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Cap A has a deep love for hip hop, and that was something I picked up early in our conversations that led to his submission of The Confirmation for review. With his passion and love for hip hop, I felt it was only fitting for Issac Sandoval to break down The Confirmation. Issac’s enthusiasm and emotional attachment to hip hop is contagious, and one of the things I admire about the young man. Let’s see what the Expert Examiner has to say about Cap A’s album, The Confirmation.
-Warren Peace


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1- P. G. M.

Cap A kicks the tape off with a spoken intro as the instrumental starts playing, and it shows promise, but loses all the effect as it goes on. It could have gotten us hype, but instead leaves us wondering what is in store for us. P.G.M. is an acronym for Players Getting Money, and it is an anthem in the making. Unfortunately, that is exactly where this anthem stays: in the making. Cap A delivers neither the lyrics or the energy that this instrumental requires. It leaves the listener wanting more, especially on the subsequent listens after we hear Cap bring more energy to some of the other records.

2- Day To Day

Day To Day has a great, layered hook that bounces perfectly with the beat, you will be singing this one for a while. The verses is where this track falls short, Cap simply does not deliver a taste of his day-to-day, but rather we get two verses that are bogged down by generic filler that you can get anywhere. A track that should have really given us a feel for who Cap A is, did little to nothing to separate him from the pack.

3- I Love You

One area that Cap certainly excels in, where most underground artists suffer, is his beat selection. The production throughout The Confirmation is solid to say the least. Although I could’ve done without the slowing down turntable effect on the intro to I Love You. Track three once again is hurt by the verses that are far too generic, but this time even deeper than the lyrics. I Love You contains Cap’s most monotone and lackluster delivery on the tape, it has no personal flavor or style on a beat that was oozing with it.

4- Fine Wine

On Fine Wine Cap finally brings some personality to a record, the delivery is still laid back, but he sounds so much more comfortable on this record than on the others. The lyrics are still generic filler, but most of what you put on in the bedroom is if we want to keep it a buck. This is not what you want to put on for the climax, make sure you place Fine Wine in an early slot on that playlist, this is a mood-setting track. Something for a candle-lit dinner with some fine wine, just make sure you know you can seal the deal or it could be a little awkward.

5- Go Shawty

This one is way too ratchet for my personal tastes, it starts off with some promise, but falls apart quickly. I absolutely can not stand the chant as the time-setter, it’s bad when Iggy does it, it’s bad when Nicki does it, it’s bad when Cap A does it. Another song where the generic filler works and accomplishes the mission, but the hook is probably Cap’s worst, and the song feels out of place when in the context of The Confirmation. I’m not faulting anyone who utilizes the skip button on Go Shawty.

6- Let’s Get It On

I will be one hundred percent honest, Cap can not sing, but when the female vocal comes in you will find that his vocals actually compliment the hook well. There is no credited feature, so I am going to assume that the hook came attached to the instrumental. The energy that we get here on Let’s Get It On is what we needed on P.G.M. This is a record for the club or the house party, not the bedroom. Let’s Get It On is so much fun that I overlook the filler and appreciate the more creative tidbits that are scattered amongst the everyday lyrics. This song coupled with the following track helps to send Cap out on a high note.

7- If You Were Here

You ever hear a sample so smooth it just makes you melt? FruityLoopKing delivers that feeling right here sampling Alexander O’Neal’s If You Where Here Tonight, and I need to know if Cap bought an exclusive or a lease, because I NEED this beat!! Cap does a great job by staying out of the way of the hook, with the exception of the first hook, but being the intro, we let that one slide. Most people would not resist the temptation to ad-lib or talk over it. And finally Cap delivers himself, and the best song on The Confirmation. Cap tells us a personal story, and deviates from the robotic delivery and because of this you hear him so much more clearly here on the final track. The personality that we get from If You Were Here is going to gab the listeners attention in a way that it had not been to this point.


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Let’s Get It On and If You Were Here


The Confirmation is an EP from emcee Cap A that boasts some brilliant production and catchy hooks, but has it’s shortcomings. Throughout the EP Cap does little to separate himself from the thousands of other emcees in the world and it makes the listening experience hard to focus on. It’s very easy to get distracted from this tape because you don’t find yourself invested in the artist or his message. There are a few good records littered here and there, but for the most part this EP missed the mark for me.
I do not want to hammer this project too hard, however, because Cap displays a lot of promise. He has a lot of song sense, meaning he knows how to put a song together from the little things like hooks, beat selection, and picking the topics that people want to hear. With some dedication to the pen game and his mic presence Cap could put together a truly great project in the near future. And that is a project that I would enjoy listening to!



(2 out of 5 stars)

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