Hip Hop Album Reviews (06/2017)

In My Skin

Featured Tracks include The One, Too Late Now, Treat This Right, Time To Waste, Owe Em, and Dream Street

Hip Hop Album Reviews (06/2017)

The Fuel To My Flow

Featured Tracks include Live on the Scene, Flex feat. Doc, My Purpose feat. Y.O., Man in the Mirror, I'm Losing It/In My Head feat. AshesIIsehsA/Al-B Tha Jester, Top Spot, and Only Way Out feat. Joey Tre, Nate Gramz, and Y.O.

Hip Hop Album Reviews (06/2017)

Music On Mars

Featured Tracks include 80's Baby feat. Sydal and Mr. Sheist, Bang Bang feat. Spice 1, Big Al (Change), Dead Man Walking, Haters on Mute feat. D. Boone, Leave Them All Behind feat. Aaron Green and Hopsin, Living It Up feat. Ten Dolla, Sean T, and Mississippi, Midnight Mistress feat. Aaron Green, and Ride or Die feat. Nova D