjoyed that because it gave me some time to sit back and nod my head to the beat. I just wish the artists had wrote a bit more to this beat, it felt empty and short after the two verses ended. Still a solid track all around.

9- Spoiled feat. Lil KIC

Upon listening to this track, I thought my volume had went down without my knowledge, but then I realized that it was just the overall mix of the song. The title is pretty self explanatory, being centered around stories of chicks who are so spoiled by men. Lil KIC uses some autotune on his vocals, which is nothing new to the scene these days. The two artists worked well together here, though they came with some average lyrical content. I wish the levels were adjusted properly, other than that it was a decent track.

10- Gene Wilder feat. Audio Push

Another easygoing track here. AudioPush makes a guest appearance on a verse and delivers a nice flow. There doesn’t seem to be a central theme in this track, other than exploring the artists’ imagination, where anything goes. I respect the fact that J-Pegs decided to pay homage to the late great Gene Wilder in the intro. Overall a pretty average track, but still worth a listen.

11- Balcony

We open this track with a simple guitar melody and some quick-hitting open hi-hats. The message is pretty clear in this track, J-Pegs discusses his mind state and the elevation of his craft as the years went by. The chill vibes make this a great track to sit back and chill to, and his aggressiveness in some of his bars keep you listening to what he’s got to say. A good track to show new listeners.

12- I Know A Place feat. Bez B

This next track is a perfect piece for those looking to have a good time. The style fits what you would hear from most mainstream artists out these days, with an r&b style melody in the production, and simple autotuned lyrics. The content, though a bit average, still keep me listening and entertained. The track centers around the artists’ love for smoking, drinking and just feeling good. Though the lyrics are pretty straightforward, the two express their thoughts with some fun wordplay sprinkled here and there. The piece is an easy listen, transitioning well from each verse to the next and the chorus summarizes the theme with some nice, catchy lyrics. Another track worth
the listen, and is one of several favorites for me so far.

13- Love Me feat. Twisted Insane and DaVinci McVeigh

Artists Twisted Insane & DaVinci McVeigh join J-Pegs on this underground track. With its dark beat, and alternative lyrics, this piece is the most different from all other tracks on the project. I’m impressed with the content and diversity shown here. I follow a lot of underground artists and this definitely fits into that category well. Twisted Insane & DaVinci McVeigh kill this, and J-Pegs knocks it out as usual. Simply a real solid track.

14- Speak It Into Existence feat. Nekro G

Here we have another aggressive,
underground style track, which is a fresh switch up from the more mellow vibes I’ve been hearing throughout this project. This track essentially revolves around the typical ‘I’m better than you’ vibe you hear everywhere in underground rap these days. More
specifically, it centers around being an omnipotent, God-like being, hence the title. It probably won’t attract many of those who liked his previous tracks on this project because of how different the vibe is, but it’s a real nice attempt at branching out from the one style he’s showcased so far.

15- Breezy feat. Mickey Factz

We come back to J-Pegs’ traditional mellow boom bap production and smooth flows in this track, and the overall theme and lyrical content reflect that. Mickey Factz and J-Pegs go in on this song, and it’s a real solid piece to show fans of his previous work. Both artists have solid charisma, conviction and mic presence to keep fans listening. Another favorite track for me.

16- Reign feat. Ascendant Apaulo

J-Pegs and Ascendant Apaulo collaborate on this super chill beat. Apaulo delivers a solid hook, and J-Pegs comes with smooth bars once again to bring this track together. The amount of features on a project like this can be a bit disappointing for some listeners, mainly because they’re looking you’re still able
to listen to the actual album artist, not a bunch of others. With that said, the collaboration works on this track. It doesn’t work on every track on this album, but on this particular track, you’re still able to get enough of J-Pegs and get a fresh, smaller piece from Apaulo on the chorus to give us a new perspective on the track.

17- This is My Life

The closing track on this album wraps up the project very well. Of course, we have another chill beat and some simple flows. This piece seems to be more of a narrative than a display of J-Pegs lyrical abilities.


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Rap Lives Matter, Reign, I Know A Place, Love Me, Down With Us, Fam First, Balcony, High Times, Spoiled, and Over the Bridge


I was really impressed with the consistency throughout this project, which is really hard to do with so many artists on the album. J-Pegs was still able to showcase his musical abilities and didn’t let the other artists run away with the music and make it their own.

I’d give it a full 5 stars if some of the songs were formatted a little bit better and the other artists who worked on this brought a little more to the table. Many Hip-Hop heads could appreciate the talent and I’d be surprised to find anybody who does not like at least half the tracks on this album. I’m glad I got to be the one to review this project. J-Pegs and company did a great job.



(4 out of 5 stars)

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