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Review presented by Warren Peace

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Myndframe, formerly known as Myndset, has a little bit of history here at The Write Reviews. To begin with, Myndframe was the first runner up to our first annual Own The Throne contest. As part of his prize for winning, Myndframe received a review on his Deep Thoughts album, which landed him some nominations at The Write Awards. Just a few days ago, Myndframe dropped his Lucidity EP and sent it to me. After the Deep Thoughts album, how could I not be interested in hearing the latest album from Myndframe?


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1- Pitfalls (Intro)

Myndframe opens the Lucidity EP with a strong delivery and a flow as fluid as a waterfall. Pitfalls (Intro) is a very fitting introduction for the EP when looking at the entire collection of tracks, but it also a solid track if it were to be standing alone. Myndframe does a good job of laying his skills out on the table for the audience, giving the a taste of his capabilities without losing the focus on his content. The hook (I wouldn’t say it is a hook by definition even though it definitely is delivered like a hook) is very catchy and leaves listeners wanting more. The only way Myndframe could have improved upon this opening, in my opinion, would have been to go ahead and make this into a full fledge track.

2- How Could I

Released as the leading single for the EP, listeners expressed their enjoyment of “How Could I” on social media. Myndframe’s aggressive delivery commands attention as he explains the troubles he battles mentally while questioning whether or not he should be looked up to as a role model or a leader. The hook is a little repetitious but easily latches onto the minds of listeners and will likely stay with them after the song ends. “How Could I” has no problem landing on the Featured Tracks list for the Lucidity EP.

3- Letter To My Father 2

The instrumental for “Letter To My Father 2” starts off with a somber introduction, setting the mood for Myndframe to bring emotion-filled verses directed toward his father. There is a lot going on within the bars Myndframe spits on this track, and I believe the audience will find themselves connecting with the majority of the feelings Myndframe expresses during the course of the track. The hook is best described as a chant, yet it still falls in line with the overall perspective and explains the emotion Myndframe is trying to convey very well. “Letter To My Father 2” slides in with “How Could I” on the Featured Tracks list for the Lucidity EP.

4- Equal Rights (Women’s Advocate)

The music for “Equal Rights (Women’s Advocate)” is a fitting sound to follow up “Letter To My Father 2”. Myndframe uses this opportunity to his feelings about how women are treated unfairly and more like objects to men instead of equals to men. The issue regarding the current President of the United States and his past incidences with women is one that shouldn’t be ignored, and Myndframe has no problem addressing it. The message here is an important one and is relevant. Myndframe speaks with a mentality that should be used when bringing up this subject with children, although I can’t say it should be shared in the exact manner as the one heard on “Equal Rights (Women’s Advocate)”. Myndframe locks in another Featured Track with “Equal Rights (Women’s Advocate)”.

5- Lucidity (My Depression)

The Lucidity EP concludes with the title track, which Myndframe uses to dive into the deepest, darkest personal struggle that he constantly combats. The chorus will help maintain the attention of the audience while Myndframe’s timely delivery will assist in keeping people in line with the music. Again, his content will have no problem resonating with listeners and connecting with them on an emotional level. His lyrics are pretty straightforward, which seems to be his intention, as he is very direct during the course of this final track. “Lucidity (My Depression)” is a great way to bring the album to a close, and finds itself among the Featured Tracks for this EP as well.


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How Could I, Letter To My Father 2, Equal Rights (Women’s Advocate), and Lucidity (My Depression)


For those of you that do not know, the purpose of an EP is to give listeners a taste of what an emcee can do with a microphone, raise the awareness of the artist among the people, leave the audience wanting more, and setting up a longer, more in-depth version of the EP known as an LP. Now, there are always exceptions to the rule, and not every artist chooses to expound on an EP by releasing an LP that is centered on the same topic or areas of discussion. With the Lucidity EP, Myndframe sets himself up to win now and in the near future. Capitalizing on the connection he will make with his audience will be a key-factor in spreading his name among the fans of hip hop, but none of that determines exactly how good this EP is or isn’t. While Myndframe brings the heat with the entire EP, there isn’t a truly groundbreaking track or a game-changing song in the mix. Other than that, Myndframe has a fantastic five-track EP right here for your listening pleasure, and I’ll cosign.



(4 out of 5 stars)

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