September ’15 – Joel Venom

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Joel Venom has lived in several areas of the United States and currently resides in North Carolina. He is the founding member of Deific Ink, also known as “The GVNG”. Additionally, Joel is an instrumental engineer, releasing his fourth installment in his “Head Above Water” instrumental album series earlier this year. Venom has built a solid brand for himself, damn near single-handedly, by putting more than a dozen years of practice and mostly self-taught knowledge into developing his craft. Personally, I know he is a great example for anyone trying to follow a similar path as Joel Venom sets the standard for work ethic in the music business. Joel Venom and I have known of each other for around a decade and even battled on one occasion (both under a different alias) in a ‘text only’ matchup. The battle proved to be one of the three most viewed battles (text and audio included) that year at the particular site the battled was posted, with Joel Venom winning by a close margin. (I still think I can take him. Lol. I have nothing but respect for Venom and he knows, just to make things clear. We have developed a friendship over the years.)

Here is the review of “ToDejaVu”.


Joel Venom did not prepare for “ToDejaVu” in any way; the collection of tracks were actually put together on a whim, for lack of a better term. Everything was put together in less than 24 hours. The nine songs that make up “ToDejaVu” were originally set up for a different project. The cover art actually played a big part of the album coming together. Joel felt the graphic fit the group of songs perfectly. “ToDejaVu” serves as a sort of setup for the next album Venom will be dropping. Isn’t it great when everything falls into place?

ToDejaVu cover art
ToDejaVu cover art



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