The Write Hip Hop Album Vol. 2

The Write Hip Hop Album Vol. 2 is a combination of the songs that were named the 24 Featured Tracks of the Year at The Write Awards 2015-2106. You can download your copy of the album for free here or by visiting

The Write Hip Hop Album Vol. 2

1- “Brick By Brick” by Noah Yount (Renaissance Man)

2- “Monster’s Ball” Playboy the Beast, Big Shot, Samson Samson, and Dubbs (Underground Unleashed Vol. 2)

3- “G Thang” by Hei$t (Never Bet The Devil)

4- “I Get It” by Physicz (Freshman Year)

5- “Lay The Pipe” by B (of Dakota South) feat. Hopsin (B)

6- “Live” by The Fatboy (B.A.R.S.)

7- “Inhibitions” by Kleyn Kutt feat. Peace and Chin (the eleventh letter)

8- “Energy” by Scriptz feat. Aja Lorraine (Lost In Trasnlation)

9- “We Know” by Chi Money (Orchestrated Chaos)

10- “The Lovers” by Bear Paris (The Lovers)

11- “Memories” by AxBo (Breakdown EP)

12- “Never Change Again” by Hiatus feat. D-Nero and Daniel Lee (Swan Song)

13- “Role Model” by Myndframe (Deep Thoughts)

14-  “Giving Up” by D CraZe the Destroyer (The Destroyer)

15- “New Crack Epidemic” by Sleep of The Fraternity (All Men Must Die…But You First)

16- “Opinionated Romance” by E the Rapper (Not A Mixtape)

17- “My Way Thing” by Brooke ‘BK’ Archilla (y Music Speak)

18- “Find Out Quick” by Murda D feat. Dubbs (Murda Unleashed)

19- “Whole New Level” by Skribbal feat. The Jokerr (Drug Spun Funk)

20- “Raw” by Illitant (Forget Me Not)

21- “Rhyme Form” by G Tek the Ill Meta4 feat. Merkules and DJ David (W.O.R.D.)

22- “Hard As F-ck” by Raw B (Dookie Trackshoes presents: Tabula Rasa)

23- “Oblivion” by DDawg the FallChild feat. The Jokerr (Off The Leash)

24- “The Gods Must Be Crazy” by Noah Yount feat. Fresh Air (Whuddisay)






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