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When you think of hip hop and where it comes from, South Dakota is not one of the typical places that come to mind. Well, rapper B. and his label Dakota South Records are working hard to change that perception. Working out of Rapid City, B. delivers a conscious and intelligent flow on his latest release “Ohhh! B.” that packs enough punch to move both bodies and minds. The tracks all groove hard and range from classic old school funk sounds to edgy modern hip hop with a deep soulfulness. The record is instantly engaging in terms of both music and lyrics and shows B. to be an important underground artist.

It’s also worth noting that B. is Native American and brings with him a fully multi cultural influence and experience. This is evident in the way he deftly mixes styles and feels over the course of the record and it’s easy to see that nothing is off limits if it motivates his crowd. In his hands, it’s all American music.


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1- Take A Stance

The opening cut, “Take A Stance,” does exactly that and shows B. immediately as a conscious rapper. It’s about taking a stand in life and working to be a positive force in the world so it might become a better place for us and our children to exist in. He shows us his heart right away, which is a brave move.

2- Superhero feat. C-Nice-1

“Superman (feat. C-Nice-1) is hard and heavy with a tense beat propelling the lyrics. This one is all banging energy and boldness, giving listeners a glimpse of the transformation both men go through on the mic, leaving alter egos behind and becoming like The Man of Steel and Iron Man.

3- Da Trillest feat. M.A.R.C.O. and Accident

B. goes in with M.A.R.C.O. and Accident on “Da Trillest” over some deep and smooth funk that links the Dirty South to Dakota South and makes it hot. All the flavors blend well on this one and it won’t go away once it’s in your ear.

4- My Whole World feat. Bert Malcom

“My Whole World” keeps the smoothness going with some romance mixed in this time and also features another Dakota South artist, Bert Malcom, whose vocals bring the sweet pop flavor that’s all over this song.

5- Go feat. Trey Demi and Nikko McFadden

“Go (feat. Trey Demi and Nikko McFadden) is a three-man tour of the sweet life of rising rap artists with a driving, mid tempo beat that’s loaded with synth-y goodness. This belongs on a soundtrack somewhere. Hello, Hollywood?

6- Starstruck feat. Sandra

“Starstruck (feat. Sandra) is a straight up pimp anthem. B. drops it on ‘em like it’s nothing with a sound and a hook by Sandra that recalls the best of 70s psychedelic soul like The Brothers Johnson’s “Strawberry Letter 23.” Bold and stony, all at once.

7- Come and Get Your Love

Speaking of the 70s, B. takes it all the way back there on “Come And Get Your Love,” which is built on a sample of the classic early 70s hit of the same name by Native American band Redbone. This won a Native American Music Award and it’s easy to see why. This should be a summertime radio hit, with its sunny love vibe, and is an instant ear worm. Hot.

8- Angels and Demons feat. juQ and SigShot

“Angels & Demons” goes right back to the dark side. It features juQ and Big Shot and deals with the difficult distance between our public and private selves. Very strong and cinematic.

9- Press Play feat. Bert Malcum

“Press Play” goes back to the vintage soul sound B. hits so well and again spotlights the soaring voice of Bert Malcom.

10- Ohhh! B

The title track is an ultra sexy, ribbed-for-her-pleasure love making joint. Judging by the sound of the hook on “Ohhh! B.,” there are some happy ladies in Rapid City. Fine work, B.

11- Unknown feat. juQ

“Unknown (feat. juQ)” delves deeply into the self doubt and self talk that many artists have to deal with every day. This is kind of a serious track that fits the mid point on the album well.

12- Foot Steps feat. Trey Demi and juQ

On “Foot Steps (feat. Trey Demi and juQ)” is another stoned out track displaying the power and grind of the Dakota South squad. This one puts fans and industry on notice to expect great things from this bunch. This reviewer believes them.

13- Like A Dream feat. Jessie Teslow

“Like A Dream (feat. Jessie Teslow) is a couple’s romantic fantasies on public view We all dream of this stuff, don’t we? Cool, mellow, and funky track.

14- What Happened feat. Bert Malcum

There are a lot of features on this effort, including three more with Bert Malcom, who really vibes well with B.. “What Happened” is funky.

15- Dark Days Dark Nights feat. Bert Malcum and juQ

“Dark Days Dark Nights,” which also features juQ with B. and Bert, is the heaviest lyrical song on this set, dealing with belief, religion, and the question of hope. The chorus flirts with the dark psychedelic sound of Pink Floyd filtered through excellent and trippy modern production.

16- Twerk, Twerk, Twerk feat. C-Nice-1

“Twerk, Twerk, Twerk It (feat. C-Nice-1 and Night Shield) is a popping club track and is about just what you think it is. Nice grinding groove on this one, as well as a great mix of artists.

17- Cool Or What feat. Trey Demi

“Cool Or What (feat. Trey Demi)” is a pop-influenced song with a great chorus hook. It’s all about new love and how it feels inside. Late night radio candy, right here.

18- Summer Nights feat. Sandra, Bert Malcum, and juQ

“Summer Nights,” which also features Sandra and juQ, is an uplifting party track.

19- Fuck You

“F*** You” is tense and angry, with a side order of betrayal. You really feel the shoulder chip B. is carrying around and being driven by. It would have been nice to hear this one earlier in the song order, because it kills.

20- Remember Me feat. J-Luis and juQ

The record ends with “Remember Me (feat. J-Luis and juQ)” and it fits the spot well. It’s a song about life and legacy and puts a chill and human finish on a record that pretty much hits every deep emotion somewhere on it.


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Take A Stance, Superhero, Da Trillest, My Whole World, Go, Starstruck, Come and Get Your Love, Angels and Demons, Press Play, Ohhh! B, Unknown, Foot Steps, Like A Dream, What Happened, Dark Days Dark Nights, Twerk Twerk Twerk, Cool Or What, Summer Nights, Fuck You, and Remember Me.


“Ohhh! B.” is a strong effort from a serious contender of an artist. It works as a long form album listen as well as a collection of tracks to pull from and shows B. and his collaborators in an excellent light. “Come And Get Your Love” and “Angels & Demons” are personal favorite, but the only losers here are the ones not yet listening to this record.


🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

(5 out of 5 stars)

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