April ’15 – Sleep

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Sleep is a well rounded emcee from Cincinnati, Ohio. His early years were spent growing up in Lockland, a neighborhood in Cincinnati. This time period inspired his album Lockland ’95. Sleep is formerly one half of II-Man Cypher with Cocaine Chris, also from Cincinnati. Sleep is one of the founding members of The Fraternity, a hip hop group consisting of talented emcees, instrumental engineers, and a DJ. Sleep has a four year degree, does not charge fans to download his music, and was one of the 25 finalists in the 2015 Don’t Funk Up Our Beats contest held by the record label Funk Volume. Sleep was the first artist to have an album given the Classic Status rating by The Write Reviews.

Here is the review of “Branded: The Damon Winton Story”.


“Branded: The Damon Winton Story” is an eight track album about the troubled youth and life experiences of Damon Winton. In the video for “Question 2” off of the album, Sleep’s younger brother is the person who portrays Damon Winton. “Branded: The Damon Winton Story”has been hailed as a masterpiece among its conceptual album counterparts by nearly ever person who has heard it, including The Write Reviews, who gave its first classic rating to the album created by Sleep.

Branded: The Damon Winton Story cover art



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