Volume V

This album is compiled of songs that made the Featured Tracks list from the end of July 2016 to the end of September 2016. Not every album reviewed during that time has a song on this promotional compilation album, and the staff at The Write Reviews simply picked the tracks we felt went together well and would be enjoyable for everyone to hear. You can download your free copy of the album here or at http://www.thewritereviews.bandcamp.com/album/the-renaissance-volume-v

The Renaissance Vol. V

1- “Off The Leash” DDawg the FallChild feat. Thracks and Stillborn (Off The Leash)

2- “Oh” Sammy SirCharge feat. Stevie Stone (Sammy SirCharge)

3- “Energy” Scriptz feat. Aja Lorraine (Lost In Translation)

4- “Fall Through” Terrell feat. Carmen Ornealas (Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac)

5- “High World” Jesse B. Dawg (Half Ounce)

6- “Bang Bang” CrimZn feat. Diggy ILLROC (The Blasphemous Prime Files)

7- “New Crack Epidemic” Sleep (All Men Must Die…But You First)

8- “Play Yaself” Scriptz feat. Annex and Sleep (Lost In Translation)

9- “Rhyme Form” G Tek the Ill Meta4 feat. Merkules and DJ David (W.O.R.D.)

10- “Real Talk, Real Flow” G Tek the Ill Meta4 feat. Maurice B. (W.O.R.D.)

11- “No Gimmicks” Inhansed feat. Hybrid the Rapper (BETA.)

12- “Resolution” DDawg the FallChild (Off The Leash)

13- “Church With Grandma” Sleep (All Men Must Die…But You First)

14- “We Know” Chi Money (Orchestrated Chaos)

15- “Never Change” Sammy SirCharge (Sammy SirCharge)

16- “Getting There” Terrell (Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac)

17- “Destiny” AyaR (Destiny)

18- “The Bank” Alex Orion (The Dark Ages)

19- “5 Mic Clasic” Skribbal (The Renaissance Vol. V EXCLUSIVE)






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