Volume I

The Renaissance: Vol I cover art
The Renaissance: Vol I cover art

Note: The track will be listed in bold, followed by the artist with a link attached to their name, and the album the track was selected from. There are no links on tracks 12-22 because the links are already provided in the first 11 songs. The link to the album will be posted in the title when it is released July 31st!

DOWNLOAD THE RENAISSANCE: VOLUME I right now by clicking here or visiting http://www.thewritereviews.bandcamp.com

The Renaissance: Volume 1

1- The Vent Scriptz (Transition EP)

2- Heavy Dose Loose Logic (Perception) featuring Speciez

3- Question 2 Sleep (Branded: The Damon Winton Story)

4- Dead God Jus Ra (Blood Sacrifice)

5- Angels Frank Knight (Free Lunch)

6- Recognize Loon E. Lou (Listen)

7- 1neday Joel Venom (Curfew 2)

8- I’ll Get Over It Pest (Uninvited Guest 3: Way of the Menace)

9- Don’t Need ‘Em E-Dub (Overrated and Undereducated)

10- Pray I Don’t Wake Idoleyes (The Ten Day Theory) featuring Chadillac Dundee

11- 1979 Hybrid the Rapper (Starseed)

12- What’s Real Jus Ra

13- Goon To A God Sleep

14- Don’t Talk About Me Loose Logic featuring Cocaine Chris, Sleep, Menace DeMarco, Kue the Vandal, Xavier Medina, and Shadow

15- Heatseekers Scriptz featuring Kue the Vandal and Cocaine Chris

16- E-Dub Radio E-Dub

17- At Large Pest featuring Shane Menace

18- Glow Loon E. Lou featuring Ivy DeLaRose

19- BandzZz Joel Venom

20- Kortah Watuh Frank Knight

21- Turn Up Hybrid the Rapper

22- Goodbye Friend Idoleyes featuring Cryptic Wisdom and Van Go

On behalf of The Write Reviews and all of the artists involved, I would like to say I hope you enjoy this compilation and share it with everyone you know! Be sure to contract The Writes Reviews to let us know what you think!

Warren Peace writes...
Warren Peace writes…

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