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The Write Reviews

Welcome to The Write Reviews! The website dedicated to underground artists and committed to assisting in the expansion of those artists while providing fans with the most up-to-date information and honest, unbiased reviews on the internet.
The Write Reviews was founded in April of 2015 and was originally intended to be a simple blog for album reviews. Within weeks, it was apparent that The Write Reviews would be so much more. After only four weeks in its existence, there were over twenty albums on a list waiting to be reviewed. Three months after its creation, The Write Reviews had nearly thirty-five albums on the review list and was closing in on twenty albums that had a track by track breakdown posted on the website. By the time The Write Reviews had reached its six month mark, there were forty-five albums on the review list and approximately thirty albums had been reviewed on the website. This was when Warren Peace, the owner and only contributing author at the time, knew The Write Reviews was more than a simple blog and needed to be treated as such.
Within a week, The Write Reviews expanded by adding Artist of the Month, Featured Emcees, and The Interviews sections to the site. Around the same time The Write Reviews released its second promotional compilation album in a series titled The Renaissance. With such a long list of albums to review, The Write Reviews developed a way to help artists ‘jump ahead’ on the list, shortening the artist’s wait for a review drastically, by creating different promotional/review packages and allowing the artists wishing to speed up the process a way to do so by simply selecting the package that best suited their needs. Artists really enjoyed the new options and additional sections added to the site, taking advantage of the ability to jump ahead on the list right away. 
As the first year came to an end, The Write Reviews saw three more events emerge from within its confines. The first was the 2016 Own The Throne contest, the first of its kind hosted by The Write Reviews, Menace Made Entertainment, Deific Ink, and GetMerchNow. The next event was the third installment of The Renaissance compilation album. The Write Awards brought the year to a close, seeing several underground artists win awards and get recognized for their hard work, dedication, and talent.
Now that The Write Reviews is entering its second year, we wanted everyone to know exactly what we are about.
Our Purpose
To help artists reach their full potential and spread the word about their music to as many people as possible
Our Mission for 2017-2018
To review at least seventy albums, attract one and a half times the traffic to the website from the previous year, and make sure every artist who gets reviewed feels like we have fulfilled “Our Purpose”.
Our Belief
True artists feel they can never create perfect art, yet have an undying passion to do so. Artists welcome other perspectives, simply because humans enjoy attention. The Write Reviews aims to be the constructively critical perspective for these artists.
Our Values
1- Every individual’s creative ability
2- Our opinion as well as the opinion of others
3- Being positive and its contagious spirit
4- The constant process of improvement 
5- The way diversity comes together through music
6- Learning something new everyday
7- Every component used to create a song
8- Everything that makes every artist unique

An In-depth Look At The Breakdown

Process Of The Album Reviews

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  1. This is great artists need to grow the best music never heard needs to get played .the heart and the soul of this operation is the artist’s and the People. There needs to be more organizations like this The Write Reveiws !

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