February / March ’16 Featured Emcees


February 2016




Spontaneous Inspiration


Chi-Money is an emcee and graphic artist from the state of Tennessee. Word on the street is being passed around, claiming that Chi-Money has a love for beef jerky. Chi-Money is one of two artists who were recently hand-picked by the members of the online supergroup The Fraternity to join their squad. Chi-Money plans on releasing his next album, currently untitled, in April of 2016.

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March 2016



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Vol. 4: Certified Fire


Skribbal is a hip hop artist who has been “sodomizing your ears for the last ten years” from Los Angeles, California. Skribbal joins Seamonster to form the group Rap Sabbath, and is signed to the Madscience Independent label. Recently released mixtape “Vulgar Display of Powder” features a single titled “A New Level” with underground hip hop sensation The Jokerr. Skribbal is also part of another group, Napalm Bomb, with 8Bit Logic. They have an EP that can be found at their Bandcamp website.

Read the review on Vol. 4: Certified Fire.

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