Volume III

Note: The track is listed in bold, followed by the artist with a link attached to their name, and the album the track is selected from. The album reviews these tracks were selected from will be linked once in the tracklist.

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The Renaissance: Volume III

1- Tre Tru feat. Yung Teck – Hit It Gone
2- Loose Logic – Hollow
3- Kleyn Kutt – Until My Ass Is Rich
4- Little Smooth – Twist One Up
5- Sleep – Whateva We Get
6- IAmParker – Want It All
7- Chi Money – Contradictions
8. Loose Logic – No Air
9- Enkay 47 feat. E’the Rapper – Come Down To Earth
10- AxBo – Enemies
11- Grady – The Come Up
12. Chi Money – Nothing To Lose
13. Sleep feat. Monty C. Benjamin, Oska Isaiah, Ianigma, and Santino Corleon – Watch This
14. Tre Tru feat. Chill Scrill and Dub Sesh – So Hard
15. Enkay 47 feat. Jessica Paige – Can’t Bring Me Down
16. AxBo – Monsta
17. Sleep feat. Jus Ra and Xavier Medina – Front Row Murder
18. Loose Logic – I’m Ready

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