Volume II

Note: The track is listed in bold, followed by the artist with a link attached to their name, and the album the track is selected from. There are no links on tracks 13-24 because the links are already provided in the first 12 songs. The link to the album will be posted in the title when it is released January 23rd!

DOWNLOAD THE RENAISSANCE: VOLUME II right now by clicking here or visiting http://www.thewritereviews.bandcamp.com

The Renaissance: Volume II

1-  Don’t Try Cryptic Wisdom feat. The Jokerr and Dubbs (Tides Of War III)

2- Without My Pen Ed Words (Multiple Myselves)

3- Smokin’ Heavy Scriptz feat. Loose Logic (Loosid Dreams 2.5)

4- Divine Skryp tha Keeper (Divine)

5- Captain Planet Joel Venom (ToDejaVu)

6- Step One (Accepted) Lithium (The Definition of Insanity)

7-  Lost E-Dub feat. Matt Da Tatt and T-WIL (Collected Thoughts)

8- Kicking Pavement (Keep It Moving) ThatKidCry (Bamboo Fortunes)

9-  No Love In Me Legacy (Moment of Truth)

10- The Pain Hybrid the Rapper & DRIX feat. Solystic (Level Up)

11- If I Fall Tony Reaper (Vendetta)

12- Bury ‘Em Savage Daffy (The Mad Hatter)

13- Evil People Loose Logic feat. Skizzo

14- Step Three (Best Friends) Lithium

15-  Darker Side Legacy

16- The Trillxst Joel Venom

17- Bad Man Cryptic Wisdom feat. DurtE

18- Guess Who’s Back Ed Words

19-  Unforgettable ThatKidCry

20- Airplane State of Mind

21- Politics Skryp tha Keeper feat. Kidd Kane and Lethal C

22- More Than Myself Savage Daffy

23- Monster Inside Hybrid the Rapper and DRIX

24- Tracks In The Snow Tony Reaper

On behalf of The Write Reviews and all of the artists involved, I would like to say I hope you enjoy this compilation and share it with everyone you know! Be sure to contact The Writes Reviews to let us know what you think!



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